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Oracle Cloud Strategy

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Oracle Cloud Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oracle Cloud Strategy
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  1. Oracle Cloud Strategy Sandra CheeversCloud Product Marketing

  2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

  3. Oracle Solutions for Cloud Consumers and Providers Cloud Services forConsumers Cloud Products & Services for Enterprise IT and Service Providers Cloud Most Complete Cloud Solutions in the Industry

  4. Service Types: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Different Users IT Professional Developer Business End User Customizations Customizations Customizations Consumer Application Application Consumer SaaS Cloud Platform PaaS Cloud Service Provider IaaS Cloud ServiceProvider KeyDriver ConsolidationCost Savings App DevelopmentFocus New CapabilitySpeed

  5. Deployment Models: Private, Public, Hybrid Exclusive Shared by multiple organizations Hybrid Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud • Cloudbursting – overdraft for peak loads • Dev/Test & production • B2B integration • CapEx & OpEx • Control & visibility • Not shared • OpEx • Outsourced services • Shared by multiple orgs

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  7. What Are Customers Doing?

  8. Cloud Adoption Is Rising Percent of Customers Source: IOUG ResearchWire member studies on Cloud Computing, conducted in Aug-Sept 2010 and Aug-Sept 2012

  9. PaaS Outpacing IaaS Platform as a Service(PaaS) Private 2010 2012 Public 2010 2012 Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) Source: IOUG ResearchWire member studies on Cloud Computing, conducted in Aug-Sept 2010 and Aug-Sept 2012

  10. Solution: JAP – Java Application Platform DHP – Database Hosting Platform CHP – Compute Hosting Platform Centralized deployment of 200+ apps Oracle: WebLogic Server 10.3 Oracle Database 11g Solaris Sun M-Series/T-Series Benefits: 35% reduction in operating costs 30% reduction in project costs 44% power consumption avoided in4 years, while doubling capacity No downtime incidents in 3 years Solution: “Oracle as a Service” PaaS Consolidate 300 small to medium database environments onto 3 grids Advanced chargeback model for cost recovery Oracle: Oracle Database 11g Exadata Benefits: 50% operating cost improvement P&L breakeven in Year 1 Server utilization: 15%  80% Elasticity – CPU can be taken from resource pool as needed CaseStudy Private PaaS Examples • Solution • Oracle Database as a Service (PaaS) with eGRID • Consolidation of >60 applications until now on a standardised platform • Standardised environment, process and pricing • Attractive price model with very low time to market • Benefits • Very fast deployment • Very good performance (> increase in all areas) • Cost reduction of > 50% • GREEN IT: 57% fewer power used

  11. Roadmap to Cloud Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Consolidated TraditionalSilos • Physical • Dedicated • Static • Heterogeneous • Virtual • Shared platform& shared infrastructure • Dynamic • Standardized platform & infrastructure • Self-service • Auto-scaling • Metering & chargeback • Capacity planning • Specialized • Shared • Standardized • Federation across public & private clouds • Interoperability • Cloudbursting Start with consolidation • Extend to private cloud • Use public cloud where appropriate

  12. Consolidation at PaaS and IaaS Layers • Consolidate onto standard, shared and elastically scalable PaaS App App App PaaS • Standardized PaaS for all applications reduces heterogeneity, cost and complexity • Accelerated new application development • Cost savings from less hardware, power and data center space App App App vs. App App App • Software stack heterogeneity, cost and complexity persists • No administration (O&M) cost savings • Consolidate onto shared IaaS without standardization IaaS • Cost savings from less hardware, power and data center space

  13. Oracle Cloud Strategy:Complete Solutions, Complete Choice

  14. Oracle Cloud Computing Strategy Complete Solutions, Complete Choice Public Cloud Private Cloud SaaS SaaS PaaS PaaS Hybrid Cloud IaaS IaaS • Management • Security • Integration

  15. Oracle Cloud Solutions – Complete Choice For Cloud Providers For Cloud Consumers Oracle ManagedCloud Services Oracle Cloud Applications Cloud Control Oracle Applications Oracle ApplicationsOn Demand Oracle Cloud Applications Services Platform as a Service Middleware On Demand Exalogic On Demand Oracle Cloud Social Services SOA Suite &BPM Suite Data Integration& GoldenGate Identity & Access Mgmt WebCenter User Engagement Oracle Cloud Platform Services Cloud Application Foundation: WebLogic Server,Coherence, JRockit, Exalogic Elastic Cloud Cloud Management Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle Database, MySQL, Exadata Database Machine Database On Demand Exadata On Demand Infrastructure as a Service Ops Center Oracle Solaris Oracle Linux Oracle Cloud Common Infrastructure Services Oracle VM for SPARC (LDom) Solaris Zones Oracle VM for x86 Servers, SuperCluster Storage Network Fabric

