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Pick the President!. Presidents and “Federalism as Platforms”. Great Society Federalism and Revenue Sharing Unfunded Mandates New Federalism TANF and Motor Voter NCLB. Johnson - “Great Society”.

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Presidents and federalism as platforms

Presidents and “Federalism as Platforms”

Great Society

Federalism and Revenue Sharing

Unfunded Mandates

New Federalism

TANF and Motor Voter


Johnson great society

Johnson - “Great Society”

…..end poverty, promote equality, improve education, rejuvenate cities, and protect the environment.

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Economic Opportunity Act 1964

Medicare, Medicaid

Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965

Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965

Nixon federalism and revenue sharing

Nixon – “Federalism and Revenue Sharing”

a system which directed money and power away from the federal bureaucracy and toward states and municipalities

locally controlled desegregation

Clean Air Act of 1970

Revenue sharing

State and Local Assistance Act of 1972


Reagan and bush new federalism

Reagan and Bush – “New Federalism”

Federal Aid to state/local govts <

More block grants (health, income security, education, and transportation)

Ended General Revenue sharing

Clinton tanf and motor voter

Clinton – TANF and Motor Voter

TANF Replaces AFDC

Also unfunded mandate laws

Bush nclb

Bush – NCLB

Viewed by many as preemption (allowing national govt to override state or local actions



Transferring responsibility for policies from the federal govt to state and local govts

What Presidents did this???

Federalism helpful to democracy

Federalism: Helpful to Democracy?

Read about in your text book! End of Chapter 2!