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WELCOME TO MISSOURI S&T - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME TO MISSOURI S&T. Welcome Introductions Review of Agenda Group Photo. Dr. Jeanie Hofer. Director International and Cultural Affairs. Dr. Philip Whitefield. Interim Vice Provost Academic Affairs. Dr. Venkata Allada. Vice Provost Graduate Studies. Ms. Lynn Stichnote. Director

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    Presentation Transcript

    2. WelcomeIntroductionsReview of AgendaGroup Photo

    3. Dr. Jeanie Hofer Director International and Cultural Affairs

    4. Dr. Philip Whitefield Interim Vice Provost Academic Affairs

    5. Dr. Venkata Allada Vice Provost Graduate Studies

    6. Ms. Lynn Stichnote Director Admissions

    7. Dr. Daing Nasir bin Ibrahim Vice Chancellor

    8. Missouri S&TDepartment Presentations

    9. Dr. David Enke Department Chair Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

    10. Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE) • David Enke • Professor and Department Chair • 227 Engineering Management • Missouri University of Science and Technology • Rolla, MO 65409-0370 •, 573-341-4749

    11. EMSE Degree Programs • BS, MS, and PhD in Engineering Management • MS and PhD in Systems Engineering • Graduate Certificates in Engineering Management • Graduate Certificates in Systems Engineering

    12. EMSE Highlights • Founding program for Engineering Management • First graduate of Engineering Management: 1968 • First graduate of Systems Engineering: 2001 • Over 200 PhD graduates in Engineering Management since 1984 • One of only five ABET accredited undergraduate Engineering Management programs • American Society of Engineering Management (ASEM) graduate program certification • 2012 ASEM Founders Award winner for best graduate Engineering Management program and best ASEM student chapter

    13. EMSE Highlights • One of two universities offering System Engineering MS degrees to Boeing (along with USC) • Member of SERC (Systems Engineering Research Center) • Organize the annual Complex Adaptive Systems conference • Chair: Dr. Cihan Dagli, INCOSE Fellow • External MS program with Fort Leonard Wood officers • External MS program in cooperation with King Saud University in Saudi Arabia

    14. EMSE Graduate Certificates • Computational Intelligence • Engineering Management • Financial Engineering • Human Systems Integration • Leadership in Engineering Organizations • Lean Six Sigma • Model Based Systems Engineering • Network Centric Systems • Project Management • Systems Engineering

    15. EMSE Graduate Certificates • Increase Your Understanding of a Specific Area • GRE is Not Required for Admissions • Transfer in 3 Semester Credit Hours (department approval required) • Four Courses Required • Company Project May Count for One Course • Achieve Cumulative GPA of 3.0 to Receive Certificate • Courses Count Toward the MS Degree • Check with the department for program specific details and requirements.

    16. MS in Engineering Management Engineering Management students gain knowledge in the concepts and theory underlying contemporary techniques in the management and operation of technology-based organizations as well as how to apply those principles in real-life situations.   A wide variety of jobs are offered to Engineering Management graduates, with graduates employed in a variety of technology-based industries.

    17. MS in Engineering Management The Masters of Science in Engineering Management can be pursued with or without a thesis. Graduate Certificate courses can be used to meet core or elective courses. Students may choose a certificate area depending on their interests - however, courses can be chosen from more than one area. Students have the option to take up to two out-of-department elective courses.

    18. MS in Engineering Management Non ThesisThesis Core Courses Required for all students  12 credit hours   12 credit hours  Graduate Research Courses ENG MGT 490 0 credit hours  6 credit hours Other Courses Elective Courses in          Emphasis Area  18 credit hours   12 credit hours Total Credit Hours Required30 credit hours30 credit hours Required Core Courses - Engineering Management ENG MGT 314 - Management for Engineers and Scientists
ENG MGT 361 - Project Management ENG MGT 365 - Operations Management Science 
ENG MGT 452 - Advanced Financial Management

    19. MS in Systems Engineering The Masters of Science in Systems Engineering can be pursued with or without a thesis. Each program requires 30 hours of course work beyond the Bachelors degree. Thesis students are required to take 6 hours of research for a total of 36 credit hours. Both thesis and non-thesis options require students to take six core courses in the theory and application of Systems Engineering and Management.

