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Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Fees PowerPoint Presentation
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Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Fees

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Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Fees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Fees
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  1. Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Fees What’s been done? What’s happening? What do you need to know? Trey Baker Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University System Planning, Policy and Environment Austin Office March 24, 2010

  2. Puget Sound Traffic Choices Study Washington State Road User Charge Assessment Minnesota DOT Road Fee Test Oregon DOT Road User Fee Pilot New York City DOT DriveSmart Program Nevada DOT VMT Fee Study University of Iowa National Evaluation Colorado DOT MBUF Study I-95 Corridor Coalition Multi-State VMT Fee Concept VA Pilot or Field Test Complete as of 2011 Ongoing Pilot or Field Test Interest in Pilot or Field Test

  3. What has been done? Initial pilots looked at feasibility. Is this even a good idea?

  4. The Oregon Pilot (in a nutshell) Pay-at-the-Pump Model

  5. Where are we now? Focus is increasingly on how to implement

  6. The Minnesota Pilot (in a nutshell) Focus on off-the-shelf technology components Technology positioned as an optional discounting mechanism

  7. National Efforts • Exploratory Research on Technology Options for Collection of Road User Fees (Underway) • Additional federal efforts are unlikely at this time • There is no MBUF / VMT language in MAP 21

  8. What everyone needs to know about VMT Fees

  9. It is unlikely that any government entity will “force you to install a tracking device” in your car • Detailed location data is not necessary • Technology should be presented as an optional discounting mechanism • Mandating of safety related devices for OEMs is more likely

  10. The fuel tax is likely to remain in place for a very long time • The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is not going anywhere • The fuel tax is cheap and easy to collect

  11. A paradigm shift in how Americans view transportation will be required before serious consideration of VMT fees can occur • Perceptions of the personal vehicle and freedom of travel are changing • Generational differences in privacy concerns and technology acceptance

  12. Equity issues are likely to play the biggest role in generating support for change • Funding shortfalls don’t click with the public • “Pay for what you use” has saliency • Oregon is emphasizing fairness in implementing fees on electric vehicles

  13. For more information… • Mileage-based User Fee Symposium documents • Primer • TTI research • Links to news, pilot studies and other resources • Listserv Trey Baker Ginger Goodin (512) 467-0946