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How To Manage Profit And Loss Accounts? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Every company must manage their income statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheet to keep the earnings and expenses under control to run business in success. Profit and loss management is managing the incoming money and outgoing money to ensure that a business earns the net profit.

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How To Manage Profit

And Loss Accounts?

What is Profit And Loss?

Businessmen deals in day to day transactions and accounts.

Records and accounts are managed properly to know whether

the business is running in loss or profit. Profit in terms of

money - company keeps in hand after paying all of its

expenses. A loss is expenses that exceed the amount of sales a

company earns in a specific accounting year.

Elements of Profit And Loss Statement

There are three elements in profit and loss statements:

➢ Monitor The Sales.

➢ Financial Assessment.

➢ Help In Decision Making.

Monitor The Sales

➢ Profit and loss management depends on the sales a

business has done in a specific time span.

➢ If the sales are low and expenses are more than business

is incurring a loss.

➢ In this case, the company must make important decisions

to raise capital to run the business smoothly.

Monitor The Sales

➢ If sales are more than expected amount then it will depict


➢ Companies appoint expert accountants that provide

payroll services to give you valuable information about

your business success.

Financial Assessment

➢ By keeping accurate and correct records, the financial

assessment can be done with previous year records.

➢ It tells us about the financial health of the business.

➢ People who stay in Brisbane, take care while choosing the

best company that provides Bookkeeping services to trace

business's growth.

Help In Decision Making

➢ With well-maintained and managed account, books and

valuable information about the company's, use of

resources can be understood.

➢ Investors can be given confidence that their investment in

our business is safe.

Use of Profit And Loss Statement

➢ Profit and loss statements are useful to know how

business is working and what changes must be made to

increase the revenue.

➢ Records maintained of past years can tell how much profit

is earned in specific time period.


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