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Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond PowerPoint Presentation
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Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond

Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond

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Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond

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  1. Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond Source -

  2. Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond

  3. Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond The compassion of ‘Yellow’ The ocean of colored diamonds is deep enough to let you mesmerized by its flawless beauty. Yellow Diamonds with its increasing popularity has become one of the most sought gems after the Brown Diamonds. With unique attributes & extreme rarities, the Yellow Diamonds have already set a new trend. Yellow Diamonds signify positivity & happiness.

  4. Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond Yellow Diamonds are often referred to as “Canary Diamonds” or “Zimmy”. A yellow diamond with rich intensity is often called by both these terms. Yellow Diamonds are found in most of the mines around the world. Australia, South Africa & Brazil are known for the best quality canary diamonds. The Yellow Diamond comes in many shapes and sizes. The intensity might vary from light yellow to intense yellow diamond.

  5. Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond Although colored diamonds are expensive due to their rarity, Yellow Diamonds are easy on your pocket. The diamond characteristic affects the value of any stone. The Yellow Diamonds come in unique color combinations like other colored diamonds. You can find a Brownish-yellow diamond, Orangy yellow diamond, Greenish yellow diamond and many more. But these natural Yellow Diamonds with secondary hues often cost less than the pure Yellow Diamonds. Hence the natural fancy colored diamonds are tough to find.

  6. Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond Talking about the most popular Yellow Diamonds, the Tiffany Yellow stands out being the largest to date. Discovered in 1878 in the Kimberly mines of South Africa, it weighed 287.42 carats. Currently owned by Tiffany & Co. Of New York, the beautiful stone has been worn by renowned celebs.

  7. Colourful Diamond: Yellow Diamond Back in the day diamonds were only worn by the opulent class due to limited supply. With the constant change in thejewel industry now people are choosing the Yellow Diamonds over colorless diamonds because they are quirky & novel. Yellow Diamonds look best even with a simple solitaire design. Yellow Diamonds can be set with gold, platinum or along with colorless stones. Yellow Diamonds are a symbol of love, devotion & much more.