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Best hair styles for curly hair PowerPoint Presentation
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Best hair styles for curly hair

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Best hair styles for curly hair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women with Best Hairstyles for curly hair need hair styles that will raise the volume of their hair. The wrong style can make very well hair look thin even when it is broad. Excellent haired women are those women with slightest diameter to the hair shaft. The hair may be very thick or thin and still being considered fine because of the touch.

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Best hair styles for curly hair

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hello world

Hello World

Get tipsabout Best Hair Styles

rip your hair into two sections at the backside

* Rip your hair into two sections at the backside.

* Get the left section and bend it around into a low bun at the

side. Position the bun just below your left ear.

* Then catch the right section and bend this around to form a bun

neighboring to the first bun.

* Pun the buns together with a pair of bobby pins.

* Style your fringe/bangs. You can brooch them backside into the finished style or

leave them loose.

Double Bun

faux hawk

Faux Hawk

If you are a stylish women having short curly hair, faux hawk is

the best choice for you as it is a hairstyle that looks very


crown twist

Crown Twist

*Catch a small part of hair from one side. For a messier finish, leave a few face-framing strands wobbly or free.

*Bend that section toward the backside of your head in an upward direction. And secure them with a pin.

*Repeat steps and viola!

thank you

Hope you like these kind of curly hair styles,

To getmore styles info you can visit and take from :-


Thank you