How to obtain a new ode institution id for charter schools
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How to Obtain a New ODE Institution ID for Charter Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Obtain a New ODE Institution ID for Charter Schools. Presentation - May 2012 Joy Blackwell. Overview. Reasons why an ODE issued institution ID is necessary to conduct business with ODE: To submit student level data in the ODE Data Collections

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How to obtain a new ode institution id for charter schools

How to Obtain a New ODE Institution ID forCharter Schools

Presentation - May 2012

Joy Blackwell


  • Reasons why an ODE issued institution ID is necessary to conduct business with ODE:

    • To submit student level data in the ODE Data Collections

    • To receive access in Electronic Grant Management System (EGMS) for grant funds awarded

    • To be listed in the ODE School Directory as an Oregon public school


  • First, you will need to access the form to apply for a new ODE institution ID number.

  • The form is located on the ODE web page –

  • Scroll down until you see the link called

    Institutions/School Directory Update

  • When you click on the link and open the document you will see the update form – Form 581-1380-A

Completing the form
Completing the Form

  • Under the TYPE OF REQUEST heading, check the NEW box. Fill in sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I. If the charter school will be their own fiscal agent, rather than the sponsoring school district, also complete section J.

  • Schools who are their own fiscal agents will need to be given access to the ODE Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS). Make sure you specify the name, email, and contact for each position.

  • Let’s start by reviewing each section to be completed.

Completing the form sections a and b
Completing the FormSections A and B

  • Institution - Fill in the name – leave the ID# blank for a NEW school.

  • Federal Identification Numbers - We do not need the TPIN#, but ODE does need the Federal Tax ID# and the DUNS #. The last page of the application packet has information about these IDs.

Completing the form section c
Completing the FormSection C

  • Demographic Information - Please submit both the mailing and the street address. If you have a PO Box, you must also submit a physical street address.

Completing the form sections d and e
Completing the FormSections D and E

  • Institution Administrator- Charter Schools either have a principal or administrator/director. Only one person can be listed as the main contact.

  • Effective date - Enter the date when the school will open. The effective date of the institution ID will be the start of the school year - 7/1/school year.

Completing the form sections f and g
Completing the FormSections F and G

  • Grade Range Offered- List the low grade and high grade you will offer this school year. Check the other boxes as appropriate.

  • Institution Classification – Check the following: Sector = Public; Function = School; Instructional Type = Charter. Program type – do not check any boxes.

Completing the form sections h and i
Completing the FormSections H and I

  • Administrative Parent– This is either your sponsoring School District or the Oregon Department of Education.

  • Fiscal Parent – This is either the sponsoring School District or the charter school if they are acting as their own fiscal agent. If you will be your own fiscal agent write in the name of your charter school. Check to make sure you are eligible to be your own fiscal agent when completing your charter documents with Margaret Bates.

Completing the form section j complete only if applicable
Completing the FormSection J – Complete only if applicable

Complete this section only if you are acting as your own fiscal agent instead of the sponsoring school district.

Make sure each name is filled in. There should be at least two people listed. The ODE Office of School Finance and Administration – Procurement Section will ask you to complete additional forms for access to the EGMS system.

Contact: Phyllis Reynolds, (503) 947-5886 or email

Completing the form section k
Completing the FormSection K

The boundary calculator spreadsheet is used to indicate your projected enrollment. The Institutions Database Advisory Team and the Data Governance Committee are interested in your projected enrollment and the impact it has on existing schools.

How do i look up the id number
How Do I Look Up the ID Number

  • You will need to know the institution ID for your sponsoring school district, as well as the school districts of students who will be transferring to your new school. ODE Sponsored charter schools will use ODE ID #2336 in Section H.

  • If you do not know the ID number for an institution, you can look it up by going to the link for Institution ID Search -

  • Enter in the school district or institution’s name and press enter.

Institution lookup screen
Institution Lookup Screen

Enter the name under the Institution Name and press the Search button. We will use Astoria as our example.

Institution lookup screen1
Institution Lookup Screen

By typing in the name Astoria and pressing the Search button, the lookup screen returned all the institutions with the name “Astoria.” By clicking on the ID # in the Insti_ID column, additional information for the district or school displayed.

Institution lookup screen display school district and school
Institution Lookup ScreenDisplay – School District and School

Example of a School District

Example of a School

Completing the application packet boundary calculator
Completing the Application PacketBoundary Calculator

  • Now that you have filled out the application form, you need to also complete a Boundary Calculator Excel spreadsheet. You may need to use the institution lookup when completing this form.

  • The purpose of this document is to show the number of students who will be attending your new school and where the students had been attending the previous school year. This will let us know if there is shift of over 40% student population in an existing school.

Boundary calculator spreadsheet http www ode state or us search results id 219
Boundary Calculator Spreadsheet

Go to the URL listed above. Click on the Boundary Change Calculator link.

Boundary change calculator sample
Boundary Change CalculatorSample

Click on the Sample Tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see an example of how to fill out the form.

When you are ready to complete the form, click on the Calculator tab . This will give you a blank worksheet.