  16. 100% open standards-based business applications Built on shared, elastically scalable platform Choice of deployment: on-premise, private, public, hybrid Easy integration and extension Oracle Cloud Applications Enterprise Resource Planning Sales & Marketing Human Capital Management SaaS Planning and Budgeting PaaS Customer Service and Support TalentManagement IaaS Financial Planning

  17. Best of breed, enterprise-grade components:• #1 Application Server • #1 Database • #1 Identity Management Shared and elastically scalable Comprehensive platform services: • SOA/BPM • Data Integration • Identity Management • User Engagement Standards-based Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Manager SOA Suite &BPM Suite Data Integration & GoldenGate Identity & Access Mgmt WebCenter User Engagement SaaS Cloud Application Foundation, WebLogic Server,Exalogic Elastic Cloud PaaS Oracle Database, MySQL, Exadata Database Machine IaaS

  18. Best Unix and Linux OS Broad range of server virtualization and clustering options SPARC & x86 servers Flash, disk, tape storage Networking fabric Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Enterprise Manager Oracle Solaris Oracle Linux Oracle VM for SPARC (LDom)Solaris Zones Oracle VM for x86 SaaS Sun Servers, SuperCluster PaaS Storage IaaS Networking & Data Center Fabric

  19. Oracle Database 12cOracle Multitenant for Cloud Computing

  20. Traditional Database Architecture Separate Memory and Processes for Each Database ERP CRM DW Database Files Database Files Database Files MemoryUtilized Background Processes MemoryUtilized Background Processes MemoryUtilized Background Processes RAM RAM RAM

  21. New Multitenant Architecture Memory and Processes at Multitenant Container Level Only ERP CRM DW Database Files Database Files Database Files MemoryUtilized Background Processes MemoryUtilized Background Processes MemoryUtilized Background Processes RAM RAM RAM

  22. New Multitenant Architecture Memory and Processes at Multitenant Container Level Only Memory Utilized Background Processes Multitenant Container Database ERP CRM DW RAM • Efficient: 6X less hardware, 5X more scalable • Lower operational costs: manage many as one • Transparent: no application changes

  23. Oracle Database 12c Simple database consolidation No application changes Fast provisioning and cloning Container Database ERP CRM DW Plug and unplug as required Flexible backup and recovery Greater resource utilization Highly scalable

  24. Oracle Engineered Systemsfor Cloud Computing

  25. Exadata, Exalogic, SPARC SuperCluster Extreme Performance, Engineered Systems • Unmatched performance, simplified deployment, lower total cost • Building blocks for consolidation and cloud computing

  26. Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) On Premise with Capacity on Demand • Engineered Systems hardware & hardware support for a monthly fee • No upfront capital expenditure,OPEX not CAPEX • Usually lower total cost than purchasing system • On Premise • Deploys behind customer’s firewall • Control and visibility over the system • Elastic Compute Capacity on Demand1 • For peak workloads and high availability • Pay only when needed • Oracle Platinum and PlatinumPlus Services2 • Higher level of support including patching services • Quarterly advisory services for system security, performance, and availability Eligible systems include Oracle Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics and SPARC SuperCluster. Eligible systems include Oracle Exadata, Exalogic, and SPARC SuperCluster.

  27. From Best-of-Breed to Engineered Systems • Best-of-Breed • System Elements • Engineered Systems • Optimized Solutions Extreme performance,efficiency, Customer integrated Predictable, lower risk guided deployments

  28. Setting Up and Managing a Cloud

  29. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Full Cloud Lifecycle Management for Full Cloud Stack 1. Plan & Setup the Cloud • Capacity & consolidation planning • Asset discovery • Bare-metal provisioning • Policy setup 4. Meter, Charge, Optimize • Metering resource utilization • Chargeback/Showback • Optimize performance, capacity, QoS 3. Manage & Monitor the Cloud • Auto-scaling • Full stack management • End-user, business-level, app monitoring 2. Build, Test & Deploy Appson the Cloud • Packaging apps as assemblies • Testing applications • Self-service provisioning

