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Technology Accelerators. Group5 Emily Dale Hayley Rush Carli Slingerland Andrew Keeling Alex Beverly Everett Gibson Kolt Pederson. Introduction. Business model shift New technology will change everything Dot-com companies launched on NYSE without an active business

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Technology accelerators

Technology Accelerators


Emily Dale

Hayley Rush

Carli Slingerland

Andrew Keeling

Alex Beverly

Everett Gibson

Kolt Pederson



Business model shift

New technology will change everything

Dot-com companies launched on NYSE without an active business


  • Walgreens vs.

  • Walgreens strategy

    • Crawl, walk, run

  • Launched

    • Added momentum to already existing business model

Technology the hedgehog concept
Technology & the Hedgehog Concept

  • Technology-induced change

  • How do good-to-great organizations think differently about technology?

    • Walgreens

    • Kroger

    • Gillette

    • Apple

Technology accelerators in the good to great companies
Technology Accelerators in the Good-to-Great Companies

  • Abbott

  • Circuit City

  • Fannie Mae

  • Gillette

  • Kimberly-Clark

  • Kroger

Technology accelerators in the good to great companies1
Technology Accelerators in the Good-to-Great Companies

  • Nucor

  • Philip Morris

  • Pitney Bowes

  • Walgreens

  • Wells Fargo

Technology as an accelerator not a creator of momentum
Technology as an Accelerator, Not a Creator of Momentum

  • Does the technology fit directly with your hedgehog concept?

    • If no, then do you need the tech at all?

    • If yes, then all you need is parity with competition.

Fannie mae
Fannie Mae

Moved from a 2.3 to a 3.8 on the four point tech scale.

Did this 9 years after the arrival of David Maxwell.

Lowered costs by nearly $1000 per loan.

Same late technology for pattern for Walgreens, Gillette and Kroger.

Fannie Mae: Good to Great to Bad?

The technology trap
The Technology Trap

  • 20th Century- How will it be remembered

    • Democracy

    • Civil Right

    • Most remembered for advances in Technology and Science

  • Albert Einstein

The technology trap1
The Technology Trap

  • Executive Seminars

    • Theme of technology

      • “People don’t Know what they don’t know”

      • Afraid of technology sneaking up

      • All managers know is the technology is important

  • Managers

    • Good to great managers talk little about tech

    • Great companies are technology sophisticated

    • 80% GTG managers didn’t even mention technology

The technology trap2
The Technology Trap

  • Nucor

    • Aggregate Pioneer

    • Dozens of literature

    • 5 factors from good to great

      • Technology was not mentioned in top 5

    • One top executive

      • 20 % technology, 80% culture

  • Bethlehem Steel

The technology trap3
The Technology Trap

  • Technology plays a significant role of failure and success

    • Accelerator of demise / success. Not the cause

  • No companies really fail just because a technology torpedo blew it out of the water

  • R.J. Reynolds, A&P, Visicalc,

    • It all comes down to management of technology

The technology trap4
The Technology Trap

  • Pattern of second and third followers prevailing

    • Boeing, GE, Palm Computing, AOL

  • Do not think technology holds the key to success

    • Reliance on Tech is a liability

    • Essential driver in moving forward, but used wrong or as a quick fix, with no understanding, it will drive your company to failure

Technology and the fear of being left behind

Technology and the Fear of Being Left Behind

  • Great Companies

    • Motivated by creative urge

      • to improve relative to absolute standard of excellence

    • Stay true to fundamentals & maintain balance

    • Calm, deliberate steps forward


Good Companies

Motivated by FEAR

of being left behind

of the unknown

of looking bad

of being beaten by competition


define strategies principally by what others are doing

Lurch about in fearful, frantic reaction

Chapter summary
Chapter Summary

  • Good-to-great organizations think differently.

  • They key question about technology is…

  • How good to great organizations use technology.

  • How a company handles technology is a good indicator for its inner drive for greatness

  • Technology is never the primary root for greatness or failure.

    • 80% of executives interviewed never mentioned technology as a factor for their success.

    • “Crawl, walk, run”