child abduction in uganda n.
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Child abduction in Uganda PowerPoint Presentation
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Child abduction in Uganda

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Child abduction in Uganda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Child abduction in Uganda. By: Chumani Wayd. Work cited.

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Child abduction in Uganda

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    1. Child abduction in Uganda By: Chumani Wayd

    2. Work cited

    3. About Uganda • 203,900 children a year get abducted • 24 percent of these abductions lasted one week to one month • I did this subject to tell people to help stop Joseph Kony from abducting children and other in Uganda, because every kid deserves and good life

    4. The map of Uganda

    5. Who was involved? • Joseph Kony • The LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) • The children of Uganda

    6. What happen? • The people of Uganda wanted peace and had a march because they wanted their kids to have a good future. • Many years pasted and the wars died down. Then Joseph Kony wanted war again so he started to have the LRA abduct children. • For many years the people have tried to stop it but none have exceeded.

    7. When did this happen? • March 28, 2003

    8. Where did this happen? • In northern Uganda

    9. Why did this happen • because Joseph Kony didn’t want peace in Uganda • “Joseph Kony, claims that he will make a society based on the 10 commandments”. (Batstone,David not for sale 111)

    10. How did he abuse his power? • He abducted children as young as 7 • He cut off the kids noses and lips • He had the LRA help him do all of this

    11. The summary • the people of Uganda wanted peace so they have the children come and have a march with white flags many years past and the wars died down. • But Joseph kony didn’t want peace so he took his power of being like God and started to abduct children as young as 7year olds then he got the LRA to help him do this.

    12. The summary continue • Many people have gone an asked for it to stop but he never did. • One day three boys from the U.S. wanted to go to Uganda just for fun but when they got there. • They found that kids where being abducted they even spoke to a kid named Jacob who escaped from Joseph. • The three boys made a documentary and made a movie called Invisible Children. They even talked to the president.

    13. What’s happening now? • The children are being put in the front of the battle line. (Batstone, David not for sale 112)

    14. Who is Joseph Kony? • He is the LRA leader • He is behind the child abductions • He was treated like God

    15. What we can do to help? • Abduct ourselves • Write letters to Amy Klobuchar • Write letters to president Obama

    16. Where they our being abducted? • At school • At home • On the streets • Everywhere they can be

    17. Question 1 Q: T/F? no one try to stop Joseph Kony. A: false

    18. Question 2 Q: 1. Joseph Kony a. army 2. LRA b. being abducted 3. children c. The leader A: 1. c. 2. a. 3. b.

    19. Question 3 Q: who tried to stop Joseph Kony? children, the families, the LRA, or the three boys A: the three boys

    20. Question 4 Q: what does the LRA stand for A: Lord’s Resistance Army

    21. Question 5 Q: Joseph is to hate as is to peace A: Joseph is to hate as people of Uganda is to peace

    22. Question 6 Q: why do you think Joseph Kony wanted war and why did he abducted the children to do this? A: your opinion

    23. Question 7 Q: how did the three boys try to stop Joseph Kony? A: The three boys made a documentary and made a movie called Invisible Children. They even talked to the president of Uganda

    24. Work cited • Batstone, David. Not for sell. page 111,112 • My mom’s professor • Montaldo, Charles. "How Many Kids a Year Are Abducted?" • "Google Image Result for" Google Image Search. Ed. The Economist print edition. 07 May 2009 <>.

    25. The rescue •

    26. Work cited