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Vocabulary Week 12

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Vocabulary Week 12. Word 1: Despicable Def: So bad, nasty or cruel that he/she/it deserves to be hated and despised Sent: Johnny was a despicable person who constantly bullied his classmates.

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Word 1: DespicableDef: So bad, nasty or cruel that he/she/it deserves to be hated and despisedSent: Johnny was a despicable person who constantly bullied his classmates.


Word 2: Discourage / DiscouragingDef: Lack of hope or courage to do something, try to keep you from doing somethingSent: The other 7th graders were discouraged because no one stopped Johnny from bullying.


Word 3: AbyssDef: A hole that seems to have no bottomSent: The 7th graders all wished that Johnny would fall into an abyss and never come out.


Word 4: Hypocrite / HypocriticalDef: Person who says one thing but does the oppositeSent: The teachers were hypocrites as they talked of anti-bullying but laughed at Johnny teasing and bullying the 7th grade.

Word 5: UncannyDef: Extremely cleverSent: Sally thought of an uncanny plan to get Johnny out of their lives.

Word 6: ReassureDef: To calm someone by making them less worried about somethingSent: Sally reassured the 7th grade that she had an excellent idea to get rid of Johnny.


Word 7: JaggedDef: Having rough edges with sharp pointsSent: Sally had originally thought of using a jagged knife but that was a little harsh.

Word 8: WanderDef: To go without a direction or planSent: The 7th grade students grabbed Johnny as he wandered in the hall.

Word 9: MercenaryDef: Soldier who fights for money, not his countrySent: They would put Johnny in a box and ship him to Africa to be a mercenary soldier.

Word 10: DiminishDef: To become weaker and smallerSent: The bullying and teasing quickly diminished after they sent Johnny to Africa.
Word 11:ThriftyDef: Careful about spending moneySent: The 7th graders were quite thrifty byshipping Johnny book rate to save money.

Word 12: Hazard, HazardousDef: A danger, potentially dangerousSent: It was hazardous for Johnny to be boxed and shipped to Africa. No one cared.


Word 13: HumiliateDef: To lower the pride or self-respect of someone, make someone feel ashamedSent: Johnny learned a hard lesson by being humiliated and shipped to Africa.


Word 14: Whimsical / WhimDef: Done by chance or impulse not by reasonSent: The decision to punish Johnny was not a whimsical decision but planned over months.


Word 15: Dangle / DanglingDef: To let hang or swingSent: The 7th graders celebrated Johnny being gone by dangling his backpack from the tree outside the classroom window.


Word 16: Criticize / Critical / Critic /CriticismDef: To point out the faults of someone or somethingSent: Johnny’s parents were not critical of his classmates shipping him to Africa.


Word 17: PunctualDef: Arriving on timeSent: Students were now punctual when showing up for class since they were not scared of being bullied by Johnny.


Word 18: Urgent / Urgently / UrgencyDef: A situation that needs to be dealt with quickly Sent: Johnny urgently wanted to return from Africa and apologize for everything.


Word 19: AwestruckDef: To be totally amazed, full of aweSent: Principal Miller was awestruck when he found out a student was mailed to Africa.

Word 20: SquabbleDef: To fight, noisy quarrelSent: There was a squabbleover Johnny’s thingsas everyone wanted a souvenir.