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Street Scene

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Street Scene

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Street Scene

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  1. First Person Point of View • Girl is walking down the street when she turns around and sees a figure near the (lamp post or bus stop) • Girl begins to walk faster as her voice over says: “It’s him again... I don’t like it when he’s near…” • Girl turns around again as she continues walking and the figure looks to his phone and is walking toward her while staring at his phone. • Girl begins to run to family/friends’ houses (beginning movie scene) • Fade into next scene Street Scene

  2. Location: Guam Premier Outlets • Number of people: 4 friends • Time of day: Afternoon Stalking Victim is with a group of friends. The camera does not show her face but we know she is having a good time. Her friends are outside buying tickets. One of them says: “Isn’t that (insert stalkers name)!” The camera whips around and we see part of the stalker. movies scene

  3. The Stalking victim becomes distressed and becomes paranoid looking over her shoulder • She tells her friends that she does not feel like watching a movie anymore • Her friends console her and the camera cuts to the next scene movies scene (cont.)

  4. Location: Inside the stalking victims bedroom • Number of people: 1 • Time of day: Night Stalking victim is in her bedroom on the bed when the phone rings. The number is displayed along with a contact name. The camera focuses on the phone. The name is Stalker. She ignores the call. It shows (x amount of missed calls). The phone rings again and she turns off her phone. She is obviously upset. Texting/calling scene

  5. Fade into scene. Overvoice stating facts below. • Stalking can be defined as unwanted and repeated communication from a person that can cause apprehension or fear to another individual. What is stalking? Examples of stalking are repeated acts of unwanted communication such as telephone calls, text messages, letters, emails, posts on social networking sites, and following and spying on the individual by trespassing at their workplace or home.

  6. In this scene it is still first person point of view. The scene will display one of her friends displaying the don’ts when dealing with a stalker. • Confront stalker. • Blame the victim for what's happening to her.  • Do not leave her alone. • Look down on her. Don’ts

  7. Encourage them to seek help. • Be a good listener. • Offer support • Reassure her that it is not her fault. • Help her collect evidence of stalking such as threats, text messages, phone records • In this scene it is still first person point of view. The scene will display one of her friends displaying the don’s when dealing with a stalker. Do’s

  8. Statistics There will be a voice over stating the statistics and facts while it is shown on screen. • Guam Statistics • In 2012, from 32nd GuamLegislature, there were 488 arrests related to family violence, sexual assault and stalking. 3.8 percentwere for stalking. • Source: Mariana’s Variety. (2014). • U.S. College Statistics • More than 13% reported being stalked in one college year. • 83% of stalking incidents were NOT reported to police or campus law enforcement. • 4 in 5 campus victims knew their stalkers: • 42.4 % - boyfriends/ex-boyfriends • 24.5% - classmates • 10.3% - acquaintances • 9.3% - friends • 5.6% - co-workers • Source: California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. (2002). Campus stalking. (Vol. 2). Sacramento, CA.

  9. College students Resources • Isa Psychological Services Center735-2883 • Violence Against Women Prevention Program 735-2890 • Student Counseling Services 735-2234 • Campus Security (G4S)888-2456 All Guam residents Guam Legal Services Corporation477-9811/2 Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Healing Hearts Crisis Center647-5351/8833 Guam Police Department472-8911, 475-8620/8394

  10. Victim of stalking laughing and having fun with family and friends instead of crying. • Reminder of what to do and what not to do don’t when you are helping a person being stalked. • Finally the face of the victim is shown smiling. • End of storyline.