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Renowned Cosmetic Dentist in Honolulu Hi PowerPoint Presentation
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Renowned Cosmetic Dentist in Honolulu Hi

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Renowned Cosmetic Dentist in Honolulu Hi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Renowned Cosmetic Dentist in Honolulu Hi

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Renowned Cosmetic Dentist in Honolulu Hi

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Worried over unattractive and bothersome metal braces?

Are you a teenager reluctant to go forward with braces?

Now you can enjoy a beautiful smile with invisalign braces! It helps you to be free from pain of those brackets and wires and improves confidence.


Check-ups during Invisalign

Don’t worry about constant dental appointments for every week anymore! During invisalign it’s enough to schedule your appointment every six weeks at your convenient time. This saves your time and reduces stress.


Changing Aligners

Using traditional braces you can attain the result only at the end but with aligners you can see progress every two weeks. Changing aligners every two weeks helps you to advance to the next stage of treatment to attain the smile you always dreamt of.



For adults the duration of invisalign treatment is one year and it’s two for teens. Since you will be free from brackets and wires the treatment process doesn’t seem so long and the progress will be seen much sooner.


Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Honolulu Hi?

Visit www.jsbrowndds.com


Call 808.949.5644

E-mail: jsbrowndds@hawaii.rr.com