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Insurance Analytics Solutions for your business need PowerPoint Presentation
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Insurance Analytics Solutions for your business need

Insurance Analytics Solutions for your business need

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Insurance Analytics Solutions for your business need

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  1. Business Intelligence Insurance Analytics Solutions

  2. Introduction Insurance Analytics solution is a comprehensive "Performance Management" pre-built solution specifically developed for the CXO level officers and Senior Management of Insurance Companies, covering the following major areas. The Solution comprises a insurance-specific enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence suite, incorporating an integrated stack of various components like scorecards, dashboard, adhoc analysis, management reporting and advanced analytics with data mining engines.

  3. Dimensions to Insurance Analytics An out-of-the-box Management Reporting solution that covers complete spectrum of insurance business such as Sales, Marketing, Claims, Operation, Underwriting, Finance, Re-insurance and Actuarial. Solution offers vast repository of insurance-specific dashboards, KPI’s and metrics – running into several hundreds. This repository is expanded and enriched on a continuous basis by way of our understanding of best practices followed in various geographies, insurance segments and end user suggestions.

  4. Management Dashboard The Management dashboard gives the leadership team a bird’s eye-view of all the key functions and mission critical aspects of the business. This dashboard broadly covers the key functional areas encompassing the complete Insurance business. This dashboard also has the ability to showcase tactical scenarios of the business which can assist strategy decisions of the business across business lines and functions.

  5. Marketing To adapt to the changing market landscape, an organization must monitor changes in buying patterns and behavior of the customers based on demographics, geographies, psychographics profiles. The analysis of existing customer’s data can through many insights of the customer such as their buying behaviour, buying Pattern, brand loyalty, investment pattern, customer churn etc. Such insight can be of great help to Marketing personnel while devising new Marketing strategies.

  6. Claims Claims are the single largest cost centre for insurers with an average pay out of 60-80% of the premium earned. Insurance companies are attempting to improve customer satisfaction while continuing to contain costs and expenses. Insurance analytics Solutions provide claims Heads with spectrum of information required to monitor claims activity and manage effectively. The intuitive dashboard offers various metrics & KPI’s on claims.

  7. Underwriting Underwriting is based on analysis of claim experience by different portfolio and segment which relate to premiums and exposures. Each insurance product underwritten by a company maintains its own characteristic of risk such as Vehicle type and driver age for motor vehicle insurance, building type and floor for home insurance, occupation and health status for health and accident insurance.

  8. Market Leading SoftwareFor Insurance industry We are present in 8 Countries as Local offices and 50 countries as Partners Australia Office Level 24, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne (Postal: 3000), Australia Phone +61 3 8658 5993  Request A