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Deliver Cosmos

Deliver Cosmos. Program Overview. Created by the United States Postal Service, the Deliver program has become an integral communications vehicle for corporate marketers throughout the country.

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Deliver Cosmos

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  1. Deliver Cosmos

  2. Program Overview Created by the United States Postal Service, the Deliver program has become an integral communications vehicle for corporate marketers throughout the country. The magazine has become a must-read for many of the 350,000 executives who receive Deliver, while the Web site and marketing campaigns have helped position Deliver and USPS as crucial thought leaders in the ever-evolving world of direct. The program offers three main components: • Deliver magazine, a leading direct-marketing publication that has become immensely popular among C-suite executives and major marketers nationwide. • A Web site, delivermagazine.com, that contains Web-exclusive feature stories and columns, polls, video case studies, podcasts and electronic versions of the printed magazine. • A series of USPS marketing campaigns whose themes and content highlight issues of particular concerns to the direct marketing community.

  3. The Magazine • Deliver magazine was developed in 2005 by USPS as a resource for direct marketing professionals • The magazine is printed six times a year and is mailed to more than 350,000 of the top corporate marketing executives in the United States • Magazine content consists of case studies, opinion columns, interviews, profiles and the latest trends and data from the world of direct marketing • A valued resource for marketers, Deliver promotes direct mail as both a stand-alone channel as well as a vital component in integrated marketing messaging

  4. TheMagazine A recent reader survey underscores Deliver’simpact: • 43 percent said Deliver has increased their intention to spend more on direct marketing • 67 percent said Deliver has increased their opinion of direct marketing • More than 50 percent of Deliver recipients have taken action in the last year a result of Deliver articles

  5. TheWeb Site • Delivermagazine.com was launched in ’07 as a companion to Deliver magazine • The site offers Web-exclusive case studies, opinion columns, interactive polls, downloadable White Papers and a downloadable version of the print publication • Delivermagazine.com features “video case studies” that give an “insider’s view” of the development of successful marketing campaigns • The Web site is home to the popular “Conversation Starters” podcast hosted by Joseph Jaffe as part of a partnership between Jaffe and USPS • The site also features the Deliver “Green Room,” a hub for content dedicated to eco-friendly direct marketing • A supplemental “e-blast” is sent to nearly 4,000 recipients with each new issue

  6. TheWeb Site • Delivermagazine.com received more than 43,000 visits in June 2008, up from more than 38,500 the month before • There have been more than 70,000 downloads from delivermagazine.com • The average number of responses (downloads, e-mail feedback, etc.) per Deliver issue was 898 • More than 3,130 White Papers have been downloaded • A recent “Best of Deliver 2007” poll garnered more than 700 responses from online voters Green Room landing page

  7. Web Site Analytics

  8. The Campaigns The Deliver program has helped launch successful USPS campaigns: • Personalization • “Green” Marketing • Database Management Print Ad Web Banner Direct Mail

  9. Personalization Campaign • Targeted printers, marketers and large businesses • Promoted the effective use of variable-data printing • Leveraged multiple portals: direct mail, Web, print • Garnered a 4.7% response rate from the DM audience • Earned a 2.05% response rate from large businesses Fulfillment

  10. Green Marketing: “En•vi•ron•mail•ist” Campaign • Promoted environmentally sound marketing tactics to printers, ad agencies and large businesses • Utilized direct mail and print ads • Coordinated in conjunction with the annual eco-themed Deliver magazine “Green” issue • Offered “En-vi-ron-mail-ism” Handbook and 100% organic cotton T-Shirt as fulfillment • Generated a 5.8% response rate in first three weeks of the campaign Direct Mail Print Ad Direct Mail

  11. Database Management • Targeting major corporations, advertisers, printers and direct marketers for upcoming campaign • Promoting database management as key to increasing response rates and customer engagement • Offering DVD featuring successful database management case studies as fulfillment • Utilizing print and direct mail as delivery vehicles

  12. Feedback Publication Feedback: • “The (Deliver Green) issue was so comprehensive! It covered the challenges and benefits of going green and offered insight on issues from marketing and operations to finance. Not only was the issue about going green, the magazine itself was produced conservatively - preventing literally tons of natural resources from being wasted in the process.” - Justin • “The ability to position your message to both the mainstream audience and groups within the mainstream are critical to every aspect of marketing. Issue No. 6 provided provocative ideas that I have incorporated into my messaging strategy. I loved all the issues (with Issue No. 3 ‘Loyalty’ a close second).”- JeanAnn • “Insightful, relevant articles for the ever-evolving digital age. Truly an issue (and publication series) marketers can utilize for the best in DM practices. Keep up the great work!”
- Ryan Jaffe Partnership: • “I recently stumbled upon a marketing gem, and it couldn't be more poignant or timely. Joseph Jaffe, in a recent article in "Deliver" magazine, argues that starting a conversation with your target audience is what business should be thinking about now. Where is a large portion of this conversation already happening? You guessed it, on the big bad Web. Jaffe suggests that tools like blogs and social network sites like YouTube and MySpace have shifted marketing from a "one-to-many" conversation — business to the masses — to a "many-to-many" conversation — consumer to consumer with business joining in.” -Max

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