the black footed ferret l.
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The Black Footed Ferret

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The Black Footed Ferret - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Black Footed Ferret. By: Hilaree W, Jose R, Jonathan E, Elijah D, and Brent R. Description.

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the black footed ferret

The Black Footed Ferret

By: Hilaree W, Jose R, Jonathan E, Elijah D, and Brent R.

  • The Black footed ferret is a member to the weasel family.It has a long neck and black marking on its face, the tip of its tail, and on its feet. It is very quick and agile and is most active at night .

Prairie Dogs make up main staple of of the ferrets diet although they occasionally eat mice and other small animals.

interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • The black footed ferret is an animal that eats prairie dogs. They hunt in the night. The black footed ferret lives on prairies.
why is the ferret endangered
Why is the ferret endangered?
  • Both habitat loss and the continued decline of their prey base, the prairie dog, continue to threaten the black footed ferret.
how can we help the ferret
How can we help the ferret?
  • We can help the black footed ferret by putting up signs saying : DO NOT KILL THE BLACK FOOTED FERRETS.