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Lighting Solution from TI PowerPoint Presentation
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Lighting Solution from TI

Lighting Solution from TI

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Lighting Solution from TI

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  1. Lighting Solution from TI july 2010 Olivier Mellin Europe solution marketing

  2. PART1 Analog Solutions Analog solutions Digital solutions

  3. TI in LED lightingAC/DC solutionsDC/DC solutions TI - Lighting Power Products

  4. Main Block Diagram LED driver TLC59xx TPS61xxx/TPS62xxx/TPS402xx PiccoloA-B / MSP430F51x2 NextFET ADC Metrology PWM Controller MSP430F2xxx Presence/luminosity sensing Pre-failure detection Aging compensation Dimming scheduler PowerAmplifier Communication&Control MSP430F2xxx, CC430, CC1xxx, CC2530 RS485 LVDS… Wireless : SimpliciTI, Zigbee, 6LowPan, W-DMX, W-KNX Wired: DMX512, Dali/DSI, KNX, 0-10V Presence/luminosity sensing Pre-failure detection Aging compensation Dimming scheduler Metrology (MSP430 FE) PGA112 + OPA564 Communication&Control F2802x/F2803x PLC: cenelec B SFSK 2400kbps AC/DC DC/DC regulation Presence/luminosity sensing Pre-failure detection Aging compensation Dimming scheduler Metrology (MSP430 FE) AC/DC Constant Voltage: designs database AC/DC ~220V TPS92010, TPS92210 UCC28810 Constant Current For more info: ESP – home/sales presentations/search for “LED” or “light” Internal : Infolink/LEDRoom Internal/External: TI - Lighting Power Products

  5. TI in LED lightingAC/DC solutionsDC/DC solutions TI - Lighting Power Products

  6. 600+ LED designs / EVMs and namely: TI - Lighting Power Products

  7. LED General Illumination Applications Low Cost, TRIAC Dimming, PFC, High Efficiency, Color Quality, Safety, Long Life PFC, High Efficiency, Dimming, Early Payback, Color Quality, Safety, Maintenance, Eco-friendly PFC, High Efficiency, Early Payback, High Brightness, Safety, Maintenance, Eco-friendly TI - Lighting Power Products

  8. Residential TI - Lighting Power Products

  9. The Trouble with TRIACs Start of AC cycle TRIAC initially off C1 charges through R1 and light bulb When voltage on C1 exceeds DIAC threshold voltage the TRIAC conducts R1 controls when TRIAC turns ON, dimming function Light bulb load must maintain TRIAC holding current TRIAC turns off close to zero crossing and cycle repeats LED lights do not always consume enough power to keep TRIAC ON Need to solve this with extra circuitry Wall dimmer L TRIAC AC Input DIAC Dimmer Output R1 C1 N Special care is required when making LED lighting compatible to standard TRIAC dimmers TI - Lighting Power Products 9

  10. Low Power Light Bulb Replacement Cost/Performance Matrix Performance/Cost Features TI - Lighting Power Products 10

  11. TPS92010EVM 7Watt LED Lighting Driver • 120V and 230V input designs • Tightly Regulated LED current • Compatible with standard TRIAC Dimmers • Active holding-current feature • High Efficiency • Maintained during dimming TI - Lighting Power Products

  12. TPS92010EVM Specification TI - Lighting Power Products Note: *Lifetime assumes 35oC internal temp. rise from ambient.

  13. Flyback Power Stage Input Filter LED Current Control TPS92010 Dimmer Trigger Circuit Power Stage Control Set Point Generation TPS92010EVM Schematic A TI - Lighting Power Products

  14. Outdoor / Professional TI - Lighting Power Products

  15. Outdoor / Professional • 15W to 240W • PFC • High Efficiency • Dimming • Early Payback • Color Quality • Safety • Maintenance • Eco-friendly TI - Lighting Power Products

  16. High Light Output Drivers Traditional Solution – Power Supply with PFC and Low Voltage DC output LED Strings Driven with Multiple Buck Regulators Traditional Implementation: Power Supply PFC Stage - Required in any implementation DC-DC Stage - Provides constant voltage and isolation stage Multiple Bucks - Provides constant current to each LED string • Benefit: • Allows for individual string dimming • Drawbacks: • Controller and MOSFET and Inductor required for each LED string • Decreased reliability due to many extra converters (N-1 compared to SIMPLEDrive) TI - Lighting Power Products

