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Vasastick. Hazel Joyce Kolman Jorien Beekmans Thijs Boevink. Evaluation of the market + problems. We’ve evaluated the market and noticed a certain problem Often lipstick causes dehydrated lips. Solution for this problem. We’ve come up with vasastick

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HazelJoyce KolmanJorienBeekmans Thijs Boevink

evaluation of the market problems
Evaluation of the market + problems
  • We’veevaluated the market and noticed a certain problem
  • Oftenlipstick causes dehydratedlips
solution for this problem
Solution for thisproblem
  • We’ve come up withvasastick
  • A revolutionary new kind of lipstick
  • Due to the adding of vaseline during the production process, itpreventsfromdehydrating
advantages of vasastick
Advantages of vasastick
  • It preventsyourlips of becommingdehydraded (all day long!)
  • It is long-lasting and itgivesyourlips extra shine
mission statement
Mission statement
  • Hazel’s mission is to offer beauty products to make a difference in the lives of teenagers by offering them products that help them to become even more beautiful. Hazel wants to offer continuously new and improved products. We are also committed to innovation through participation. We want to involve customers in projects because a strong relationship with customers leads to mutual benefits. This helps us to avoid uncertainty and to get a better understanding about our customers.