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Class of 2022

Class of 2022

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Class of 2022

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  1. Registration Class of 2022

  2. Check List • Check off all courses that you have successfully passed on page 6. • If you took a class but did not pass it, you will need to take the course again during summer school.

  3. Recommended Course of Study Grade 10 English 10 (3) World History (3) or AP World Geometry (3) Biology (3) *Phys. Ed *Arts Electives *Arts/Phys. Ed can also be taken as a Junior or Senior

  4. Required Courses Language Arts • English 10A, 10B, 10C All 10th graders will take English 10, which is a Pre-Advanced Placement English preparatory course.

  5. Required Courses Math If you are currently in Int. Algebra: Geometry ABC Or Accel. Geometry AB/ Accel. Algebra 2A/Trig* If your are currently in Geometry: Algebra 2 ABC/Trig If you are currently in Accel. Geom: Accel. Algebra 2B/Accel Pre-Calc AB * Please notice recommendation of B average or better for success in the Accelerated math track. Students should talk with their current math teacher if they have any questions.

  6. Required Courses Science • BiologyI, II, III If you are currently taking Biology you will need to register for Chemistry. Please see your counselor or Biology teacher if you have questions.

  7. Required Courses Social Studies • World History • AP World History* *College level rigorous course taught in the high school by specially trained teachers. You may earn free college credits depending on the score you receive on the exam in May and the college you will be attending after high school. Talk with your Social Studies teacher if you have questions.

  8. Required Courses Arts You will need to take at least 2 credits of “The Arts” before graduation. If you are planning on attending a 4 year college/university immediately after high school, you should take 3 credits (a full year of art). These credits will need to be “Fine Arts”, which are any Art or Music Courses.

  9. Art Options

  10. Physical Education REQUIRED: FITNESS FOR LIFE (most students have taken this in 9th grade) ELECTIVE OPTIONS: Lifetime Activities 1 & 2 Aerobics 1 & 2 Strength Training Team Sports (fall,winter, or spring)

  11. CollegeEntrance Requirements Colleges and universities often require additional courses beyond what is needed for your diploma. For example: most 4 year colleges require at least 2 years of the same world language, a full year of fine arts (3 trimesters), at least 3 full years of science (9 trimesters). The UMTC and UM-Duluth require a 4th year of math.

  12. Ways to Earn College Credit in High School

  13. Ways to Earn College Credit in High School

  14. NCAA • College Bound student athletes who are interested in playing sports at the college level for an NCAA Division I or II school must qualify through the NCAA Eligibility Center. • Please check the list of NCAA approved Tartan courses. •

  15. Electives • Once you have registered for all required classes, the remainder of the classes you register for are electives. • Choose electives based on the following criteria: • Courses that will help you prepare for post high school education • Courses that will help you prepare for your future career • Courses that you are interested in and enjoy • You will need to choose 18 courses

  16. Alternates • You will now pick 4alternate choices. The alternates are used if one of your 18 choices does not fit in your schedule. These choices should be classes that you are interested in taking but are not your top choices.

  17. Schedule Changes Qualifies Doesn’t Qualify • Change Teachers • Change Lunches “Don’t like the elective anymore” • Change Hours • Medical or physical restrictions • Teacher suggests moving up or down a level

  18. Registration • You will continue discussing registration during next week’s homeroom. Bring your registration information with you. • You will be registering online. Please follow the instructions handout given to you. • You need to discuss your choices with your parents before registering. • The deadline to register is January 30th. • You must choose 18 courses PLUS 4 alternates.

  19. How to Register Online • Go to your Student Portal • Click on Student Portal Login • Enter your login information • Click on Registration: Tartan 19-20 • Click on Course Search • Type the course number (including zeros) • Click GO • Click on the Course Name that appears. • Under description, click Request This Course • Repeat these steps until your have registered for 18 classes • If you make a mistake, you can click Drop This Course. • Follow same steps for your 4 alternates, clicking on Request asAlternate.

  20. All students must complete their registration online. If you are a special education student or an EL student, your Case Manager will adjust classes as needed, but you should still register for what you think you need and your electives.