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Grammar. Modal verbs 情态动词 (I). 一、情态动词表推测(可能性) must/can/could/may/might 1) He must be a teacher. (1993 全国 ) Peter may come with us tonight, but he isn’t sure yet. He might get here in time. 2 ) There is no light on---they can’t be at home.(06quanguo)

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Modal verbs 情态动词(I)


  • must/can/could/may/might

  • 1) He mustbe a teacher.

  • (1993全国) Peter may come with us tonight, but he isn’t sure yet.

  • Hemight get here in time.

  • 2)There is no light on---theycan’t beat home.(06quanguo)

  • Thismay notbe done by him.

  • 3) Can this be done by him?




译为“可能”的三个词 。


could﹥ may﹥ might



may/might not________




could may might






It must be true.

Must 表示 “一定”, “必定”等推测意义时,只用在肯定句中.否定句疑问句用 “can”

  • 这一定是真的。

  • 这不可能是真的。

  • 这可能是真的吗?

  • 这有可能是真的。

  • It may not/might not be true.

  • It couldn’t be true.

  • 这不可能是真的。

It can’t be true.

Can it be true?

It could/may/might be true.

  • 这可能不是真的。

Modal verbs: must, can/ could, may/might

  • - Is the person a man ?

  • No, it _____ be a man. In my

  • opinion, it _____ be a woman.

  • - Can you guess where she is from ?

  • - She __________be from England.

  • - What is she ?

  • - She _______________be a waitress.

  • - What is she doing now ?

  • - She ________ be teaching people

  • how to use the knife and fork.






1.---Can I tell my best friend about it?

---No, I don’t want anyone else to know it. You ______ keep it to yourself.

A.can B.need C.must D.may

2.---Christmas is drawing near. Are you going to Beijing for the holiday?

---I haven’t decided yet. I _______ go home, but it all depends.

A.must B.shall C.need D.might

3.If you think the price of pork is too high, you ______ as well buy some beef. It depends on you!

A.should B.will C.would D.may


4.I can hear the Browns’ phone bell ringing but no one is answering it; they _______ be at home.

A.would B.might C.needn’t D.can’t

5.--Look, it ___ be Lao Wang.

--No, it ___ be him. He has gone abroad.

A. may; must B. must; mayn’t

C. must; can’t D. can; mayn’t

6. (NMET2008全国II) Liza ___ well not want to go on the trip --- she hates traveling.

A. will B. can C. must D. may


  • 7.(02全国)---Is John coming by train?

  • --- He should be, but he ___ not. He likes driving his car.

  • A. must B. can C. need D. may

  • 8. (02北京)---I heard they went skiing in the mountains last winter.

  • ---It ___ true because there was little snow there.

  • may not be B. won’t be

  • C. couldn’t be D. mustn’t be

  • 9. (04上海)You might just as well tell the manufacturer that male customers ___ not like the design of the furniture.

  • A. must B. shall C. may D. need


  • 10. (04全国)--- Isn’t that Ann’s husband over there?

  • --- No, it ____ be him---I’m sure he doesn’t wear glasses.

  • A. can’t B. mustn’t

  • C. won’t D. may not

  • 11. (04湖北) --- Excuse me. Is this the right way to the Summer Palace?

  • ----Sorry, I am not sure, but it __ be.

  • A. might B. will

  • C. must D. can

  • 二、情态动词表能力

  • can / could / be able to

  • 1.A left luggage office is a place where bags ____ be left for a short time, especially at a railway station. (2003全国28)

  • should B. can C. must D. will

  • 2. Even though I had hurt my leg, I ____ swim back to the boat. ( 99海淀)

  • A. could B. might

  • C. had to D. was able to


must / have to / need

(09湖南)— It’s the office! So you know eating is not allowed here. — Oh, sorry.

A. must B. will C. may D. need


1.—Must /Need we hand in our English exercise books ?

—Yes, you ________.

(No, you ____________/_____________. )

2. The film is not interesting. I really ______ go now.

3.I _______ work when I was your age. (must/have to)

4.You ________ (不许)play with fire, it’s dangerous.


don’t have to



had to


四、will / shall / would / should

1.If you will listen, sit still.

2.He push the door, but it won’t open.

3. Fish will die without water.

4.Shall I go with Tom?

5. Shall the book be put here?

6.He would sit like that for hours.