  30. Scope/Scale: 2600+ physical servers with over 10,000+ VMs 4,000+ developers submitting 45,000+ jobs Results: Develop wait time reduced from weeks to <1 hour People required reduced from 12 to1 Server utilization – 80+% overall, 90+% peak 75% less power and space CaseStudy Oracle: Self-Service Private IaaS for Dev/Test

  31. Oracle Private Cloud Products Applications Oracle Enterprise Manager Bespoke Apps ISV Apps Oracle Apps Platform as a Service Cloud Stack Management SOA Suite & BPM Suite Data Integrator & GoldenGate Security:Identity Mgmt User Engagement:WebCenter Cloud ApplicationFoundation (WebLogic) Cloud Lifecycle Management Oracle Database Infrastructure as a Service Oracle Solaris Oracle Linux Business-Driven Application Management Oracle VM for SPARCSolaris Containers Oracle VM for x86 Servers Storage

  32. Oracle Managed Cloud Services Value Software and Hardware Optimized Together Choice Any Oracle Applications or Technologies Confidence Data Secured and Protected at Every Layer

  33. Premier Cloud Services for Oracle Software and Hardware Oracle Managed Cloud Services 12+ years as premier cloud provider 5.5 million satisfied end-users 2nd largest Enterprise SaaS vendor 14,000 Oracle Service experts 27 languages supported Secure and Compliant: ISO 27001, ISO 27002, HIPAA, ISAE 3402 / SSAE 16, NIST, DIACAP, PCI, 21 CFR Part 11

  34. Oracle Powers Many Third Party Clouds

  35. Integrating & Securing Clouds

  36. Oracle Integration: Complete, Open, Unified Business Process Management Social Execution Design Oracle Event Processing Business Activity Monitoring Process Space Workspace BPM Studio Process Composer Process Execution Business Rules Service-Oriented Architecture Business to Business Cloud On-premise Services Apps Platform Mainframe Apps DB XMLs EDI Industry Service Bus Data Integration Loading, Transformation Enterprise Data Quality GoldenGate Bulk Data Big Data Real-time Data Integration Customer DQ Product DQ 36

  37. Cloud Security Securing the Cloud Inside Out Applications • End-to-End Protection • From Applications to Disk • Complete Choice • Open, Standards-based • Best of Breed • Integrated and Integratable Governance, Risk and Compliance Fraud Prevention Platform as a Service Identity and Access Management Multi-factor Authorization and Privileged User Management Data Encryption and Masking Activity Monitoring Infrastructure as a Service Strong Authentication Role-based Access Control Auditing Server Hard Partitions Secure Virtualization Hardware Cryptographic Acceleration Network, Disk and Tape Encryption

  38. Oracle Cloud

  39. Oracle Cloud Platform Services Application Services Social Services Common Infrastructure Services

  40. Oracle Cloud Design Goals • Broadest platform and application offering • Built on industry standards – SQL, Java, HTML5, Web • Transparently run in the cloud – zero application code changes • Self-service control for users • Complete data isolation and flexible upgrades • Service-Oriented Architecture – on-premise integration • Built-in Business Intelligence, social & mobile

  41. Oracle Cloud: Complete Suite of Integrated Services ApplicationServices Human Capital Management Talent Management Sales & Marketing Customer Service & Support Enterprise Resource Planning Planning & Budgeting Financial Reporting Social Services Social Marketing Social Engagement & Monitoring Social Network Social Sites Data & Insight Database Storage Java Messaging Developer Compute Mobile Collaboration Cache Analytics Secure Identity Application Store Notifications Platform Services Infrastructure Services

  42. Oracle Cloud: Summary • Complete– broad suite of technology & business applications • Open – based on standards with no “lock-in” • Integrated– designed PaaS, SaaS, Social to work together • Architecture– designed like a modern enterprise private cloud • Benefits – greater speed, lower cost, lower risk

  43. Summary

  44. Oracle Cloud Computing Strategy Complete Solutions, Complete Choice Public Cloud Private Cloud SaaS SaaS PaaS PaaS Hybrid Cloud IaaS IaaS • Management • Security • Integration

  45. Oracle Consulting Cloud Services Optimize Automate Consolidate Achieve new operational models & greatest efficiency Standardize Increase automation and reduce manual tasks for managing IT Roadmap Reduce the footprint of deployed applications Define a single solution for a given problem Oracle Consulting helps you plan your path to cloud computing Define strategy and roadmap for Cloud

  46. Oracle Cloud Computing: Complete Choice Recommendations • Develop a cloud strategy and roadmap that’s right for you • For private clouds, start with consolidation • Extend to self-service private cloud • Use public cloud if requirements are met

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