Boundary change calculator sample1
Boundary Change CalculatorSample

Next, we will go over each column and explain what should be entered in each one. You may have multiple rows listed on your spreadsheet, depending on the source and number of students who will be transferring to your new school.

Note: If you have a form that does not have the dates in Row 6 that match this example, please change them to match the example above.

Boundary change calculator tips
Boundary Change Calculator Tips

  • Column A – Inst ID – Write the word “NEW” as the ID# for the new charter school. Then list each school that will have students who will be enrolling in your school in 2012-13 on a separate line. You can use the institution lookup to find the ID# for other schools.

  • Column B – School Name – List the name of your charter school. Also list the name of each school where the transferring student was enrolled in 2011-12.

    If the student was homeschooled, list that on a separate line. Follow the example to see how schools are listed.

Boundary change calculator tips1
Boundary Change Calculator Tips

Column C – Grades Offered in 2011-12

  • On the line that lists your charter school, you will list 0 for the grades offered in 11-12.

  • For each school that has students transferring to your new school, list the grades offered by that school for the 2011-12 school year. If you do not know the grades, we will show you where to look them up when we look at the school enrollment for 10/1 report on the next slide.

Boundary change calculator tips2
Boundary Change Calculator Tips

  • Column D – Enrollment on 10/1/11

  • The line showing the charter school will show 0 enrollment as of 10/1/2011.

  • Each school listed will need to have their enrollment listed.

  • You can lookup enrollment for other school districts by going to the ODE web page -

  • The following slides will show how to look up student enrollment.

Boundary change calculator tips looking up student enrollment as of 10 1
Boundary Change Calculator TipsLooking up Student Enrollment as of 10/1

Go to the link below. When the screen appears, select ODE REPORTS.

Boundary change calculator tips looking up student enrollment as of 10 11
Boundary Change Calculator TipsLooking up Student Enrollment as of 10/1

Scroll down to the STUDENTS section. Select October 1 Enrollment Summary #73. Click on the link.

Boundary change calculator tips looking up student enrollment as of 10 12
Boundary Change Calculator TipsLooking up Student Enrollment as of 10/1

Select the School Year and click on the Submit Query.

Select the District you want to display from the pull down menu and click on View Report.

We will continue to use Astoria SD as our example.

Boundary change calculator tips3
Boundary Change Calculator Tips

As you can see by the example, the first listing (brown font) is the County Total; the (green font) is the District total; and the (black font) is the School student count.

Astor Elementary shows they had an enrollment of 409 students enrolled on October 1, 2011.

While you are on this screen, make a note of the grades offered. They will be displayed on the actual screen. You will need this information for column E on the next slide.

If you don’t know the school district where the school is located, you go to the Institution Lookup screen and find a school by name. Click on their ID link to see their district information.

Boundary change calculator tips4
Boundary Change Calculator Tips

  • Column E – Grades Offered 12-13 - For the charter school, you will list the grades you will be offering. You may list the grades shown in column C for the other schools.

  • Column F – Projected Enrollment on 10/1/12 – For each school listed, you can “project” the enrollment by subtracting the amount of students who will be coming to the new charter school from the amount in column D – Enrollment on 10/1/2011. (Example #121 Lincoln Elementary - 237 minus 45 equals 195)

  • Column G - “Projected” Number of Students out– This column pertains to the number of students enrolled in 2011-12 who are transferring to the new charter school.

Boundary change calculator tips5
Boundary Change Calculator Tips

  • Column H - “Projected” Number of Students in – This column shows the number of students who will be attending the charter school.

  • The charter school will have the number of students you project will be enrolled on 10/1/2012 from Column F.

Boundary change calculator tips6
Boundary Change Calculator Tips

  • Column I – Explanation of “projected” source of students out or in– This column is used to define the change of enrollment for the students on the boundary calculator.

Boundary change calculator tips7
Boundary Change Calculator Tips

  • As you enter the enrollment numbers, you may have noticed there are changes occurring in Columns J, K, L and M. These are automatically calculated to show the the change in enrollment.

You do not need to do anything with these columns. This information is requested by the ODE review committees.

What s next
What’s Next?

  • Now that you have completed your request for an ID form and boundary calculator, you will need to submit them to Joy Blackwell by fax or email.

  • Fax Number – (503) 378-5156

  • Email –

  • If you have questions or need help in completing the institution application or boundary calculator forms, contact Joy Blackwell at (503) 947-5767.

When will i get my new id
When will I get my new ID?

  • Once the forms have been submitted to ODE, they will be reviewed for completeness. If anything is missing, you will be contacted.

  • Joy will check with Margaret Bates for approval that all the charter documentation has been met from her office. Once approval is given, the request will be placed on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled Institutions Database Advisory Team (IDAT) meeting. This group meets twice a month.

When will i get my new id1
When will I get my new ID?

  • The IDAT group will review the request. If they approve the application, it will be forwarded to the Data Governance Committee (DGC).

  • The DGC meets twice a month to review requests. If they have questions, you will be contacted.

  • Once the application has been approved and added to the ODE database, you will receive an email notice with your new institution ID#.

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for this process.