Fostering reading comprehension through wikipages
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Fostering Reading Comprehension Through Wikipages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fostering Reading Comprehension Through Wikipages. Going Digital in the K-12 Classroom An Advancing Literacy Workshop. Technical Issues.

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Fostering reading comprehension through wikipages

Fostering Reading Comprehension Through Wikipages

Going Digital in the K-12 Classroom

An Advancing Literacy Workshop

Technical issues
Technical Issues

  • During the Wimba session we are limited in our ability to solve most technical problems. However, if you experience technical problems during this Wimba workshop, you can call:


    Wimba Technical Assistance


  • Michele Cochran – 6th grade English Language Arts, Richmond County

  • AlondaSingletary, 6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

  • Alison Wilson – 8th grade English Language Arts, Richmond County


Welcome to Fostering Reading Comprehension Through Wikipages.

Here’s what we are covering in this presentation:

  • Incorporating reading comprehension skills through digital stations/learning centers

  • Focusing on activating prior knowledge, sequencing, citing textual evidence, comparing/contrasting, nonfiction, and theme

  • Independent Practice & Follow Up Discussion

  • Questions & Answers

Wiki with pb works com
Wiki with PB

How to video on setting up a PB works:

Class blogging
Class Blogging

Why blog?

instant feedback

encourages student interaction

no one is left out

  • for blogging novices

  • user-friendly

  • can upload up to 200 students

  • teacher is the administrator

  • no ads

  • FREE!

Dipity timeline
Dipity Timeline

Creating a dipity timeline can be a helpful tool in fostering the reading concept of sequential order/sequence of events.

Dipity is a student/teacher friendly site to navigate easily and a safe place to store a timeline.

The official site to join dipity is

There are four options along the top of the page – you will choose “Create a Timeline” page.

Why go digital
Why Go Digital?

  • saves teacher time and effort

  • supplemental material (e.g. videos) are available to everyone at the same time

  • promotes student engagement

Questions and answers
Questions and Answers

  • Please “raise your hand” in the Wimba box.

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Over the next two days try out some of the tools we’ve shared with you here and think about how you can use them in your classroom with your students.

  • The Outsiders Wiki For Reading Comprehension



Next steps1
Next Steps

  • That discussion is at the Adolescent Literacy Ning at:

  • Scroll down the page to find the discussion forum for this presentation titled:

    Presentation 4: Using Wikis to Foster Comprehension

  • Information about this is included in the workshop packet we sent out in an email.

For more information
For More Information

For more information about this workshop and others go to the Center for Adolescent Literacies website at:

Presentation materials including this Power Point are posted at:

Thank you
Thank You!

Thank you for joining us today. In about a week, you will receive a short survey that helps us evaluate these workshops. Thanks in advance for filling that out.

For additional questions contact:

Bruce Taylor

Director, The Center for Adolescent Literacies

at UNC Charlotte