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Context, Content & Community. Large-scale experimental systems research for large-scale social change Joe McCarthy Principal Scientist, NRC Palo Alto. Prospectus. Nokia [Research Center [Palo Alto]] Openness, experimentation, systems thinking (and doing) Context, Content & Community

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Context content community

Context,Content &Community

Large-scale experimental systems research forlarge-scale social change

Joe McCarthyPrincipal Scientist, NRC Palo Alto


  • Nokia [Research Center [Palo Alto]]

    • Openness, experimentation, systems thinking (and doing)

  • Context, Content & Community

    • Motivations, goals, plans, projections

  • Proactive Displays

    • A holistic approach to connecting people

    • Thinking outside the box phone multimedia computer ultimate gateway device

Demonstrating openness:

We don’t have a demo to show (yet)

A brief history of n rc pa
A Brief History of N[RC[PA]]

  • Nokia: est. 1865

  • Nokia Research Center: est. 1986

  • Nokia Research Center Palo Alto: est. Nov. 2006

Experimentsall the way down

Our research vision

Become the global leaderof open innovation forhuman mobility systems of the fused physical and digital world, giving birth to the growth of businesses for Nokia.

Our research vision

Nokia research center palo alto
Nokia Research Center Palo Alto

We are co-creating the future mobile internet experience

Open innovation model (academia & industry)

We are local

955 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA

We are hiring (and collaborating)

We are delighted to be here

Nrc palo alto flagship projects
NRC Palo Alto Flagship Projects

  • Context, Content and Community :

    Large-scale systems leveraging mobility, context, metadata, social networks, and deep personalization to provide dramatic improvements in the relevancy of search, advertising, and recommendation engines.

  • Wireless Grids and Collaborative Services :

    Ubiquitous communication systems which go beyond a value proposition based on pure connectivity to capture value in a world consisting of a large number of diverse, wirelessly enabled collaborating devices.

  • Visual Computing and User Interfaces :

    Leveraging the graphics, imaging, and computational capability of Nokia multi-media computers to facilitate mobile augmented reality, computational photography, and visual user interfaces.

  • Innovation Radio and Wireless Sensors :

    Develop novel applications of emerging short range radio technologies. Implement an end-to-end sensor radio demonstrator and explore potential applications and services for mobile devices.

  • Location Based Service Platform :

    Investigating next generation location-based services focusing on the challenge of how to architect a balance between useful services and a strong requirement for privacy and security.

Context content community c 3
Context, Content & Community (C3)

Team Leader : David Racz


A world where everyone connects effortlessly to relevant resources -- the contexts, content and communities that empower us to achieve our dreams.


Design, develop and deploy systems to connect individuals with relevant resources in ways that create value for all stakeholders.

Assumptions / Trends

  • Everything: The volume of digital content is growing exponentially, and will escalate further as we approach the era of an Internet of Things (physical objects with digital representations accessible via the web).

  • Everywhere / anytime: The range of contexts in which content is produced and consumed is rapidly expanding.

  • Everyone: The number of connectable people is growing, and the number of potential communities is 2^N.

  • Relevancy is key: human attention is finite, thus the ability to extract meaningful signals from the noise will be paramount.

Context content community1
Context, Content & Community


  • The more people reveal about themselves, the more effectively they can be served

  • As more users join the system, the more everyone will benefit from using the system

  • The big opportunities lie in bridging the gapsbetween the online and offline worlds.

  • communities = markets,recommendations = marketing (advertising); passion --> participation --> value

    Research Questions

  • What aspects of context, content, and community are most useful for improving relevancy?

  • What privacy costs / tradeoffs are required to achieve relevancy gains?

  • Where, when and how do we bridge the online/offline gaps?

  • How does one build and operate billion-node dynamic spatio-temporal databases?

Memes themes and teams
Memes, Themes, and Teams

  • C3: Context, Content, Community

  • A3: Aggregation, Archiving, APIs

    • Platforms for supporting C3 (context, content and community services)

  • R3: Ratings, Rankings, Reviews

    • Algorithms to capture, manage and utilize relevancy judgments (implicit & explicit)

  • S3: Sociality, Sharing, Serendipity

    • Designing for situated, emergent community formation (and dissolution)

  • E3: Empowerment, Experience, Enjoyment

    • Personal Content Management  Community Content Enjoyment

Context content community collection everybit
Context, Content & CommunityCollection: EveryBit

C 3 collection nokoscope
C3 Collection: Nokoscope

Mobile advertising
Mobile Advertising

Ramin Vatanparast,“Piercing the Fog of Mobile Advertising”,The Sixth International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB 2007),July 9-11, 2007,Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Proactive displays
Proactive Displays

Large computer displays that can sense & respond to the people and activities taking place in their vicinity.







Physical Tokens



Bridging the gaps between peopleby bridging the gaps between the online and offline worlds

1st generation proactive displays
1st Generation Proactive Displays

UniCast, OutCast, GroupCast

2nd generation proactive displays
2nd Generation Proactive Displays



Neighborhood Window

Next generation proactive displays

Shortcomings of previous efforts

Special-purpose sensors (IR badges, RFID tags)

Special-purpose profiles

Special-purpose installations

Goals of future efforts

Multi-purpose sensors (BT mobiles … NFC)

Multi-purpose profiles (CCC)

Multi-purpose installations

Next Generation Proactive Displays

Potential impacts
Potential Impacts

  • Bridging gaps in the workplace

    • Knowledge management via serendipity

      • Nameless faces / faceless names

      • Acquaintanceships  relationships

    • New channel for employee recognition

  • Mobiquitous Marketing

    • Co-promotional opportunities

      • The brand “us”

    • Universal affiliates

    • Prosumer engagement

Glimpses of the future
Glimpses of the Future

Nokia ad in Lisbon Airport(YDreams)

MINI Cooper Motorby

Thanks questions comments
Thanks! Questions / Comments?

  • Themes

    • Openness, experimentation, collaboration

    • Context, content, community

    • Holistic approach to connecting people

  • We can’t do this alone

    • How can we help each other help others?

    • Everyone’s a prospective partner

  • For more information:



    • [email protected]

    • (