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QR CODES for educational uses.

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  1. QR CODE What is it?

  2. What does QR Code mean? • Q= Quick • R= Response • C= Code

  3. What is it used for? • Like everyone, you may have seen these codes in newspapers and magazines, on promotional material, in the corner of posters, etc. And you’ve wondered what they were all about. • A square that consists of black and white squares that looks like an out of focus pixilated image? What’s all that about? Well, while it may not have been the initial intent of this technology, QR Codes have unlimited potential in the classroom of the 21st century learner.

  4. Six ways to use them. • Take students to websites without the need to type in an URL. • Provide information ‘hot spots’ throughout the classroom to access online videos, websites, text that is related to curriculum and instructional material. • Adapt text/books by including QR Codes – providing additional information via text, video and audio.

  5. Six ways to use them. 4. Adapt text/books by including QR Codes – providing text or audio in an alternative language. 5. Attach QR Codes to the classroom calendar / timetable to point to information about upcoming class events, assessment reminders, etc.

  6. Six ways to use them. 6. Take students to a website you are browsing on an interactive whiteboard. Using the Mobile Bar-coder add-on for the Firefox web browser, quickly generate a QR Code and have students scan with their own hand held device.

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