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Grants Technical Assistance Workshop. Nisha Patel, MA, CHES Kathryn Umali, MPH, CHES U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) November 17, 2009. Overview. Introduction to ORHP

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Grants technical assistance workshop l.jpg
Grants Technical Assistance Workshop

Nisha Patel, MA, CHES

Kathryn Umali, MPH, CHES

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)

Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP)

November 17, 2009

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  • Introduction to ORHP

  • ORHP funding opportunities

  • Tips for applying for federal funds

  • Voice of experience

  • Practice time!

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ORHP 101

  • Role of the Office of Rural Health Policy

    • Voice for Rural within HHS

    • Supports Rural Health Research

    • Supports Rural Health Grant Programs

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Changes in ORHP …

  • Some Minor Tweaks

    • New Leadership Spots

  • A Move to Divisions

    • Community-Based

    • Hospital-State

    • Border Health

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Technical Assistance Workshops

  • Targeting Key States

    • Oklahoma

    • Wyoming

    • Colorado

    • Idaho

    • Pennsylvania

  • Tennessee

  • Looking Ahead

    • Regions Served by Historically Black Colleges and Universities

    • Border Communities

    • Tribal Communities

  • Slide9 l.jpg

    ORHP 101

    • Hospital-State Division Grants

      • State Offices of Rural Health (SORH)

      • Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant (Flex)

      • Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP)

      • Critical Access Hospital HIT Network Grants (CAH-HIT Network)

    Slide10 l.jpg

    Community-Based Division


    Rural Health Outreach

    Rural Network Development

    Network Planning

    Delta Network Development

    Quality Improvement

    Black Lung



    2009 Focus

    Moving to a Foundation Model

    Best Practices and Tracking


    Economic Impact

    Technical Assistance

    Slide11 l.jpg

    Rural Health Grants 2005-2009

    • Rural Health Outreach Grants*

    • Rural Health Network Planning Grants

    • Rural Health Network Development Grants

    • Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Grants

  • rants

  • * Rural Health Outreach Grants include Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant, Delta State Rural Development Network Grant and Frontier Extended Stay Clinic Cooperative Agreement.

    Funding opportunities l.jpg
    Funding Opportunities

    • Network Planning Grant

      • One-Year Program

      • Hire HIT consultant

      • Develop business plan

      • Develop ECI plan

      • Conduct Needs Assessment

      • Eligibility Requirements

    Network planning timeline l.jpg
    Network Planning Timeline

    • Application Information:

      • Start Date: March 1, 2010

      • RFP available June/July 2009

      • Award Amount: $85,000

      • Program Contact:

    Funding opportunities14 l.jpg
    Funding Opportunities

    • Quality Grant

      • Two year program

      • QI strategies to improve patient care/chronic disease outcomes

      • Improve health indicators and decrease emergency room visits/admissions to hospitals

      • Focus: Diabetes and CVD

    Quality timeline l.jpg
    Quality Timeline

    • Application Information:

      • Estimated availability 2010

      • Award Amount: $ 75K

      • Program Contact:

    Funding opportunities16 l.jpg
    Funding Opportunities

    • Rural Health Network Development Grant

      • 3-year program

      • Network Development

      • Demonstrate community need

      • Consortium/Community Involvement

      • Eligibility Requirements

    Network development timeline l.jpg
    Network Development Timeline

    • Application Information:

      • RFP Available Summer 2010

      • Award Amounts: $180K/year

      • Program Contact:

    Funding opportunities18 l.jpg
    Funding Opportunities

    • Rural Health Services Outreach Grant

      • 3-year program

      • Health care service delivery

      • Demonstrate community need

      • Consortium/Community Involvement

      • Eligibility Requirements

    Outreach timeline l.jpg
    Outreach Timeline

    • Application Information:

      • RFP Available Summer 2011

      • Award Amounts: $150K (1st year), $125K (2nd year), $100K (3rd year)

      • Program Contact:

    Funding opportunities20 l.jpg
    Funding Opportunities

    • Delta States Rural Development Network

      • 3-year program

      • Health care service delivery in the Delta region

      • Demonstrate community need

      • Consortium/Community Involvement

      • Eligibility Requirements

    Delta states rural development network timeline l.jpg
    Delta States Rural Development Network Timeline

    • Application Information:

      • RFP Available

      • Award Amounts: Vary by grantee

      • Program Contact:

    Grants gov l.jpg

    • Established as a Governmental Resource; E-Grants Initiative

      • Part of the President's 2002 Fiscal Year Management Agenda to Improve Government Services to the Public

    • Find and Apply for over 1,000 grant programs from the 26 Federal grant making agencies.

