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Old Taiwan. Group Members: Brian, Penny, and Kevin. Restaurant’s Location. Adress:No.1,Mingcheng 3rd Road,Gushan District,Kaohsiung City. The Old Taiwan is located at the corner of Mingcheng 3 rd Road and Bo-ai 2 nd Road.

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Old Taiwan

Group Members: Brian, Penny, and Kevin

Restaurant’s Location

Adress:No.1,Mingcheng 3rd Road,Gushan District,Kaohsiung City.

The Old Taiwan is located at the corner of Mingcheng 3rd Road and Bo-ai 2nd Road.

If you want to go to this reataurant,I will say drivig a car or riding a motorcycle is a good idea because there is a parking lot near the restaurant!


Business hours:11:00a.m.~1:00a.m.

Telephone number:(07)522-8852


The Old Taiwan is very special. The theme of the restaurant is the background in the 50s and the 60s. It is the world of the past. There are a grocery store,a bus,a theater,a public telephone,a mailbox, a guidepost,a poster,a whole shopping street.... All the scenes and the things you can see are old,everything has a long history.

Let’s go to the Old Taiwan, enjoy the feast of the culture, and to feel the friendliness of Taiwan!

Waiters and Waitresses

The waiters and waitresses there are friendly. Everyone has a Kaohsiung senior high school’s schoolbag. It is one of their characteristic. It was also quick.

Grocery store


Public telephone

Da-tung baby


The Things of The Past

Grocery Store

In the past,the grocery store is a place has lots of memories.In our parents’ childhood,not all of the family is rich to have a TV ,and of course,there aren’t any computers or video games,too.It is so boring! Everyone will go to the grocery store to pass some time.They will buy a bottle of coke and some snacks to eat.Go to the grocery store just likes children’s pastime!

Golden Horse Bus

It is an old bus. It can really move before. But now there are some old things on it. Example: old car license, and the drive sit. Customers can go on it and watch them but please be careful!

Public Telephone

It is an old telephone.It connected many people’s heart.It connected many peole’s feelings.

Da-tung Baby

The Da-tung baby is a popular doll.Everyone borned in the 50s and the 60s knows Da-tung baby and also has more than one Da-tung baby.

Guotai Old Theater

It is an old theater. They reconstruction it. They put some desk and chair so that customers can eats meal while watches old movies. It a good idea for those who wants to recollection old things. It might really attraction them.


  • Rice with Pork Oil

  • Sliced Beef with Scallions

  • Clay Pot Chicken

  • Samsung fried meat bu ilan

  • Red yeast rice fried meat

  • Tree aberdeen steamed cod

Rice with Pork Oil

It is a Taiwanese food.People usually eat them.They thought it was very delicious.It smells good,too.Most of the customer will ord this.

Sliced Beef with Scallions

It is a very delicious dish. Beef with the vegetables, cook them together formation a wonderful combination. It becomes a fantastic taste.

Clay Pot Chicken

First,saute the ginger.Then put some rice wine,soy suace, black hemp wine and chicken in and make it. Chicken taste fresh soft.

Samsung fried meat Bu Ilan

Let the tenderloin make with the traditional method, then wrapped in batter and fry until golden. The food will taste crispy

Red yeast rice fried meat

We let the pork preserve with red yeast rice, then breaded deep fried. The food will has crispy skin, and the meat has the smell of red yeast rice.

Tree aberdeen steamed cod

Flavor the fresh Cod, then put in some Sub-tree, ginger and steamed it. The food taste just like a cotton candy when you put into your mouth.

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