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333 Salem Place, Suite 110, Fairview Heights Illinois 62208 Tele: 618-624-2080 PowerPoint Presentation
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333 Salem Place, Suite 110, Fairview Heights Illinois 62208 Tele: 618-624-2080

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333 Salem Place, Suite 110, Fairview Heights Illinois 62208 Tele: 618-624-2080 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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333 Salem Place, Suite 110, Fairview Heights Illinois 62208 Tele: 618-624-2080
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  1. Schools are our Passion. 333 Salem Place, Suite 110, Fairview Heights Illinois 62208 Tele: 618-624-2080 611 North Tenth St., Suite 200 St. Louis Missouri 63101 Tele: 314-421-3542

  2. Schools are our Passion. Columbia Middle School

  3. Schools are our Passion. OTHS Milburn Campus

  4. OTHS Milburn Campus

  5. OTHS Belle Valley 119

  6. OTHS Belle Valley 119

  7. OTHS Southwestern Illinois College

  8. Project Delivery Systems “How Best To Apply Each”

  9. Doing it yourself Why Select? We are talking about a School, not your basement. Fastest approach Eliminate fees and related costs Use your own personnel Involve students as a learning experience

  10. Doing it yourself To make this work for you We are talking about a School, not your basement. Consult with your AE prior to beginning. IE: prior to digging Get a second opinion on any recommendations by a supplier Get a Building Permit, before beginning construction! Inspect the construction during installation Don’t pay upfront. Review & approve all work prior to paying

  11. Design-Bid-Build The traditional project delivery method is to use a General Contractor

  12. Design-Bid-Build Owner Bond “Team” Architect General Contractor “Your Agent” Project Delivery Method

  13. Design-Bid-Build Why Select? When there is a single project with a clear scope of work When your goal is to get the Lowest & Best Price When you want Single-Point Responsibility backed by a Bond To have one Contractor (GC) who is totally At-Risk for it all You want competitive sub bids, then allow the GC to work it You want to involve local trade contractors (subs) To have one source for the quality of all workmanship Is the most traditional method that all are familiar with

  14. Design-Bid-Build To Make This Method Work For You The Bid Review process can include interviewing low bidders Managing your “Contingency” is part of this delivery method Include “Add Alternate Bids” and hold the price for later Evaluate each Construction Change Order to get best price Consider including a certain number of weather days in spec Support your Architect, since he should speak for you Consider having your Architect be more on the job site

  15. Construction Management CMaCMr “advisor” “at risk”

  16. Construction Management CMa, advisor Owner “Team” Architect Construction Manager “Advisor” Working Relationship Project Delivery Method Bonds

  17. Compensation Architect CMa - Advisor Selection Process: QBS, Qualification Based QBS, Qualification Based Fee Negotiations: CFN, Centralized Fee Nego. No Guidelines • Fee +/- 7 % 1.5 – 5.0%+ (All Costs + Profit) =Profit • Reimb. Printing, postage, travel (All Costs): staffing, trailers, consultants, etc. Part #1 – Pre Construction Part #2 - Construction = Total Compensation +/- 7% + reimb.

  18. Construction Oversight Architect CMa - Advisor • Fee +/- 7 % 1.5 – 5.0%+ (All Costs + Profit) =Profit Fee Allocation Schedule: Schematic Design 15% Design Development 20% Construction Documents 40% Bidding 5% Construction Administration 20% • Reimb. Printing, postage, travel (All Costs): staffing, trailers, consultants, etc.

  19. Construction Management Why Select? To hand pick who will coordinate your construction project To get an construction advocate without a profit motive Create your Project Team of advisors from the beginning For projects with complexity: budget, schedule, complicated Use for phased construction, fast tracking, with multiple GCs When qualified local General Contractors are not available To get an early 2nd opinion on costs & constructability For add’l. documentation/reporting throughout the project

  20. Construction Management To Make This Method Work For You Rely upon the QBS, Qualification Based Selection process Select the specific personnel you want to work with Be clear on the services you want them to provide Know their reimbursables to avoid misunderstandings Be clear on what approach is acceptable: Team vsWatchdog Tell them how you will evaluate their performance Select one who can accurately estimate having ltd. drawings

  21. ESCO, Energy Service Company 105 ILCS 5/ School Code (compiled statutes) Article 19b. School Energy Conservation & Savings Measures

  22. ESCO, Energy Service Company Why Select? Goal: To reduce energy consumption and/or operating costs Benefit 1: Without the up-front capital investment Benefit 2: Savings pays for the cost of the improvements Benefit 3: “Guaranteed energy savings” with in 20-years Benefit 4: To get comparative ideas from multiple ESCOs Benefit 5: If you need to expedite your schedule

  23. ESCO, Energy Service Company To Make This Method Work For You Get competitive proposals and don’t take the first one Require an ESCO to have proven experience Include in your RFP all of your requirements: “details” Get involved in selecting the equipment being proposed Have a professional AE review the proposals & listen to them Be aware of overreaching where non energy work is included Determine the metrics for determining savings Track your savings through the Annual Reviews

  24. Energy Service Company (ESCO) ESCOs must demonstrate the technical and managerial competence to design and implement projects involving multiple technologies, including: Lighting Motors and Drives HVAC Systems Control Systems Building Envelope Improvements ESCOs must also demonstrate the ability to provide the full range of services required for a comprehensive energy efficiency project, including: Energy Audits Design Engineering Providing or Arranging Project Financing Construction Management Commissioning Operations and Maintenance of Energy Efficiency Technologies Verifying Energy Savings

  25. OTHS You Keep All The Savings

  26. Schools are our Passion. Details Matter…

  27. Doing it yourself Lessons Learned Your Basement. Not a School. Don’t rely upon building product salespeople You must meet all building codes A building permit & its requirements are necessary It may cost you more in the long-term & you are liable

  28. Design-Bid-Build Lessons Learned Architect Selection – QBS, Qualifications Based Selection Learn about the details of the Process Interview the low bidders – “Lowest & Best”. Manage your Contingency since this part of the process Be comfortable with Construction Change Order process Know the Architect’s role in Construction Administration Support your Architect. Don’t befriend the Contractor. Be provided with Schedule updates continuously

  29. Construction Management Lessons Learned Rely upon the QBS, Qualification Based Selection process Select the personnel you want to work with List the specific services they will provide your project Get details of what is included in their fee and reimbursables Know their attitude towards their role; team vs watchdog Know how they want to be evaluated by you Learn how they will estimate with having limited drawings Are they proactive in solving issues or is it the blame game?

  30. ESCO, Energy Service Company Lessons Learned Over promising and substantially over charging Huge range of costs for the same scope of work Take advantage of you not having sufficient time. Do it faster. Insufficient monitoring of guaranteed savings & poor contracts Poor workmanship, poor quality of equipment, no inspections Insufficient details in order to fully evaluate proposals Including work that does not improve energy usage No State-wide auditing of projects & Supts. don’t follow up Some work should be bid & as a result is against the law