    Apply27 l.jpg

    Recommendation: download and save the application instructions and application package to your computer.

    Slide29 l.jpg

    Register Today!

    • Registration only required for submitting an application via

    • Process is two-phased for increased organizational security and efficiency for conducting business with the federal government.

      Phase I: Prepare your organization

      Phase II: Prepare yourself

    Slide31 l.jpg Support

    • Contact Center

    Explore options l.jpg
    Explore Options

    • Become an expert on the grant program that you want to apply for.

    • Research the types of projects that have been awarded under the program.

    • Involve your community and consortium/network members from the beginning.

    • Identify the needs

    Application planning l.jpg
    Application planning

    • Read and Re-Read Program Guide

      • Have at least one (two would be better) other staff member read all the program information (guidance, forms, etc.)

        • You should agree on what needs to be in the application and how to proceed

      • Make certain you understand exactly what, how, when, etc. is required for the application

      • Call the program contact person with any questions

    Slide34 l.jpg

    Application planning (continued)

    • Create a Team to Work on the Project

      • Name the lead person

        • Someone that has the authority to get things done

        • Set meeting times

    • Identify Consortium/Network Members

      • Determine the roles and level of participation of each member.

    • Get Commitment from Consortium/Network Members

    Application planning continued l.jpg
    Application Planning (continued)

    • Involve the Community to be Served

      • Town Meetings, focus groups, health fairs, health surveys

      • Include members of the target population

      • Get Community Buy-In

      • Community must be included in the planning, development and implementation of the project

    Getting started l.jpg
    Getting Started

    • Develop the plan to address the needs

    • Get letters of Commitment from each consortium/network member EARLY

    • Secure letter of non-profit status from the IRS or other acceptable Agency (Public or governmental entities do not need this letter.)

    Story telling l.jpg
    Story Telling

    • Tell the Story of your Community and its needs

    • Try to fine someone who is organized, writes well and is good at following directions to help with writing the grant.

    • After the grant narrative is completed, give it to someone not involved in the project to read

      • If they understand what the needs are, why there are needs, who will be served and how the project will address the needs, the narrative is probably clear

    Application content l.jpg
    Application Content

    • Needs

    • Response

    • Evaluation

    • Impact

    • Resources/Capabilities

    • Support Requested

    Goal objective activity l.jpg
    Goal, Objective, Activity

    • Goal:Improve patient’s ability to manage their diabetes

      • Objective: By the end of the year, 35% of the staff will be trained in basic diabetes management

        • Activity: Find trainers, diabetes management materials, find RN to do

    Budget narrative l.jpg
    Budget Narrative

    how many organizations are contributing to the budget

    what percent of funds are being solicited from the funding source

    are subcontracts involved

    annual salary increases

    Budget categories l.jpg
    Budget Categories

    Calculate all relevant expenses


    benefits (social security, workman’s compensation)

    printing and photocopying

    postage and shipping

    long distance and cellular telephone service

    materials and supplies

    mileage and travel

    outside services

    Review process l.jpg
    Review Process

    • Division of Independent Review (DIR)

    • Panel of reviewers

    • Review Criterion

    • ORC Process

    • Rank Order Listing

    • Congressional Liaison Office (CLO)

    • Letters/Notice of Grant Award (NGA)

    We need you l.jpg
    We Need You!

    • We need reviewers with rural experience the be a part of our Objective Review Committee panels

    • ORHP has multiple grant program reviews each year

    • You must register to be a reviewer

      • To register please visit

    • Indicate “rural health” as one of your specialties in the background information section

    • Let ORHP staff know programs familiar to you

    Orhp 10145 l.jpg
    ORHP 101

    The Rural Assistance Center

    • One-Stop Shopping

      • Funding Info

      • Resource Guides

      • Best Practices

    Valuable resources l.jpg
    Valuable Resources



    Health Workforce:




    Orhp contact information l.jpg
    ORHP Contact Information

    Nisha Patel, MA, CHES

    [email protected]

    Kathryn Umali, MPH, CHES

    [email protected]