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Jack Tarrance is not Zodiac PowerPoint Presentation
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Jack Tarrance is not Zodiac

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Jack Tarrance is not Zodiac - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JT is not Z

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Jack Tarrance is not Zodiac

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Presentation Transcript

Jack Tarrance

Is NOT the Zodiac

(or Black Dahlia, or I-45, or Jon Benet Ramsey, or Tupac, or Biggie, or Frosty the Snowman)


Nanette Barto believes that Jack Tarrance committed almost every serial killing spree since the 1940’s.

She invited others to view her Powerpoint presentation and to offer any corrections that might be needed.

We’ve done just that. We reviewed it, found many problems and have tried to get Nanette to listen. Do you want to know how this “professional” Document Examiner responded?


A “professional” who has testified under oath in court in civil and criminal proceedings flipped out when she found someone had dared to offer corrections on her work. This is what she had to say:

“I have noticed that the jackwagons have started a website that mocks my articulate program of the Powerpoint presentation that is a work under construction. They should note that when they discuss the innocence of JT in the April 3 murder in Texas, that I already announced that on this message board. Just because the presentation has not been updated with the recent evidence which is Nora's diary does not mean that I am still blaming JT for this crime. In fact, I made a disclosure at the beginning of the presentation that indicates that I am not accusing JT of any crimes listed that do not have handwriting involved in them, and they are subject to change based on any new info received. So, it seems that while they try to use that information to disparage me, I have already admitted the same thing in a previous post on this site. Try again boys!!!”


Ms. Barto admitted that we were correct- that she had made a mistake about a 1997 murder she accused Mr. Tarrance of; only to find that his wife’s diary exonerates him of this crime.

She claims that she already knew this and had stated such on Dennis Kaufman’s Message Board.

Well, aside from the fact that I can’t locate such a statement of admission on DK’s MB, wouldn’t it have been prudent to immediately remove the accusation of MURDER once she knew it to be false?


How do you suppose Ms. Barto would feel if it were HER name being dragged through the mud with accusations of unspeakable acts?

Would she accept a disclaimer of “a work in progress” or would she hire an attorney and sue for libel?

Perhaps she feels its ok to spread rumors about Jack Tarrance- he’s dead anyway, so what difference does it make?


Well, what about the families of the victims?

How do you think these people- mourning the loss of a loved one and searching for answers-

How do you think they would feel if someone said, “I have a suspect, I know this guy is responsible for murdering your child”?

Does Nanette Barto think it’s acceptable to play with people’s emotions like this? Does she realize that her “work in progress “ may rip open wounds that have never really healed?

How about she gets her facts straight before she publishes ANY of this stuff for the entire world to see?


Ms. Barto thinks we criticize her “work” because we have nothing better to do with our time.

Let me explain it to her using the George Orwell quote she is so fond of:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

We agree. That’s why we think it is important to expose her extremely weak and often laughable case against Jack Tarrance.


Nanette Barto and Dennis Kaufman claim they are getting justice for the families of the victims. They have even gone so far as to contact some of these people with their ridiculous claims (such as Tim Miller of Equusearch and the family of Rose Cole, who disappeared in 1973.)

We are outraged that they would have the audacity to hurt these good people in such a manner. That’s why we are here, and will continue to be here, until this farce of an ‘investigation’ fades into the wind.


For a full deconstruction of Ms. Barto’s presentation, please visit:

While you’re there, take a look around the other threads to learn the truth about Nanette Barto, Dennis Kaufman, and their “investigation” of Jack Tarrance.


In case you are unfamiliar with the Jack Tarrance Saga, Nanette Barto is claiming that this one man was involved in the following crimes, among others:

● Zodiac Killings

● Lipstick Killings

● Texarkana Phantom Killings

● I- 45 Murders

● Amerithrax Attacks

● Keddie Murders

● Amber Hagerman Murder

● Corvette Concepts Murders

● Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders


Think I’m kidding?

Watch her Powerpoint presentation, if you can stand it. It’s all in there amidst the poor spelling, bad grammar, and blatantly contradictory statements.

Let me post a few little gems to whet your appetite. You won’t believe your eyes!


Nanette Barto claims that while working as a security guard for 6 months in 1993 at Northern Arizona University, Jack Tarrance stole a manuscript from Steven Hatfill’s computer.

The manuscript detailed how one would commit an Anthrax attack via the mail.

Problem is- Hatfill didn’t write it, someone else did, so there’s no earthly reason why it would be on his computer. Moreover, it wasn’t even written until 1999.

You’d think she’d research a claim like that, guess not.


Nanette believes that Jack Tarrance murdered a girl named Angela Brosso in Arizona in November 1992.

She says that before the family moved there from TX in March ‘93, Jack went ahead to scout out places to live.

Not according to Jack’s wife. Her diaries clearly show that the move to Arizona was not well planned and came on the heels of a falling out with Jack’s mom, with whom they were living. They moved out to Arizona and didn’t even know what town they were going to live in until they got there.


Nanette then mentions a 9/93 murder in which the victim was found very near where the head of Miss Brosso was discovered.

Police were able to connect the two crimes in March of 1994.

Well, if JT couldn’t have killed Miss Brosso, then he didn’t kill the second girl either.


A further testament to the type of research that went into Nanette’s Powerpoint is this doozie:

She is trying to connect Jack to some Texas murder in June of 1987. As proof that Jack was living there, she posts a letter with envelope from an Internet service provider.

I’ll agree that the letter does put Jack in Texas, but the postmark says 1997!


Have you seen enough? Let me leave you with this:

Ms. Barto says that she has shown/ sent her “evidence” to dozens of law enforcement officials and politicians- yet no one is responding to her.

She can’t comprehend that it’s because her case has no merit; she believes it’s all one big conspiracy.

50+ members of Congress, the FBI, SFPD, the Boulder PD and more are all in on trying to hide the fact that Jack Tarrance is ZK, BD, I-45, etc.

She really believes this! It can’t be that she is completely wrong. Nope, it must be a cover-up!


I encourage you to learn more about this case and to help us in preventing Nanette Barto and Dennis Kaufman from dredging up more painful memories for the families of these unfortunate victims.

Join us at: