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Joshua Safeek - Difference between Finance and Accounting

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Joshua Safeek - Difference between Finance and Accounting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Joshua Safeek has been deeply involved with several Chambers of Commerce in Guyana and knows a lot about marketing and growing businesses.The goal of any type of marketing is to reach consumers and deliver a message to them.

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Joshua Safeek

Differences Between Finance and Accounting

Joshua Safeek has started several companies and has extensive experience with finance, accounting and marketing.The first two years of college for students majoring in either accounting or in finance are very similar. Both disciplines require knowledge of mathematics, history, English, and general business. Significant differences become apparent starting from the third year of studies. While both finance and accounting deal with the subjects of money and numbers, they do it in very different ways.


Joshua Safeek

What Inbound Marketing is About

On the practical level, inbound marketing is an interconnected system that attracts and converts prospects and customers online. It moves prospects through the buying process by making a connection with them, staying in touch, and then converting them to a lead and eventually to a customer. Desired conversions and results do not always equal to sales. They can include charitable donations, service and product reviews, shares or likes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, downloads, sign-ups for free trials, and webinar attendance. At the first point of a contact with a customer, inbound marketing strives to offer value and facilitate a connection to pull a customer into the marketing funnel based on the specific wants and needs.


Joshua Safeek

Leases in Commercial Real Estate

Most residential tenancies have six months or annual leases. Even two-year leases are very rare. A typical commercial real estate lease can be two, five or even ten years. The city of London in the United Kingdom, until recently, had a lot of twenty-five-year leases. Longer lease durations lead to fewer renewals. They also mean that a commercial landlord doesn’t need to look for new tenants once a building has a long lease on it.


Joshua Safeek

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing

According to the data from GSMA Intelligence, there are more than 7 billion digital devices in the world. These devices allow people to access information, entertainment and to communicate with their friends, colleagues and family almost instantly. While people still do make and receive phone calls with their smartphones and other devices, they also use their devices for texting, searching for and consuming content, responding to marketing messages, and buying products and services.



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