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Gout Treatment, the basic rules for the patient PowerPoint Presentation
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Gout Treatment, the basic rules for the patient

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Gout Treatment, the basic rules for the patient - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gout Treatment, the basic rules for the patient

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Gout Treatment, the basic rules for the patientHome remedies for goutKey gout - in the control of uric acid Uric acid - a breakdown product of chemicals called purines contained in some products. Therefore, the treatment of gout is aimed at suppressing the production of uric acid, and its rapid excretion from the body. Gout responds well to dietary, drug, and physical therapy. Treatment of gout in our clinic, the doctor is engaged in a rheumatologist. It is important to consider the possible adverse effects of drugs for concomitant diseases. The basic rules for a patient with gout· The basic rule - taking drugs that reduce levels of uric acid and its periodic laboratory monitoring. That is - your intelligent interaction with the doctor. · Dieting. It is important not to overeat or starve. · Do not stop taking prescribed medications without first talking to your doctor. Abrupt withdrawal of drugs will lead to an exacerbation of gout. · Try to keep the joints from injury, limit physical activity. Do not wear very narrow shoes, which may predispose the joints to a slight injury. · Avoid hypothermia and cold. · Control your blood pressure. If, in addition to gout, you do, and high blood pressure, you run the double risk. Because some drugs are taken to reduce the pressure, such as diuretics, actually raise uric acid levels. It is important to try to reduce the pressure in a natural way: to reduce the reception of salt to combat obesity.GoutSurely we all know is a disease like gout, from the Greek name means "the foot in a trap." The disease is characterized by the fact that is a profound violation of the protein metabolism, and this in turn leads to increased formation of uric acid in the body. It should also be noted that gout is the most ancient disease that was first described by Hippocrates himself. The most common disease of the sick man, at the same ailment turns out the excess uric acid salt which is deposited in the tendons, joints, and even cartilage. This observations show that from such a disease mostly affects people that consume a diet of high-calorie foods, which is dominated by food of animal origin, and even those who care for alcohol. Gout symptoms begin with pain in one joint. Moreover, the most amenable to such an ailment toes (in more than half of the cases). Sometimes the symptoms are detected in the ankle and knee, and wrist joints, hands and elbows. First time you can see what you have is a disease from sharp pains in the joints. It should be noted that the pain is very severe, it is almost impossible to endure, and painkillers may not even help. Incidentally most such pain occurs mostly at night, in the morning, you see how your joints swollen, and in this place there was redness. And if you try to touch this place, then you it will be hot. Most important is the diet for gout. It should be noted that this diet is the first necessity in this disease. That is, you are in any case you can not eat fried and fatty foods, fast food, etc., which can adversely affect your body. But in general, it is best to consult a doctor. There are folk remedies for gout. Here are a few of them: - Take the leaves and steamed cranberries as a tea. Need to use this infusion of one tablespoon three times a day. - you need the flowers of chamomile, elder flowers, grass, hypericum and lime-blossom, all placed on a steam bath, then cooled, filtered and drunk three teaspoons. - You can also use the nettles to whip her sore spots, and in the morning, they pounded kerosene. - In order to get rid of the "foot in the trap" to two hours after a meal to eat an apple. Treatment of gout is generally to use the correct food. It should reduce the consumption of animal protein. Should also be excluded from the diet of soups on meat and broth, organ meats, wheat, and must be removed from the diet of coffee, milk, eggs, cocoa, and fish. You must regularly use currants, cherries, strawberries. Another treatment would be the pairing of the joints, applied a cold compress on his further wrap.