The Twelve Strikes of Midnight
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The Twelve Strikes of Midnight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Twelve Strikes of Midnight. The twelve strikes of your clock at midnight will bring my wishes to you for the next twelve months. First Strike Wish of Health. [health that all the money in the world cannot buy ].  Second Strike Wish of Love.

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The twelve strikes of your clock at midnight

will bring my wishes to you

for the next twelve months.

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First Strike

Wish of Health

[health that all the money in the world cannot buy]

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 Second Strike

Wish of Love

[that life around you be filled with love,

not with hatred and war]

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Third Strike

Wish of Luck

[that you never lack of anything in this life]     

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Fourth Strike

Wish of Dreams

[that you have dreams

so as to see them come true]

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Fifth Strike

Wish of Courage

[courage to accept what you cannot change]

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Sixth Strike

Wish of Encounters

[that you taste the sweetness of friendship

and never feel lonely]

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Seventh Strike

Wish of Family Unity

[that you enjoy the enduring ties of a loving family]

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Eighth Strike

Wish of Success

[that all your projects be fruitful]

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Ninth Strike

Wish of Peace

[that your heart be free of anxiety, hatred, and envy]     

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Tenth Strike

Wish of Gratitude

[that you rejoice for being alive each and every day]   

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Eleventh Strike

Wish of Imagination

[that you can see even beyond the wonders of creation]

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Twelfth Strike

The Most Important Wish

 [that you receive and feel God’s blessing

each and every day of this new year]

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Happy New Year!

May all my wishes to you

come true in 2007!