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North Carolina WorkKeys Training. Presentation. About ACT WorkKeys Overview Test Administration Guidelines WorkKeys Paper/Pencil & Internet Version . ACT, Inc. Mission: “Helping People Achieve Education and Workplace Success”.

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North carolina workkeys training l.jpg

North CarolinaWorkKeys Training

Presentation l.jpg

  • About ACT

  • WorkKeys Overview

  • Test Administration Guidelines

  • WorkKeys Paper/Pencil & Internet Version

Act inc l.jpg
ACT, Inc.

Mission: “Helping People Achieve Education and Workplace Success”

Slide5 l.jpg

Work Readiness System

  • Job Analysis

    • Define Your Workforce

  • Assessments

    • Assess Your Workforce

  • Training & Curriculum

    • Develop Your Workforce

  • Certification

    • Certify Your Workforce

  • Research & Analytics

    • Understand Your Workforce

Who uses workkeys l.jpg
Who uses WorkKeys

  • Secondary Education

  • Employers

  • Community Colleges

  • Workforce Agencies

  • Corrections

Slide8 l.jpg

Training & Curriculum

KeyTrain® is an interactive learning tool for developing and improving the applied workplace skills defined by the WorkKeys system. The core curriculum is complemented by reporting capabilities, diagnostic tools, and soft skills curriculum.

Slide9 l.jpg

Training & Curriculum

KeyTrain provides a self-paced curriculum to help individuals fill their skills gap



Skills Gap






Skills Gap

Individual Results













Job Profile



Reading for




Call: (877) 842-6205

Slide10 l.jpg


Certify Your Workforce

The NCRC™ is a credential that is:

  • Evidence-based

  • Industry-recognized

  • Portable

  • Used to document essential skills linked to workplace success

  • Awarded at four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

Slide11 l.jpg





Percentage of U.S. Examinees Earning The Certificate

Source: ACT research based on 1,837,880 examinees.

Slide12 l.jpg

Job Qualification of Certificate Holders (Essential Foundational Skills)





Source: ACT JobPro Data 2006-2010

Slide13 l.jpg

WorkKeys Skills for Jobs Profiled

National Career Readiness Certificate

*Numbers are based on analysis of 5,618 jobs profiled from 2006 to 2010 in the ACT JobPro database.

Slide14 l.jpg

The National Career Readiness Certificate

Locating Information

Reading for Information

Applied Mathematics

77% of profiled jobs utilize all of these skills

*Numbers are based on analysis of 5,618 jobs profiled from 2006 to 2010 in the ACT JobPro database.

North carolina testing l.jpg
North Carolina Testing

Will assess using:

Reading for Information

Applied Mathematics

Locating Information

Act policies and procedures l.jpg
ACT policies and procedures

Protect integrity of testing program

Protect you from allegations

Who administers workkeys tests l.jpg
WHO administersWorkKeys tests?

Authorized personnel only

Trained in standardized test administration

Qualified, reliable proctors

1 per 25 maximum

Where does test administration take place l.jpg
WHERE does test administration take place?

Testing rooms

appropriate seating

facing forward

no distractions

During testing l.jpg
During Testing

Read only Manual

Walk around room

Discourage prohibited behavior

answer questions

Must not engage in non-test related activities:

Read books

Talk casually

No food or drink in test room

Admitting examinees l.jpg
Admitting Examinees

Direct examinees to seats

Alphabetical OK

Left/right and front/back

Be “directive” about it

  • Personal recognition by staff

    • Not friends or parents

    • Not via phone calls

  • Current official photo ID

Slide24 l.jpg


  • Internet Version

  • All NC high school testing is to be done with WorkKeys Internet Version where possible.

  • Paper-and-Pencil Assessments

  • For accommodations and in cases where Internet Version is not possible.

Scheduling considerations l.jpg
Scheduling Considerations

  • Number of students

  • Three assessments per student

  • Availability of computers

Match criteria l.jpg
Match Criteria

Month of


Last name

Day of




First name

Attributes local items l.jpg
Attributes/Local Items

  • School Code

  • LEA

Equipment for testing l.jpg
Equipment for Testing

Basic four function calculator

Wooden pencil with

good eraser

Collect and shred!