7.You shall do as your father says.

8.We should obey these school rule.


1. “ Thanks for lending me the bike, ___ it be put here?” “ Yes, you may put it here just as well.”

A. Does B. shall C. will D. Dare

2. You ___ go to the party if you don’t finish your homework first.

A. won’t B. don’t C. oughtn’t D. shan’t

3. --“ ____ Miss Ann stay out or be shown in, Sir?” (05福州质检)

--“Wait out a moment, please.”

A. Does B. Shall C. May D. Will


4.We tried hard to stop him from going, but he just ____.

A. won’t B. wouldn’t C. didn’t D. hadn’t

5. I’ve told him many times, but he ___ listen to my advice.

A.shan’t B. won’t

C. couldn’t D. wasn’t able to

6.When I was a boy, I ____ go swimming in the river.

When I was a boy, I ___ often swim in the river which is now polluted seriously.

A. would B. should C. used to D. went



7. Mum tried to persuade Dad not to smoke, but he just ____ listen. (05温州市适应测试二)

A.wouldn’t B. couldn’t

C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t


--“ What’s the name?”

--“ Khulaifi. ___I spell that for you?”

A.Shall B. Would

C. Can D. Might

注意: listen. can/should/must 特殊用法

1 .A wise man cansometimes make a mistake.

Everyone can make mistakes.

1)It is usually warm in my hometown in March, but it___be rather cold sometimes.(2008福建)

A. must B. can C. should D. would

2.(95全国)It’s nearly seven o’clock. Jack should be here at any moment.

1). (2007全国 I 27)“ How is your tour around the North Lake? Is it beautiful?”

“ It ___ be, but it is now badly polluted.”

A. will B. would C. should D. must


  • 2 listen. )You _____ wear slippers in class.

  • A.can B.should C.must D.can

  • 3) ___ you change your mind, do let me know.

  • A.can B.should C.must D.can

  • 3. must表示偏要.硬要做某事;偏偏

  • --- How old are you, madam? --- If you must know, I’m twice my son’s age.

  • 1)----- Who is the girl standing over there?

  • ------ Well, if you ____ know, her name is Mabel.(02,天津 )

  • A. may B. can C. must D. shall

Should 表示 ① “应该”, ②“竟然”, ③“假如,万一”。

1.“ ____ you make so much noise? The baby is sleeping.” (05全国八联)

“ Terribly sorry, never again.”

A. must B. Can C. May D. Need

2.It is unbelievable that a well-behaved gentleman ____ be so rude to a lady.

A. will B. can C. might D. should (05合肥市质检二)

  • 3. (05(2007辽宁30)---Turn off the TV,Jack._____your homework now?

  • ---Mum,just ten more minutes, please.

  • A.Should you be doing

  • B.Shouldn’t you be done

  • C.Couldn’t you be doing

  • D.Will you be doing

1.--- (05____ I take the book out? (10四川)

--- I'm afraid not.

A. Will B. May C. Must D. Need

2.  You ___ park here! It’s an emergency exit.(10重庆)

A. wouldn’t B. needn’t C. couldn’t D. mustn’t

3.  Just be patient. You ___ expect the world to change so soon. (10全国I)

A. can’t B. needn’t C. may not D. will not

4.  I’m afraid Mr. Harding ___ see you now. He’s busy. (10全国II)

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t

5.  “You ___ have a wrong number,” she said. “There’s no one of that name here.” (10浙江)

A. need B. can C. must D. would

6.  ----May I take this book out of the reading room?( 10 (05陕西)

----No, you ___ . You read it in here.

A. mightn’t B. won’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t

7.  Doctors say that exercise is important for health, but it ___ be regular exercise. (10辽宁)

A. can B. will C. must D. may

8.  ----Good morning. I‘ve got an appointment with Miss Smith in the Personnel Department.(10北京)

----Ah, good morning. You___ be Mrs. Peters.

A. might B. must C. would D. can

9.  ----I haven’t got the reference book yet, but I’ll have a test on the subject next month. (10江苏)

----Don’t worry. You ___ have it by Friday.

A. could B. shall C. must D. may

10.  You___buy a gift, but you can if you want to. (10湖南)

A. must B. mustn't

C. have to D. don't have to

11. It is important to know about the cultural differences that ___ cause problems. (10上海春)

A.must B.dare C.need D.may