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Club Assembly #5

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Club Assembly #5. The Rotary Foundation Lesson One. 1. True or False:. 2. TRF (The Rotary Foundation) was the brilliant idea of:. Paul Percy Harris Jean Harris Comely Bank Vermont State Legislature Arch Klumph. 3. EREY stands for:. Each Reality is Estimated Yearly

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club assembly 5

Club Assembly #5

The Rotary Foundation

Lesson One

2 trf the rotary foundation was the brilliant idea of
2. TRF (The Rotary Foundation) was the brilliant idea of:
  • Paul Percy Harris
  • Jean Harris
  • Comely Bank
  • Vermont State Legislature
  • Arch Klumph
3 erey stands for
3. EREY stands for:
  • Each Reality is Estimated Yearly
  • Eat Rice; Eschew Yogurt
  • Effort Rewards; Elegance is Yours
  • Every Rotarian Every Year, $100 US
4 what s a paul harris fellowship
4. What’s a Paul Harris Fellowship?
  • It’s a purchase of braggin’ rights
  • It’s an investment in the future of the world
  • It’s a wonderful and thoughtful gift
  • Your second one could earn you “recognition points!”
  • B,C,D
  • B & C
5 who stated the purpose of trf as to do good in the world
5. Who stated the purpose of TRF as “to do good in the world?”
  • Ches Perry
  • Bichai Rattakul, PRIP
  • Richard King, PRIP
  • Borscht Wilhelm Kerlicue
  • Arch Klumph
6 rotary grants for university teachers
6. Rotary Grants for University Teachers:
  • Are no longer available in TRF
  • Can fund a teaching stint in another country
  • Is a high school program which encourages going on to college
  • A & B
7 what happens to the investments we make in trf
7. What happens to the investments we make in TRF?
  • The funds are spent on overhead
  • Half of every dollar invested returns to our district in three years
  • These funds are used to renovate the International Headquarters
  • All of what returns to the District may be spent locally
  • B & D
8 the portion of trf funds which returns to the district is known as
8. The portion of TRF funds which returns to the District is known as:
  • The DDF – Direct Designed Fund
  • The DDF – Donor Derived Fund
  • The DDF – Donated Derivation Foundation
  • The DDF – Decrepit Derelict Finders
  • The DDF – District Designated Fund
9 what s a district simplified grant
9. What’s a District Simplified Grant?
  • It’s a grant derived from 20% of the District’s DDF return in any one year. It can be used for local or international projects.
  • It’s a way TRF board has modified all grants to be easier to apply for.
  • It’s an easily obtainable grant for clubs which have never before donated to TRF
10. The following are true about TRF (check all that apply – you must pick all the right answers to get credit for this question)
  • Arch Klumph had a weird name and a superb idea
  • TRF really became a force after the death of Paul Percy Harris
  • We are training our fourth class of Rotary Peace Fellows at this time.
  • There are twenty centers around the world for the World Peace Fellow Program
  • Each Rotary District may nominate 5 candidates for the World Peace Fellows Program
11 what s a trf sustainer
11. What’s a TRF Sustainer?
  • That’s a member who has had the fortitude to listen to a lecture about TRF.
  • That’s a member, previously known as Senior Active, who has decided to STAY with Rotary
  • That’s a Rotarian who has invested $100 per year in TRF, or who has had that amount RAISED for him or her by a club fundraiser, etc.
12 i d like to have my business make my trf donations by credit card is that okay
12. I’d like to have my business make my TRF donations by credit card. Is THAT okay?
  • Yes, and you might even get frequent flyer miles if it’s put on an eligible credit card!
  • No
13. Couldn’t our club’s board of directors just levy $25 with our dues bill each quarter and we’d all be Sustainers?
  • Yes, if those funds were deposited into the general operating fund of the club and used for club social functions
  • Yes, if those funds were promptly remitted to TRF
14 there s a checkblock on the trf donor form for apf share option what s that
14. There’s a checkblock on the TRF donor form for APF/SHARE option. What’s that?
  • This option lets TRF send all the funds right to the most needy country!
  • This option brings back half of my investment back to OUR district in three years!
  • The country of “APF” (African Peoples’ Federation) in Central Africa will share in these funds immediately!
15 trf alumni should be encouraged to
15. TRF alumni should be encouraged to:
  • Speak to Civic and Rotary groups about their experiences
  • Become Rotarians
  • Discuss the program in which they participated and recommend it to friends
  • Come to the district conference
  • All of the above