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Venali AMC. VENALI | Account Management Center. Log-on. LOG-ON | Enter your User ID and Password. Click “Enter” to securely access your account. Note: your User ID in most cases is your account number. Start.

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Venali amc
Venali AMC

VENALI| Account Management Center

Log on

LOG-ON| Enter your User ID and Password.

Click “Enter” to securely access your account.

Note: your User ID in most cases is your account number.


START| Your complete resource for account information with access to fax activity, account balance and


Track every step ofyour account activity in real-time, 24/7/365.

Click on “My Account”

or “Support” from the

navigation menu on the

left to view options and

get started.

Fax numbers
Fax Numbers

FAX NUMBERS| View your company’s local and toll-free in-bound

virtual fax numbers.

This list makes it easy

to verify that your fax to email numbers correspond with your email addresses.

Current or past activity
Current or Past Activity

CURRENT OR PAST ACTIVITY | Access the information you need to manage your fax

traffic more effectively.

Select a specific time

frame and click “go”

to view detailed graphs

and charts of your

fax activity.

Click on “view call

details” to view individual fax transmission activity.

Note: You’ll find the same information for both current and past activity. The only difference is current activity lists accounts not yet invoiced, and past activity displays accounts already invoiced.

Current results
Current Results

CURRENT RESULTS | Analyze and check the status of your fax transmissions.

This in-depth report

identifies fax activity

and delivery in detail.

You can also sort by

category to further

analyze your fax


Detailed Report | In the status section a green “4” identifies a successful fax. The red “X” identifies an unsuccessful fax transmission and possible reason.

Note: You can view up to 1,000 records per page.

Faxes sent to a specific number
Faxes Sent to a Specific Number

FAXES SENT TO A SPECIFIC NUMBER | Check the status of individual or groups of faxes.

You can evaluate search

results from this look-up

feature by entering a specific fax number or area code (with % sign) and click “go”.

Here you can review

detailed information on

fax transmissions.

Detailed Report | In the status section a green “4” identifies a successful fax. The red “X” identifies an unsuccessful fax transmission.

Note: You can view up to 1,000 records per page.

Archiving option
Archiving Option

ARCHIVING OPTION | Activate your entire company or a specific user/email address to store and manage fax messages.

From Current Activity, select a specific time

frame for faxes sent or received and click “go”.

Click on “view call details” then click on the destination fax number to easily reference your fax in PDF format.

Note: Archiving is billed separately from other Venali services.

Request cdr
Request CDR

REQUEST CDR | Receive an electronic report of your fax activity.Order a CDR (call detail record) to analyze fax traffic by date or billing period.

This will help you manage your database lists more effectively. It will be sent to the designated email address you specify.


STATEMENTS | Access your account statement information 24/7 to check your amount and new balance.

To examine a summary

of your invoice, click on

“see details” in the Info.


Click on “View this invoice” to view, print or save your statement.

(Requires Acrobat Reader)

Account balance
Account Balance

ACCOUNT BALANCE | Find your current account balance.

You can also review and access payments and any statements that have been invoiced.

To view a summary or the actual invoice, click on “see details” in the Info. column.

Select “View this invoice” to print out your account balance.

Actual statement
Actual Statement

ACTUAL STATEMENT | View, save and print your statements before

receiving them by mail.

You can access all current and past invoices 24/7/365.

Each statement includes

billing information and

fax transmissions by each

email user’s address.

Billing address
Billing Address

BILLING ADDRESS | Keep your fax account

information current.

You can automatically

update or change your

billing information in


Payment information
Payment Information

PAYMENT INFORMATION | Locate your company’s

method of payment.

You can check credit

card information for

accuracy to keep your

account current.

User access
User Access

USER ACCESS | Select the user and view

individual privileges by clicking on the drop

down menu.

You can automatically

add, delete or modify

the privileges and

access of all users’

accessing your account

in real-time.

This is a great tool for your company’s


Email accounts
Email Accounts


Update your user

base in real-time.

You can add, modify

or remove email

addresses from your

account at any time.

Note: Only email addresses listed are able to send faxes using this account

Out bound rates
Out-bound Rates

OUT-BOUND RATES | Look up your destination

by country to find out

your out-bound fax rates.

Support contact

SUPPORT/CONTACT | Submit any questions or

comments you have to our helpful customer support team.

You’ll receive a prompt

response within two

business days.

We’re here 24/7/365

to serve you.