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A1 Corporate Gifting Strategies for Business Personals and Clients PowerPoint Presentation
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A1 Corporate Gifting Strategies for Business Personals and Clients

A1 Corporate Gifting Strategies for Business Personals and Clients

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A1 Corporate Gifting Strategies for Business Personals and Clients

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  1. A1 Corporate Gifting Strategies for Business Personals and Clients As companies have started building a strong relationship with the clients and their employees, the concept of corporate gifting has increased. You are fantastically growing your business and that is all because of the client so they need to get the appreciation on some special occasion. It is not a compulsion but it is the responsibility of a company’s owner to show some gratitude towards them. The worker working for you will even work harder when you appreciate his or her work. You can also give a gift in the form of a token of appreciation. There are several occasions like Diwali, Holi, Id, Christmas, New Year, and the annual day where you can provide eye-pleasing gifts to your corporate subordinates.

  2. Now the main concern every business owner has is, what gift to provide which looks simple yet classy? Here, are some of the excellent tips which would help you in deciding the best ​corporate gift in Singapore​. Avoid Being Promotional You don’t have to pinpoint your name or the company’s name everywhere in the gifts. You can add a small logo of your company in the gift and that would be enough. Keep a corporate gift more like a normal gift. Let go of the thought that you will gain something in return and this way you will enjoy the gifting process. Being Creative won’t Take Much of Your Time There is this misconception that corporate gifting is just about promoting your brand and giving the same gift to every staff member. We know your time is valuable and you can’t every day come up with exceptional gifting ideas. You can surely take the help of a creative person in your company- anyone would love to help you with such a creative task. If the client is a dedicated one, you can render some personal gift like the gifts they can utilize it in their daily life. For example, if the client loves to read the book, you can order some of the books for them. If your client is a golf player, you can provide a golf kit along with a nice message. In the case of employees, you have to think for one gift which appeals to your whole staff like a customized mug or a nice personalized frame.

  3. A Big No-No To Cheap Corporate Gifts You would spend a lot of money on a meal during a business trip or even at some casual meetings. You will have a grand meal and forget it the next morning. Does it make you feel good? Obviously, it doesn't even matter the next morning! So if you are gifting to your great asset why to even think about money? You can let go of two-three of your unnecessary expenses to make your employees happy with a thoughtful present. It is better to gift nothing than to give a worthless gift which will be of no use or does not feel appealing to the staff or the clients.

  4. The Gift is not a Bribe You would hear from many people that business is a bribe game, but you have to understand that your clients and employees are dependent on your company. They are not only professionally attached to you but are also emotionally attached. Whether you consider corporate gifting as one of your professional benefits, the truth is it will also make you happy when you see smiles on employee’s face. You don’t have to be bankrupt for corporate gifting, use heart instead of mind and apply creativity rather than mere bucks! Contact Us Company Name: ​JoSa Imaging Address: ​32 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Sing Industrial Complex , Singapore Phone:​ (+65) 9138 7912 Email id: ​ Website:​​