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King Louis The XVI

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King Louis The XVI. The man The Myth The Legend. Becoming King. Born August 23,1754 Louis Auguste. Born the oldest of Eight Children. After his father died he became air to the throne which his grandfather poorly prepared him for. Family life.

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king louis the xvi

King Louis The XVI

The man The Myth The Legend

becoming king
Becoming King
  • Born August 23,1754 Louis Auguste.
  • Born the oldest of Eight Children.
  • After his father died he became air to the throne which his grandfather poorly prepared him for.
family life
Family life
  • At the age of 15he married Maria Antonia of Austria on May 16 1770.
  • Many people already did not like the queen coming from Austria but when she couldn’t produce a child they were outraged.
  • The real story was that the king had a the problem.
absolute monarch
Absolute monarch
  • King louis took the throne at the age of 20 in 1774 when his grandfather died.
  • When he took the throne his government was deeply in dept from past wars.
  • Many felt that he was not prepared to rule and was not firm enough.
kings decreasing power
Kings decreasing power
  • Many people felt that Louis and Marie Antoinette spent lavisly.
  • Maries expensive hairstyles and party’s at Verallies added to france’s debt.
  • This also added to the peoples doubt and louis drift from power.
estates general
Estates General
  • Louis brought together the estates general for the first time since 1614.
  • Louis voted by order to let the clergy and nobles have the advantage.
  • Louis locked them out of the palace on June 20th in which the third estate vowed to the tennis court oath which would begin his decline.
louis flees
Louis flees.
  • On June 21, 1791 Louis tried to flee France to get to Austria.
  • He was caught a few miles from the border.
  • A town official recognized the king and Louis was brought back to Paris.
  • Louis was forced to agree to the plee’s of the people.
louis arrested
Louis Arrested
  • This started Frances “war against people.”
  • While there were still wars going on with Austria and prussia
  • Incriminating documents were found of louis talking with Austria and secret plans to stop the constitution.
louis execution
Louis’ Execution
  • In january of 1793, the national convention voted to convict Louis of treason.
  • They sentenced him to death, with a close vote at 361-359.
  • Seconds before his execution Louis said “I die innocent of all the crimes which I have been accused.”
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