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HAND SANITIZING PROGRAM. ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. HAND SANITIZING PROGRAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. Purpose: 1. Identify how germs enter the body 2. Demonstrate proper hand washing technique 3. Describe why hand washing can help keep us from becoming ill. Hand Sanitizing Program.

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    2. HAND SANITIZING PROGRAMELEMENTARY SCHOOLS • Purpose: • 1. Identify how germs enter the body • 2. Demonstrate proper hand washing technique • 3. Describe why hand washing can help keep us from becoming ill

    3. Hand Sanitizing Program • Review how germs get into our bodies • Inhaling air borne germs • Hand to hand contact with an infect person then touching your own eyes, nose or mouth. • Eating or using the restroom without washing your hands.

    4. Hand Sanitizing Program • Instruct on one way to keep our bodies healthy: • Keeping our hands clean • Ways to keep our hands clean • Washing our hands with soap and water • Using the hand sanitizer

    5. Hand Sanitizing Program Teach proper hand washing technique • 1. Make sure the paper towel is ready so you won’t have to touch the dispenser after your hands are already clean. • 2. Turn on water and get your hands wet.

    6. Hand Sanitizing Program Teaching proper hand washing technique cont. • 3. Use soap and wash your hands really well. Remember to get between your fingers and under your fingernails. Keep washing for 10-15 seconds, about as long as it takes to count to ten germbusters (one germbuster, two germ busters, three germbusters, four germbusters, etc) or sing Happy Birthday to yourself!

    7. Hand Sanitizer Program Proper hand washing (cont) • 4. Rinse your hands under the water until the soap is completely gone. • 5. Grab paper towel and completely dry your hands. • 6. Use your paper towel to turn off the water faucets. • 7. Now use your paper towel to open the restroom door and then put your paper towel in the nearest trash can.

    8. Hand Sanitizer Program • Proper Use of Hand Sanitizer • Method for use • Instruct students to use two handed method • Push dispenser lever with one hand. Push dispenser slowly. • Cup other hand underneath, keeping fingers closed and together • Instruct student that one pump is sufficient to effectively kill germs

    9. Hand Sanitizing Program • Instruct students on Usage Intervals • At start of school day • Before lunch • Before going home • After sneezing, wiping nose, or coughing • After coming in contact with other student’s body fluids • Before and after using shared classroom equipment like computers, headphones and learning manipulatives.

    10. Hand Sanitizer Program • Model for student how to use dispenser • Allow each student to use dispenser • Teachers may elect to improve compliance by making the initiation of the program special and assign small groups of students by color or cartoon characters to use the sanitizer at specific intervals.

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