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Natural depression remedies Most Read Tips on Depression Hom PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural depression remedies Most Read Tips on Depression Hom

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Natural depression remedies Most Read Tips on Depression Hom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natural depression remedies Most Read Tips on Depression Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

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Natural depression remedies Most Read Tips on Depression Hom

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Natural depression remediesMost Read Tips on Depression - Homeopathic Remedies for DepressionI can do a lot to overcome depression. Studies show that over 80% of depressed people from urban areas and have a sedentary life sedentary or semi-sedentary. A trail saves a huge amount of physical energy that is stored partly in adiposity, and the rest is transformed into energy mental. What happens when it is in excess and do not know how to eat? It creates psychological discomfort more powerful, who, most times, as depression. In this context, it is known that intense exercise, done systematically, not only activates muscles, breathing and metabolism, but also certain physical natural protective mechanisms. It is already known that after 40 minutes of exercise (running, outdoor sports, swimming, etc.) Cortex releases certain neurotransmitters, which generates feelings of relaxation, contentment, optimism. Moreover, exercise even made ​​three times a week improves natural sleep (the main means of physical regeneration), increase resistance to stress and, last but not least, it constitutes a veritable that is vicariously worked off valve by many tensions accumulated inside the daily life. Body temperature a recent American study makes a correlation between body temperature and apparently screwy mood. Thus, it was found that depressed body does not meet the daily cycles of body temperature. Normally, it falls during the night by 1-2 degrees Celsius for the day to grow back. When depressed, the natural temperature variations often there, which disrupt the normal rhythms of the brain, affecting sleep and relaxation. Consequently, people with depression do not regenerate enough night and days sleepy and lacking of energy. To adjust the diurnal cycle of body temperature and eliminate depression, sleep the night at a lower temperature than you are used (18-19 degrees Celsius). Mornings to increase body temperature back do some exercise and a warm shower, leading to better mental tone. Treatment is followed especially during cold season, when body and mind are more sensitive to temperature variations. Breath is directly affected by depression. There are already many studies highlight the fact that people suffering from this disorder have almost always shallow breathing, interrupted, with a very low level. Then the question is: Does reverse correlation does not work? I mean, breathing "educated” became broader and deeper, not brings about a better state of mind still? Practical test results are extremely encouraging in this respect. Achieving a slow breaths, extensive pulmonary to use full capacity, training and lower lobes, not just senior lungs, gradually lead to a substantial improvement of the emotional state of those who suffer from depression. Thus, respiration is complete (which goes down into the abdomen). For faster antidepressant effect, but we present another simple breathing exercise, so-called "breathing type razor". Laid back and relaxed, breathing deeper, let abdomen to inflate with air. After inspiration, keep the air in the lungs as much as possible, but without any state of embarrassment occur after you exhale through your mouth abruptly, saying the syllable "ha". In other words, when we release air from the lungs, we will issue a staccato "ha", which - we see - not infrequently becomes, unwillingly, in a real razor, effortlessly. Do 10-15 minutes twice a day, this exercise is very good emotional effects, activating a neurological mechanism that finally results in stimulation of brain areas responsible for producing states of optimism and cheerfulness. Homeopathy Famous Romans Dr. SorinCadar the homeopathic expert: says that treatment with homeopathic remedies is effective in 70% of cases of depression. Unfortunately, this type of treatment can not be taken personally, but only under the guidance of your doctor, he was able to identify the causes of the disorder and choose among hundreds of remedies and the best dilution. The fact is that homeopathic remedies are often more powerful, more nuanced effect and totally free of adverse effects compared with synthetic antidepressant drugs. Some of these have the effect of "shielding” that is simply negative physical feelings faded, giving respite to the patient regain and exceed one state of depression. Other homeopathic preparations regulate hormonal activity, improve sleep or simply regulate the central nervous system, leading gradually to improve the patient's mood. Ask, therefore, without hesitation, a homeopathic doctor, if you want a simple and effective treatment against depression, which will support long time without generating adverse effects. Inner attitude is essential, not only to overcome depression, but for preventing depression. The easiest to do this change of attitude by consulting a psychologist who will help you awaken the causes that led to depression and also will help to correct the wrong internal behaviors and attitudes that have "pushed "in this situation. For those open to faith, daily prayer, participation in collective services are helpful. There are, in fact, many statistical studies showing that deeply religious people are virtually immune to a number of psychological disorders in the area, including depression. This immunity does not appear, however, people with a fanatical religious or surface, which changes only depression manifestation, without actually disappear.