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Do’s And Dont’s For Corporate Gifting In 2019 PowerPoint Presentation
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Do’s And Dont’s For Corporate Gifting In 2019

Do’s And Dont’s For Corporate Gifting In 2019

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Do’s And Dont’s For Corporate Gifting In 2019

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  1. Do’s And Don'ts For Corporate Gifting In 2019 It is always a good idea to recognize and honor your employee's contribution to the company’s success. There is no corporate gift list that will work like a bible but we are sure you want a “Wow” instead of “Eh” when you gift them. You need to make efforts and make your employees feel connected and honored. If you plan to gift a cheap promotional product, it is likely to get tossed the moment it enters home. To spur up your relations, you got to be creative, innovative and presentable while gifting the corporate gifts. We are sure, this year’s token of appreciation would have already been sorted then, why would you need another list from ​JoSa imaging​?

  2. The simple answer to this is, what do you do to your old clothes that you are never going to wear again? The reason behind not wearing them would be, they are probably out of fashion or don’t fit your size anymore. The same implies to corporate gifts. You need to come up with some mesmerizing gift ideas. We know it is difficult to combat and churn out to show your employees that you value their efforts. Follow the below mentioned foot rules which will help you to decide on what to gift and what not to. ● Adding a personal touch: Your gifts are not the monthly subscription that you will give away to the employees without knowing their preferences. You need to give a meaningful gift that will be remembered and leave an impact on the mind of the receiver. They should feel the celebration of the bond they share with the company. It would be best if you know their hobbies, likes, and dislikes, otherwise, there are chances that the gifts will end up in the trash. It is not always necessary to do this practice unless it’s of high recognition, but yes, for every occasion, a dash of personal touch will do. A personal touch to the corporate gifts Singapore ​here refers to, a handwritten note, names engraved or a picture of them on the gift set. We are sure this idea will never fail and your employee will feel on being top of the cloud. ● Do not give away promotional products: Always remember, the gift is your caring gesture, do not make it a promotional act. Why ruin the gift feel after putting in the best efforts and a good amount of money while finalizing the

  3. corporate gift? A tucked away logo or symbol is no harm, but, it would be best, if you do not include one and make it your marketing piece. The gift should be the one in which your employees can use it, place it in their main space of the house. ● Never compromise on the quality: We know for an organization, the budget is always on the mind. You would always want to pick up the gift article without breaking your bank. But in the task for setting your budget, do not select a low-quality product. There are lots of options available but do not compromise on the quality. Your corporate gift is the mirror of your reputation. Do not overspend, but also do not go cheap. ● Be Appropriate: Customizing is always accompanied by creativity. But how much creativity is required to have the best gift designed? This is quite difficult because corporate gifting is different from personal gifting. The selection of the gift should be appropriate and should go with the business environment. A wrong selection would ruin the reputation of the company. You want to look funny, but still casual, you want to add humor but not too personal and many more such difficulties. Promotional ones are often taken as a bribe, so select accordingly. Keep in mind, your first impression matters and the gift should be chosen accordingly.

  4. Presenting a Corporate Gift: You can always experiment with your gift ideas and be different from the conventional ideas of gifting. It gets quite difficult to get a meaningful yet original gift idea at the same time but proper planning allows you to have one. There is no set time frame in which you need to give away your corporate gifts. If any time around the year you feel like making your employees happy or want to give them the share of your success, you can give them the gifts. Also, you know that your company/organization comprises of people from different cultures. You need to acknowledge their important events and festivals and offer them gifts accordingly. The gifting period should not look like you are following a tradition, otherwise, the employees will feel indifferent about it. Unexpected gifts are most welcomed and loved by every employee. Make sure that their personal milestones like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and promotions are well addressed with a gift. The presentation of the gift matters. An average gift can be made to look beautiful if it is wrapped in a beautiful covering that will make the difference and increase their excitement. The presentation can also be personalized keeping in mind the recipient's stature, choice and interest in mind. Do not forget to deliver these gifts in person, a normal distribution will leave them indifferent. If the gift is to be shipped, make sure the gifting maintains the essence of gift-giving and is delivered on time. Finally, the gift should be wrapped beautifully to enhance its value.

  5. Unique Corporate Gift Ideas: So now let’s read further to know some neutral corporate gift ideas that are curated much after thoughtfulness and maintains the originality. ● Give a humorous touch: Add humor to your gifting strategy while sticking to your concept. You can include funny quotes from the internet and paste it on notebooks, post-its, water bottles and what not. Yes, your gifts, we meant the corporate gifts can give laughs too. ● Gift of wellness: The gift is well appreciated if it gives long term benefits to the employees. You can give them a healthy food subscription, onsite gym membership or free registration to a healthcare mobile app. Along with this, you can also gift the Fitbits to boost a healthy environment. ● Give them a holiday gift: Who doesn’t love swanky trips? Such trips would gift your employee's memories of a lifetime. It is not necessary to offer a luxurious one but just give them the taste of travel in your affordable budget. You have a variety of options available online from where you can choose the corporate gift Singapore​.

  6. ● Special coupons/discounts on luxurious experiences: How about offering an experience gift card? Sounds cool right! You can offer a discount coupon on luxury stays, dinner coupons or spa treats. If not something material, experience-based corporate gifts are the new trend. ● Books, Books and more books: Reading books is the main pastime activity that anyone would love doing. You can know the book preferences aforehand and make a collection in your company. At the time of acknowledging or honoring, you can sponsor these books. If not this, gift a kindle. We hope these ideas and the strategy that we just shared, will help you to make your employees feel loved and appreciated. Some gift ideas are really very tempting, so why wait? Make any of the above as your own and for personalizing, connect with JoSa imaging. Together let’s make the corporate environment a happy place to work with.

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