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  1. RIGHT CARERIGHT TIMERIGHT PLACE Integrated Care in Trafford Mrs Gina Lawrence, Chief Operating Officer, NHS Trafford

  2. Agenda Integrated Care in Trafford G. Lawrence Patient Care Coordination: our solution J. Crossley Programme Management A. McClure

  3. Background • Trafford has been developing integrated care services for the last three years • Came out of a need to stabilise finances and support local DGH • Development of community services have taken place to ensure gaps in provision are filled • All partners are signed up to integration

  4. Trafford Economy • Unusual position in Trafford • No 1:1 relationship with acute provider • Patients attend multiple providers • Patients treated outside of locality boundaries • Central Manchester; • SalfordRoyal; • University Hospital South Manchester; and • Greater Manchester West.

  5. What have we done so far? • Developed community services including: • Intermediate care; • IV therapies; • Matrons; • Community geriatricians; and • Rapid response teams. • New Health Deal for Trafford • Data sharing access to 70% of GP patient records • Risk stratification • Programme office with ICRB governance in place

  6. Component of Integrated Care

  7. RIGHT CARERIGHT TIMERIGHT PLACE Patient Care Coordination Centre Julie Crossley, Associate Director of Commissioning, NHS Trafford

  8. Principles • Health and Social Care Proactive System • Patients always getting the right care at the right time, through an effortless journey • A focus on complexity and vulnerability

  9. Core Services/Deliverables • Tracking of patient journey • Close monitoring of vulnerable patients, following them through care journey • Health Transport Bureau • ‘Auto pick up’ patients as they go through the system • Triage to support monitoring of patient and appropriateness of care to need

  10. Infrastructure • Single point of access • Single ‘live’ directory • Supported by IT infrastructure • Access to all records i.e. enabling patient care plans feeding in proactive planning • Alignment to 111 and out of hours

  11. Approach to Care Coordination

  12. Benefits/Outcomes • Proactive and coordinated care seamlessly around the patient • Delivery of the right care and the right time in the right place • Can equate an appropriate level of care to care site. Best possible patient experience Greater focus on local issues i.e. health appointments and transport in Partington • Proactive Care Planning

  13. Competitive Dialogue • Exceptional Procedure • Used for particularly complex contracts • Complex in this sense means being unable to: • Objectively define the standards or technical specification and/or in relation to the performance or functional requirements; and • Specify the legal and/or financial make up of a project.

  14. Rationale for this Process • Trafford CCG believes that both defining the technical aspects in relation to the service specification and/or performance; and the specific legal/financial make up of the project is not currently possible

  15. Progress to Date - PQQ • Trafford CCG has now completed the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) stage of the PCCC competitive dialogue process • Following this evaluation of PQQ responses, 5 Bidders have been shortlisted to proceed to the Initial Dialogue stage of the tender

  16. Next steps – Invitation to Submit an Outline Solution (ISOS) • The 5 Bidders who have been shortlisted following PQQ will now be invited to participate in the initial dialogue stage of the tender process • Bidders will be asked to submit their outline proposals for the delivery of the PCCC solution, and will have the opportunity to discuss these with the CCG • Bidders’ outline solutions will then be evaluated by CCG subject matter experts to determine which 3 will progress to the detailed dialogue stage

  17. RIGHT CARERIGHT TIMERIGHT PLACE Programme Management Adam McClure, Integrated Care Programme Office Manager, NHS Trafford

  18. 2014-15 priorities • Measurements to monitor IC Improvements • Increase investment in Primary Care/Community • Primary Care Strategy • Education & Development in Primary Care • Shift in activity from acute to community: • A&E Deflection schemes • Changes on the Trafford Site (NHD, model 3) • Mobile solution for Community teams

  19. Governance Health & Wellbeing Board Stakeholder Organisations CCG Governing Body Integrated Care Redesign Board Quality Finance & Performance Clinical Policy Committee PROGRAMME OFFICE Trafford Commissioning & Operations Steering Group Unscheduled Care Scheduled Care Primary Care Mental Health Children's PT CARE COORD Medicines Management RESP/ COPD NEW HEALT H DEAL ENABLER PROJECTS