systems biology for drug discovery
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Systems Biology for Drug Discovery

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Systems Biology for Drug Discovery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Systems Biology for Drug Discovery. SoCALBSI 2004. Lien Chung. Company Overview. Locations: St. Joseph, MI; San Diego, Ca; Moscow, Russia Founded: 2000 Technology: Systems Reconstruction Software: MetaCore TM , MetaDrug TM

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systems biology for drug discovery
Systems Biology for Drug Discovery


Lien Chung

company overview
Company Overview
  • Locations:St. Joseph, MI;

San Diego, Ca; Moscow, Russia

  • Founded:2000
  • Technology:Systems Reconstruction
  • Software:MetaCoreTM, MetaDrugTM
  • Partners: SDSC, Affymetrics, Pathway Diagnostics, Invitrogen, Michigan Center for Biological Information (MCBI)
  • Hwa Lim, PhD

Chairman of the Board

  • Tatiana Nikolskaya

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Founder

  • Sean Ekins, PhD

Vice President of Computational Biology

  • Andrei Bugrim, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Julie Bryant

Vice President, Development and Sales

motivations for systems biology approach
Motivations for Systems Biology Approach

Road Blocks:

  • Advent of high-throughput technologies have led an enormous amount of disease-related HT data that need to be mined for information
  • Drug discovery progressing slowly because of inability to link genotypic data to phenotypic manifestations

Systems Biology Solution:

  • Construction of networks and pathways to show interactions between genes, proteins, and metabolites involved in the diseased state
  • Knowledge of mechanisms and metabolic pathways helpful in identifying biomarkers, developing new therapeutic targets, and elucidating disease pathways
metacore tm a database of human metabolism and regulation
MetaCoreTMA Database of Human Metabolism and Regulation
  • Unique pathway-centered structure built upon Oracle databases
  • Pathways generated from the incorporation of various high-throughput sources
  • Can integrate user’s own HT data and overlay them onto existing pathways
  • Ability to edit existing pathways according to user-defined parameters
metacore tm
Types of HT sourcesMetaCoreTM

Microarray Expression Data

Protein interaction data


Phenotypic Data


Disease Databases

types of visualizations
Types of Visualizations
  • Tissue-specific maps
  • Metabolic pathways
  • Cell-signaling pathways
  • Regulatory networks
  • Toxicity data and pathways
  • Disease data
metadrug tm
  • Currently under development
  • Software tool for drug prediction and ADME/Tox in-silico testing
  • Will provide information about xenobiotic metabolism (fate of foreign compounds in body)
  • Software for predicting toxicity of potential drugs
superiority to competitors
Superiority to Competitors
  • Tools to incorporate one’s own high-throughput data and dynamically visualize on maps and pathways
  • User has full control of the parameters of the data mining procedure
  • User can Add/Edit protein or gene interactions and add references
  • Non-redundancies, more than 10,000 synonyms resolved
genego s market
GeneGo’s Market
  • Biotech Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Private Research Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
genego s future
GeneGo’s Future
  • Release of MetaDrug will boost it’s financial outlook
  • Technology and software is unique but it needs to make partnerships in order to expand its clientele
  • Expanding beyond creating databases may also attract other types of investors
  • Possible merging with a big company may be necessary to sustain their presence