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BPD Current Projects

Snap shot of BPD's important work in Mayan communities in rural Guatemala

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BPD Current Projects

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  1. Behrhorst Partners for Development Our Current Projects

  2. Our History Partnering with the rural Mayans of Highland Guatemala in their Quest for Health and Well-being Founded in 1967 to provide financial support for Dr. Carroll Behrhorst's work, BPD works in respectful partnership with Mayan Guatemalans to have a positive impact on the problems associated with Guatemala's history of violence against indigenous populations, natural disasters, poverty, illiteracy and disastrously high rates of infant and maternal death. Dr. Carroll Behrhorst

  3. Our Future Millennium Development Goals In 2000, the United Nations developed the Millennium Development Goals: • 1) end hunger and poverty, • 2) promote gender equality, • 3) achieve universal primary education, • 4) ensure environmental sustainability, • 5) improve maternal health, • 6) combat HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses, • 7) reduce child mortality, and • 8) develop a global partnership for development. BPD strives to address these goals through its rural health and development projects and by partnering with international and local organizations.

  4. BPD trains local farmers to grow amaranth, a very nutritious grain, and Moringa, the “miracle tree,” both of which are supplements that help to stave malnutrition. BPD helps to establish school, community, and family gardens and offers cooking classes and training in how to improve nutrition by incorporating locally-available fruits and vegetables into the diet. Combating Hunger Nutritional Crops and Gardens Amaranth farmer To date, 314 gardens have been established, and 14farmers are growing these crops.

  5. Promoting Gender Equality Family Planning and Micro-Credit: Giving Power to Women BPD provides family planning education, counseling, and contraceptive methods and gives talks about self-esteem, legal protections, etc. Many of BPD’s micro-credit loans are centered towards and offer training to women, allowing them the opportunity to establish fiscal authority in the family. To date, 75 family planning talks given.

  6. Improving Maternal Health Rural Health Program We have trained Traditional Birth Attendants in how to recognize life-threatening problems during pregnancy and birth, as well as Health Promoters who provide basic preventative and curative health care. To date, we have trained 81 traditional birth attendants, and 42 Health Promoters.

  7. Combating Disease and Child Mortality Gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases are the biggest killers in Guatemala. Both are exacerbated by poor living conditions and malnutrition. BPD´s Healthy Homes Project consists of:

  8. Combating Disease and Child Mortality Clean Water Projects Rainwater Most rural families are forced to use contaminated water in their daily chores. BPD brings running, clean water to entire villages through community and family water projects in rural Guatemala. A proud family standing on their rainwater collection system. To date, we have helped to bring running, clean water to 989 families.

  9. Combating Disease and Child Mortality Gray-Water Filters These filters change wet, muddy yards that can become a breeding ground for disease and parasites by removing the grease and soap that prevents dish water from draining into the ground. Grease and soap float Clean water  Dirty Water Clean watersinks To date, we have provided 436 families with gray-water filters.

  10. Combating Disease and Child Mortality Improved Vented Latrines BPD helps families to build economic, clean, and sustainable vented latrines that remove bad odors and unsanitary conditions. To date, we have provided 285 families with improved, vented latrines.

  11. Combating Disease and Child Mortality Onil Stoves: Save Lungs and Lives Onil stoves vent the smoke to the outside of the house and cover the flame, lowering the amount of smoke-caused respiratory diseases and disfiguring or fatal burns that happen when children fall into the fire. BEFORE AFTER To date, we have helped to provide 1077 families with Onil Stoves.

  12. How You Can Help • Make a donation. A dollar goes very far in this poor country. • Visit our website at www.behrhorst.org • Visit Guatemala – see for yourself the beautiful people and culture that need your help. • Sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter. • Send an email to BehrhorstUS@yahoo.com to receive a paper copy.

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