  17. High Light Output Drivers – PFC + Buck + Multiple Strings SIMPLEDrive: PFC + DC-DC + Multiple Buck stages PFC Stage - Required in any implementation Low Side Buck - Provides constant LED Current and main control Series Transformers - Provides constant current to each LED string • Benefit: • One control section for all string currents, • Lower part count, higher reliability and lower cost • Drawback: • All strings will be dimmed simultaneously (if individual dimming is required) TI - Lighting Power Products

  18. UCC28810EVM-003 Specification Note: *Lifetime assumes 35oC internal temp. rise from ambient. ** Designed with reinforced isolation to UL60950 but not certified TI - Lighting Power Products

  19. TI in LED lightingAC/DC solutionsDC/DC solutions TI - Lighting Power Products

  20. Main LED DRIVER types & families TI - Lighting Power Products

  21. TPS402114.5 to 52V Input Current Mode Boost Controllers VIN = 4.5V-52V; UVL N-channel FET gate driver; 500mA drive current Soft Start prevents inrush current; has time-out timer when in OCP Freq adj., 35KHz-1MHz ENABLE for on/off control Senses switch current and sets OC threshold; low Isense threshold enables use of small resistor, and lower power dissipation Provides current feedback in the control loop; detects an OC based on 150mV threshold External compensation for design flexibility Features Benefits • Soft Start • Enable function • Externally compensated • Low Isense threshold (150mV) • Supports Boost, Flyback, and SEPIC topologies • Prevents inrush current • On/off control • Design flexibility • Enables use of small Isense resistors with lower power dissipation • Design and implementation flexibility TPS40211 Applications • LED lighting systems TI - Lighting Power Products 21

  22. TPS541603.5 to 60V Input 1.5A DC/DC Converter - SWIFTTM EVM/Tool Features Benefits • Supports Low Output at 1% Initial Accuracy • High Efficiency at Full 1.5-A Load Current • High Efficiency under Light Load Conditions Extends Battery Life and Saves Energy • Small Filter Size or Low Duty Cycle Support • Eliminates Beat Noise • Reduces Inrush Currents During Startup • Easily Implement Sequencing Schemes • Program Turn On Voltage Threshold • Small Packaging Saves Space • Output Voltage Adjustable Down to 0.8V • Integrated 200 m High Side MOSFET • Pulse Skipping Eco-ModeTM with 116uA Operating and 1.3uA Shutdown Current • 300 kHz to 2.5 MHz Switching Frequency • Synchronizes to External Clock • Adjustable Slow Start Time • PG, Enable, and Track Pin • Adjustable UVLO • Available in 10MSOP PowerPADTM Package Applications • Aftermarket Automotive Accessories: Video, GPS, Entertainment • 12V, 24V and 48V Industrial and Commercial Distributed Power Systems TPS54160EVM-535 Switcher-Pro Tool TI - Lighting Power Products 22

  23. TPS61500High Power White LED Driver with 3A Switch EVM/Tool Features Benefits • 2.9V to 18V input voltage range • 3.0A current switch - integrated FET • Four 3-W LEDs from 5-Vin • Eight 3-W LEDs from 12-Vin • 200kHz to 2.2MHz switching frequency • Analog and PWM brightness dimming • User defined Soft-start • Up to 93% efficiency • 14-pin HTSSOP package • Wide input supply range for 12-V or 15-V industrial power rails • Up to 1-A output current • HTSSOP package for best thermal behavior Applications • High brightness LED lighting • High power LED supply TPS61500EVM-369 Analog brightness dimming Implementation TI - Lighting Power Products 23

  24. TL4242500mA Constant Current Source with Open LED Detection EVM/Tool Features Benefits • Adjustable Current up to 500mA (+/-5%) • Wide Input Voltage Range – Up to 42V • LED Open Detection • Channel Over-Temperature Protection • Short Circuit Proof • Reverse Polarity Proof • Wide Operating Range: -40ºC to +150ºC • Current Programmable by Sense Resistor • QFN – 8 pin Power Package • Supply Voltage Independent constant current / brightness • Programmable constant load current • Fault Reporting I Q Battery PWM TL4242 Ref ST D GND Applications • LED illumination and intensity control • General Lighting • Exterior: DRL, fog light, turn lamp, headlamp • Interior: vanity, map, courtesy TL4242EVM-543 TI - Lighting Power Products 24

