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Bee Pollen Benefits - Key uses and health PowerPoint Presentation
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Bee Pollen Benefits - Key uses and health

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Bee Pollen Benefits - Key uses and health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bee Pollen Benefits - Key uses and health

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Bee Pollen Benefits - Key uses and health

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Bee Pollen Benefits - Key uses and health benefitsUsed for centuries in a wide range of countries and natural remedies, bee pollen benefits are not new. However, with recent scientific studies, some of the folk remedy claims were proven to be reality. The more scientists understand how the pollen is in the body, the more likely they began to sing his praises. The following are some of the main advantages you would expect of this supplement.Advantages types of pollen supplementsIncreases energy and stamina - With the mixture of vitamins and minerals that are included in bee pollen, such as iron, calcium, potassium, and a mixture of B vitamins, to name only few, those who use these supplements find that their body is in better working order. This can lead to increased endurance and stamina, making it easier to exercise and find the energy to overcome depression or general fatigue.Promotes prostate health - Those with prostate problems have been using bee pollen for centuries to find relief.Slows the aging process - Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing the circulation of the skin, bee pollen can help reduce the effects of aging over time.Help with weight loss - Some studies show that bee pollen can reduce cravings for foods, making it easier to stick to a normal diet. At the same time, increasing the energy it gives, it is easier to perform, leading to more effective weight loss.Increases metabolism - containing a natural substance known as lecithin, bee pollen benefits include its ability to accelerate the process of metabolism. This helps flush out excess fat cells at a rapid pace.Prevents Allergies - Studies have shown that people who take these supplements are better able to overcome their previous basis of allergic reactions. These reactions are usually aware of botanical ingredients; including pollen may contain traces of.These are just some of the benefits most frequently reported. In truth, a much wider range has been reported, including the ability of pollen to help clear skin problems from acne or other, to improve the appearance, and treat cold symptoms. Before taking this health supplement or any other, however, is a good idea to get a checkup from your doctor and start with the lowest recommended dosage. Although allergic reactions are rare, they may occur, especially in those already allergic to bee stings.Herbal Tips: 4 Benefits and Benefits Bee Pollen for HealthHoney bees collect pollen (pollen) on their feet from the stamens of flowers.When combined with the enzyme bee pollen into what we know as bee pollen that has many health benefits.Here are some of the benefits of bee pollen for health:1. Prostate HealthThe University Hospital of Wales has carried out tests on the effects of bee pollen for prostate health. The result of bee pollen to be effective in treating prostatitis and prostate is enlargement.2. LongevityA doctor from Karlsruhe, Germany, Dr. G. Lie bold has conducted various studies and said that bee pollen can increase a person's life expectancy.According to one study, he said that bee pollen should begin to be considered as a natural remedy for geriatric care in general.3. Lose WeightBee pollen is considered effective for weight loss because they contain lecithin, a substance that can remove fat from the body. Lecithin can also increase your metabolism.4. Improve Reproductive Hormone LevelsBee pollen has been used to maintain reproductive health in humans. In his study, Dr. G. Lie bold claims that people are taking bee pollen supplements showed improvement as their hormone levels.Normal levels of hormones that can drive the rate of reproductive potential or ability to reproduce.Bee Pollen SupplementsBee pollen supplements are available in various forms. In the market they sold bee pollen in tablets, capsules, granules, or pills.Pollen from different sources is considered better than those derived from a single source because they contain more nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.