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College Applications: The Monticello Manual PowerPoint Presentation
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College Applications: The Monticello Manual

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College Applications: The Monticello Manual
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College Applications: The Monticello Manual

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  1. College Applications: The Monticello Manual

  2. Register for the SATs/ACTs • SAT: • Oct. 11th test deadline is Sept. 12th, late registration Sept. 30th • Nov. 8th test deadline is Oct. 9th, late registration Oct. 28th • SAT IIs • Some schools require SAT II and some schools recommend SAT II. In both situations you should send SAT II scores.

  3. ACT: The Other Test • ACT Test: • Oct. 25th test deadline is Sept. 19th, late registration Oct. 3rd • Dec. 13th test deadline is Nov. 7th, late registration Nov. 21st

  4. SAT vs. ACT SAT • 3 Sections: writing, critical reading, and math • More sections with shorter time periods • Sections alternate between subjects • More emphasis on vocabulary • Math covers algebra, geometry, and algebra 2 ACT • Less sections but longer time periods • Includes a science section in addition to writing, math, and reading • Less vocabulary emphasis • Math covers up through trigonometry • Score given in sections and as a composite (what colleges look for when comparing students)

  5. Sending Your SAT/ACT/SAT II Scores • It is your responsibility to send your test scores to colleges. MHS school counseling department does not send official scores for you. • Do you need a fee waiver? Let your school counselor know in advance of the registration deadline.

  6. Resources To Research Colleges • • College visits at MHS (College and Career Center next to cafeteria) • When are the college reps coming? • MoHS website • Get permission in advance from your teacher • Meet with your school counselor • Visit campuses

  7. Compile your list of colleges (typically 5-7) • Some factors to consider: • GPA • Course history • SAT/ACT scores • Intended major • Location • Size of school • 4 year graduation rate • Financial aid package (average package, % need met) • Post college graduation placement (jobs, grad school admissions)

  8. Make sure you apply to a… • Reach school: Dream school • Target school: You fit right in! • Safety school: Your qualifications exceed the average. • Your reach, target, and safety schools are specific to you!

  9. Documents you give toyour school counselor • Transcript request form • Senior autobiography • Activity sheet • Parent recommendation • 3 completed teacher evaluation forms • Secondary School Reports (SSR) Your counselor uses these forms to write your letters of recommendation and to advocate for you in the event of a scholarship offering

  10. Secondary School Report (SSR) • The SSR asks your counselor questions that the college wants to know about your… • GPA • Senior courses • Difficulty of past coursework • It is your responsibility to give the SSRs to your school counselor and to complete your portion of each report • Most schools (Common App, JMU, VT, William and Mary) have secondary school reports. Make sure to follow the checklist for each school provided on the admissions webpage for each school

  11. When are these forms due to your school counselor? 30 SCHOOL days before your first deadline date Example: If you have a November 1st deadline date your forms are due on September 18th Types of Deadlines Early Decision - binding Early Action - non binding Regular Decision Rolling Admission

  12. Teacher Recommendations • Ask teachers who would be able to speak positively about you • Ask teachers well in advance of the due date • Be alert to deadlines and know that teachers have deadlines as well • When you approach a teacher you can begin by saying “Do you feel that you would be able to write a positive recommendation for me?” • It is courteous to give them an addressed stamped envelope to mail the letter • If using an online request for recommendation, it is your responsibility to ensure the email address is correct 12.1

  13. Personal Essay • Proofread! • Have a teacher, school counselor, or career counselor review it so you can do revisions • Utilize English class assignments to help with writing your essay

  14. PVCC • Register for PVCC in the spring • Complete the PVCC application ( and the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) • MHS will offer the VPT in spring 2015. Students must sign up in advance in the College and Career Center • SAT is not required but we recommend it • PVCC has a guaranteed transfer program with all public colleges in the state of Virginia • Interested students need to meet with a transition counselor before they register for classes at PVCC to ensure correct placement ( ) • Transfer agreements vary from school to school so it’s important to plan ahead

  15. Meet your college application deadlines!

  16. Scholarships and Financial Aid • Think small and look wide • Be patient, finding scholarships is hard work • Start the process early • Take time to understand the financial aid process and your financial aid package • Ask questions and do your research

  17. Useful Scholarship Links • • • • MHS School Counseling Website • MHS College and Career Center • Follow us on Twitter at MHS_Scholarship • College websites

  18. College Planning Night • September 17th 2014 • 5:30-6:30 college walk (UVA, JMU, MWU, WVU, PVCC, and more) • 6:30-8:30 presentations on a wide array of topics including financial aid, applications, college selection, and more