creative inventors lop l.
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CREATIVE INVENTORS - LOP. RSHM Goal : That All May Have Life. THEME: Inventors and Artists. Generative Topic : Creativity. SCENARIO.

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creative inventors lop


RSHM Goal: ThatAllMayHaveLife

THEME: Inventors and Artists

GenerativeTopic: Creativity


You are a famous inventor who will create a device allowing humans to communicate and bond with nature’s resources and living beings to ensure that all may have life.

introductory performance
Introductory Performance

Choose one of the following inventions and think of ways the invention you chose has or has not helped humanity. In order to do this, choose one of the following:

language arts final performance
LanguageArts Final Performance

You are a famous inventor, concerned for the environment who will create a device to communicate and bond with domestic and/ or wild animals. You will share your invention’s creativity through a brochure, power point presentation, collage, or tvmagazine. Your work must include a compare and contrast essay showing how humans changed their attitude and behavior towards animals, before and after using your communication device.