Irregularities l.jpg

Technical issues

Examinee illnesses

Irrational behavior

Document everything!

Prohibited behaviors

Creating disturbance

Giving/receiving help

Calculator issues

Cell phone

If securitybreach

Call ACT 800/967-5539 ASAP!

Paper pencil l.jpg

  • Supervisors Manual:

  • Ordering materials

    • December 1 – January 6

    • Form available on website

Completing the answer document l.jpg
Completing the Answer Document

  • ID Number in box 3 is the NC Wise Student Number

    • Same number as the Examinee ID number used with WorkKeys Internet Version

  • Local Items must be completed

  • Sample test directions for paper and pencil tests l.jpg
    Sample test directions for paper and pencil tests

    Exact timing of paper and pencil tests l.jpg
    Exact timing of paper and pencil tests

    Use more than one timepiece

    Time each room individually

    No “central” timing

    Don’t miss 5-minute warning

    Checking in materials for paper and pencil testing l.jpg
    Checking in materials for paper and pencil testing

    • Pack/Return Slip

    • Note Discrepancies

    • Secure Storage

    • Save boxes

    Security of materials for paper and pencil testing l.jpg
    Security of materials for paper and pencil testing

    Check-in immediately

    “Two Lock Rule”

    Treat as you would a large sum of $MONEY $

    Documented “Chain of Custody”

    Slide39 l.jpg

    Accommodations Requests

    Documentation (must submit prior to testing):

    • collect, review, keep

    • note link between disability and ability to take the test

    • determine appropriate accommodation

    • Report of Accommodated Assessment


    Other accommodations available for paper and pencil testing l.jpg
    Other Accommodations Available for Paper and Pencil Testing


    Sign Language Interpreter


    Extended time

    Electronic reporting for paper and pencil tests l.jpg

    Electronic Reporting for paper and pencil tests

    • Very important - sign up

    • An email will be sent with your URL, User ID and Password.

    • An email will be sent when reports are ready to download.

    • 10 days to download reports.

    User id examinee id l.jpg
    User ID/Examinee ID

    • Examinee ID

      • Part of the 5 match criteria

      • NC Wise Student Number

  • User ID

    • Must be unique

    • Add 99 to the end of the current NC Wise student number.

  • Password l.jpg

    • 8 digit birthday

    • June 20, 1995

    • 06201995

    Technical requirements l.jpg
    Technical Requirements

    Check your sustained bandwidth – 256K per workstation

    Internet accommodations l.jpg
    Internet Accommodations

    • Extended time only

      • Time and a half

      • Double time

      • Three hours

    Workkeys internet version47 l.jpg
    WorkKeys Internet Version

    2. Groups

    • Create a group

    3.Batch Load

    • Add to group

    • Group Registration

    • Group Authorization

    • 1. Create a single registration

      • Authorize

      • Launch

      • Instant Report

    • 4. Reports Portal

    How does it work l.jpg
    How does it work?





    Slide49 l.jpg

    Internet Version Access

    Administrator and Proctor URL:

    Examinee URL:

    Site administrator User ID and Password

    Quick start guides training modules l.jpg
    Quick Start Guides/Training Modules

    User ID: Admin

    Password: Training

    Workkeys administrator training l.jpg
    WorkKeys Administrator Training

    WorkKeys Internet Version

    Users Guide

    Slide52 l.jpg

    Test Site Staff WorkKeys

    Manual Verification

    Fax it back to ACT

    Training tasks l.jpg
    Training Tasks

    Module 1: WorkKeys Internet

    Version Quick Start Guide

    Required Modules:

    2 hours

    Slide56 l.jpg


    Webinar dates:

    January 2012 - TBA

    Q&A sessions:

    January 2012 - TBA

    Training realms l.jpg
    Training Realms

    User ID: NCTraining123

    Password: NCTraining123

    North carolina information website l.jpg
    North Carolina Information Website


    Communication l.jpg

    • All communication will be via email to the School contact.

    Contact us l.jpg
    Contact Us

    • 1/800-WORKKEY (967-5539)

    • 877/842-6205

    • 24/7