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The Business of America

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The Business of America. Chapter 20 Section 3. I America’s Standard of Living. Automobile changes landscape of America Built roads/houses w/ garages 1 st auto traffic signal in Detroit (early 1920s) Holland Tunnel=1 st underwater tunnel Liberated previously isolated rural families

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the business of america

The Business of America

Chapter 20 Section 3

i america s standard of living
I America’s Standard of Living
  • Automobile changes landscape of America
    • Built roads/houses w/ garages
  • 1st auto traffic signal in Detroit (early 1920s)
  • Holland Tunnel=1st underwater tunnel
  • Liberated previously isolated rural families
  • Women & young ppl become more independent w/ increased mobility
b the young airplane industry
B. The Young Airplane Industry
  • Airplane ind. Began by carrying mail for gov’t
  • Airplane became useful means of trans.
    • Invention of weather forecasting, radio, & navigational equipment helped airplane industry prosper
c electrical conveniences
C. Electrical Conveniences
  • Gas powered much of 1920s boom but so did electricity
    • Many machines ran on electricity
  • Alternating currents & transofrmers allowed electricity to be transmitted to suburbs
  • Electrical appliances made (radio, washing machine, vaccuum, etc.)
    • Made life of housewife easierfreed them up for other activitiesincrease of women working outside the home
  • Mass culture (movies, sports, newspapers) led to new lifestyle
d dawn of mass advertising
D. Dawn of Mass Advertising
  • Growing # of applincesrelying on advertising
    • No longer focused on informing the publichired psych. To study appeal of buyers
    • Ex.= “Say it with flowers”/ “reach for a lucky instead of a sweet”
  • Goods that were once luxuries now seemed a necessity
    • Listerine advertisement on PG 604
ii superficial prosperity a producing great quantities of goods
II Superficial ProsperityA. Producing Great Quantities of Goods
  • Various mergers took place
  • Chain stores opened up (Five-and-dimes/Woolworth’s)
  • As business grew so did income gap between workers and managers
b buying many goods of credit
B. Buying many Goods of Credit
  • Businesses also made easy credit available to lure customers
    • Installment plan= enabled ppl to buy goods and pay for them over time w/o putting much money down
  • Banks provided low interest while advertiser pushed slogans
    • “Enjoy while you pay”
  • Americans focused on the present w/ little concern for the future