    20. MS in Systems Engineering Non ThesisThesis Core Courses Required for all students  18 credit hours   18 credit hours  Graduate Research Course SysEng 490   0 credit hours  6 credit hours Other Courses Elective Courses in          Emphasis Area   12 credit hours   12 credit hours Total Credit Hours Required30 credit hours36 credit hours Required Core Courses - Systems Engineering SysEng 368: Systems Engineering and Analysis I SysEng 468: Systems Engineering and Analysis II SysEng 469: Systems Architecting SysEng 411: Systems Engineering Management SysEng 412: Complex Engineering Systems Project Management SysEng 413: Economic Analysis of Systems Engineering Projects

    21. MS in Systems Engineering In addition to the Systems Engineering core courses, students can take four additional courses in the following areas of specialization, allowing the student to design a program that best fits the student's career interest and opportunities: Aerospace Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computer Engineering, Data Mining and Knowledge, Engineering Management, Infrastructure Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Network Centric Manufacturing and Control, Network Centric Systems, Quality and Reliability, Risk Modeling and Assessment, Statistics, Structures, Systems Architecting, Systems Design Optimization, Systems Engineering Processes and Design

    22. EMSE Centers and Laboratories • Design Engineering Center • Dr. Elizabeth Cudney • Human Performance Modeling Lab • Dr. Susan Murray • Laboratory for Investment and Financial Engineering • Dr. David Enke • Risk By Design Lab • Dr. Katie Grantham • Smart Engineering Systems Lab • Dr. Cihan Dagli • Virtual Systems Design Lab • Dr. Steven Corns

    23. EMSE Faculty Research • Dr. Steven Corns • Model-Based Systems Engineering • Computational Intelligence • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology • Dr. Elizabeth Cudney • Quality Engineering • Lean • Six Sigma • Quality Management • Robust Design 

    24. EMSE Faculty Research • Dr. Cihan Dagli • Systems Architecting and Engineering • System of Systems • Smart Engineering System Design • Computational Intelligence: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Programming • Dr. David Enke • Financial Engineering, Investment, Stocks, Derivatives, Risk Management, Hedge Funds • Financial Forecasting, Trading Algorithms • Engineering Economics • Computational Intelligence

    25. EMSE Faculty Research • Dr. Abhijit Gosavi • Simulation-Based Optimization • Markov Decision Processes • Airline Revenue Management • Total Productive Maintenance • Dr. Katie Grantham • Risk Analysis and Mitigation • Product Design • Engineering Education

    26. EMSE Faculty Research • Dr. Ivan Guardiola • Stochastic Modeling, Stochastic Processes • Applied Probability and Statistics • Pattern Recognition • Linear and Nonlinear Optimization • Cross Entropy Methods • Systems Engineering Analysis and Tools • Dr. Dincer Konur • Operations Research and Game Theory • Supply Chain Management • Logistics • Transportation

    27. EMSE Faculty Research • Dr. Suzanna Long • Strategic Management • Sustainable Infrastructures Management • Supply Chain and Transportation Systems • Organizational Behavior • Sociotechnical Systems Analysis • Dr. Susan Murray • Human Factors • Safety • Human Systems Integration

    28. EMSE Faculty Research • Dr. Ruwen Qin • Real Options • Financial Engineering • Dynamic Decision Making • Applied Optimization • Dr. Stephen Raper • Packaging Systems • Engineering Management • Undergraduate Education

    29. EMSE Faculty Research • Dr. Brian Smith • Design and Management of Organizational Improvement Projects • Process Improvement Tools and Methodologies • Performance Measurement and Organizational Assessment

    30. Dr. Keng Siau Department Chair Business and Information Technology

    31. Dr. Daryl Beetner Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering

    32. Dr. K. Krishnamurthy Vice Provost Research Services