  25. PART2 Digital Solutions Analog solutions Digital solutions

  26. TI - Lighting Power Products

  27. Communication TI - Lighting Power Products

  28. Adding intelligence to LED systemsPower conversionControlCommunication TI - Lighting Power Products

  29. Pros&Cons of Advanced Functions PRO • Highly differentiating features to end customer • Dynamically tweaking the efficiency depending on the load • Making the most of LEDs: • Light when and where needed • Improving system lifetime • Improving energy efficiency • Limited-to-no additional cost compared to LED cost / system cost • Piccolo A = 1 high power LED CONS • Increased system complexity ? • Reduced robustness ? • Standby power ? TI - Lighting Power Products

  30. Microcontroller-based ligting EVMs TI - Lighting Power Products

  31. Adding intelligence to LED systemsPower conversionControlCommunication TI - Lighting Power Products

  32. Benefits of MCU-based power conversion • Advanced power algorithms possible • PFC, AC/DC, DC/DC, various current control topologies, etc. • Integration with Communications/control • Improved efficiency over variety of load • Design flexibility • Multiple strings support without the added cost of LED drive TI - Lighting Power Products

  33. LED Lighting Developer’s Kit Hardware • Piccolo F28035 • 12-48V DC input to SEPIC DC/DC stage 50V DC output • 8 strings of 30 watts • Open source hardware, including gerber files, schematics, and BOMs Software • Digital DC/DC SEPIC control • Digital independant pulsed current LED driver control • Low CPU utilization gives headroom for other system related tasks Price: $379 Part number: tmdsdcdcledkit Available NOW TI - Lighting Power Products

  34. LED Lighting Developer’s Kit Block Diagram Max 50V 30W per string 12V-48V Why SEPIC DC/DC? • Buck/Boost topology • SEPIC topology is non inverting • Can take an input voltage and raise or lower it • Requires only 1 PWM and 1 MOSFET • Limited efficiency • Low component count Based on Piccolo F28035 controlCARD TI - Lighting Power Products 34

  35. Power Stage – Loop Control Voltage Mode Avg Current Mode Peak Current Mode Constant Power control TI - Lighting Power Products

  36. Adding intelligence to LED systemsPower conversionControlCommunication TI - Lighting Power Products

  37. Control example#1 aging compensation • Control example#2 Constant Color Temperature • Control example#3 presence sensing • Control example#4 Dimming scheduler • Control example#5 Metrology with MSP430F4 TI - Lighting Power Products

  38. Control example#3 presence sensing DM, video-based Intelligent Occupancy sensing • Reliable occupancy sensing and counting • And more… MSP430F2 example code and ref des • MSP430 is free 99,975% of time • 9,37uA average standby current TI - Lighting Power Products

  39. Adding intelligence to LED systemsPower conversionControlCommunication TI - Lighting Power Products

  40. Communication summary TI - Lighting Power Products

  41. Conclusion TI - Lighting Power Products

  42. Reference Designs, Products, White Papers, Articles, Tools, Videos, etc. TI - Lighting Power Products

  43. UCC28810EVM-002 / 003 Design Tool Sneak peek TI - Lighting Power Products

  44. Newly AvailableLED Reference Design Cookbook (slyt349) TI - Lighting Power Products 44

  45. Thank you for attending our webinar! We hope you found it interesting and useful for your projects! In order to support your work and help you develop your designs, Farnell and Texas Instruments are offering to all attendees: • Chance to win one of below FREE Texas Instruments modules! • TMDSDCDCLEDKIT (1824821) - worth 349 USD • The LED DC/DC Developer's Kit iincluding everything to start developing a digitally controlled LED DC/DC system • TPS62260LED-338 + EZ430-RF2500 (1655482+1382267) - worth 49 USD • Evaluation module that controls the color and brightness of LEDs with wireless communication functionality • UCC28810EVM-002 (1824822) - worth 49 USD • Constant current non-isolated power supply evaluation module for LED lighting applications • UCC28810EVM-003 (1824823) – worth 49 USD • 110W offline AC-to-DC LED current driver module with power factor correction • * There will be a draw after the event ends and the winners will be announced by e-mail by July 15th 2010 All materials presented during the webinar will be available on element14, on our dedicated group page: Technology Training Webinars. Check our technology website and e-community – element14 for product data, design tools and technology information! TI - Lighting Power Products