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Do Now 8/26

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Do Now 8/26
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  1. Do Now 8/26 Can 2 ligers reproduce and make a baby? There are stories that say lions and tigers have mated in the past. However, they usually do NOT naturally. Why do different species not mate?

  2. HazloAhora/faire maintenant 8/26 ¿Pueden 2 ligers reproducir y hacer un bebé? 1. Deux Ligerspeuvent-ils se reproduire et faire un bébé? Hay historias que dicen que los leones y los tigres se han apareado en el pasado. Sin embargo, por lo general no naturalmente. ¿Por qué las diferentes especies no se aparean? 2. Il y a des histoires que les lions et les tigres se sont accouplés dans le passé. Cependant, en général PAS naturellement. Pourquoi les différentes espèces ne s'accouplent pas?

  3. Learning Target/objetivoel aprendizaje Content Objective/Objetivocontenido Language Objective/Objetivoidioma I can identify the similarities between structures in animals and understand this shows evidence of evolution. Puedo identificar las similitudes entre las estructuras en los animales y entender que esto demuestra la evidencia de la evolución. Homologous structures Big Bang Theory Hominids -Las estructuras homólogas -Teoría del Big Bang -Homínidos

  4. objectifd'apprentissage Objectif de langue Les structures homologues théorie du big bang hominidés Objectif contenu Je peux identifier les similitudes entre les structures des animaux et de comprendre ce qui montre des preuves de l'évolution.

  5. Popcorn read Human Evolution Directions ***HOMEWORK When you finish with questions- turn packet in It will be graded Cuando termine con preguntas-ponga tu paquete en la ‘INBOX’por un calificacion/grado Homework MUST be done at home or done during class homework time La tarea debe hacerse en casa o hecho durante el tiempo de preparación de clases Experiments will be cut out of class if students don’t do their HW at HOME Los experimentos se cortan fuera de clase si los estudiantes no hacen su HW en CASA

  6. Copy Notes Homologous Structures A bird and a dolphin have very different looking appendages (arms, legs, wings, fins) on the outside. BUT, the inside structure looks A LOT alike. The bones on the inside are similar, BUT the functions (what the animal does with it) are different.

  7. Notas de copia: estructurashomologas/structures homologues Un pájaro y un delfín muy diferentes apéndices que buscan (brazos, piernas, alas, aletas) en el exterior. PERO, la estructura interior parece muy parecidos. Los huesos en el interior son similares, pero las funciones (lo que hace el animal con él) son diferentes Un oiseau et un très différents appendices de dauphins avenir (bras, jambes, ailes, ailerons) à l'extérieur. MAIS, la structure interne semble très similaire. Les os à l'intérieur sont semblables, mais les fonctions (ce que l'animal avec lui) sont différents

  8. Question/Pregunta What do homologous structures prove? ¿Qué demuestran las estructuras homólogas?

  9. Hominids: Read and put into your own words Usually hominid means….  (Hominidae)- the family of erect bipedal primate mammals that includes recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related forms and in some recent classifications the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan  "humans and relatives of humans closer than chimpanzees".All hominid species other than Homo sapiens are extinct. Our closest “human like” ancestors originated 14 million years ago.

  10. Leer y poner en suspropiaspalabras (Hominidae) - la familia de mamíferos primates bípedos erectos que incluye a los humanos recientes, junto con las formas ancestrales y relacionados extintos y en algunas clasificaciones recientes los gorilas, chimpancés y orangutanes

  11. The Big Bang Theory The universe was denser and hotter in the past. Moreover, the Big Bang model suggests that at some moment all matter in the universe was contained in a single point, which is considered the beginning of the universe. Modern measurements place this moment at approximately 13.8 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the universe. After the initial expansion, the universe cooled sufficiently to allow the formation of particles.

  12. El model del big bang El universo era más denso y más caliente en el pasado. Por otra parte, el modelo del Big Bang sugiere que en algún momento toda la materia del universo estaba contenido en un solo punto, que se considera el comienzo del universo. Mediciones modernas coloque este momento, aproximadamente hace 13,8 mil millones años, que se considera, pues, la edad del universo. Después de la expansión inicial, el universo se enfrió lo suficiente para permitir la formación de partículas.

  13. Lucy and EvolutionLucy y evolucion Directions Do Turn to page 35 Title a section in your notebook “Lucy” and put today’s date On your own, read NEED TO KNOW Pase a la página 35 Título de una sección en su cuaderno "Lucy" y poner la fecha de hoy Por su cuenta, leer NECESIDAD DE SABER Answer question 1 &2 on page 37 in complete sentences in your notebook -Read Need to Know on page 38 and answer Analysis questions 1 and 2 Responder a la pregunta 1 y 2 de la página 37 en oraciones completas en su portátil Responder a laspreguntas 1-2c de la pagina 38

  14. Learning Target I can identify the changes that happened over geologic time to hominids in writing using complete sentences.

  15. Instructions Pick up a worksheet from the back of the room and buddy up with someone to work on it together on a computer. Send 1 person up to get a chromebook Type in Follow step by step directions and questions on the scavenger hunt Turn it in to INBOX at back of the room when finished Pick up an article about horses and donkeys- begin in class and finish for HOMEWORK. It is due next class.

  16. Do Now 8/28 Answer the following: Who was Charles Darwin? Describe the theory of evolution. Give an example of homologous structures.

  17. Do Now 8/29 What does bipedal mean? What do homologous structures prove?

  18. Learning Target I can develop a timeline of earth’s history to help me understand when major geological and biological events occurred.

  19. Think Pair Share: What does this represent?

  20. Read “Modeling Earth’s History” on page 38 In your notebook, write down the title Modeling the Earth’s History and today’s date. Write the definition for geologic timeline.

  21. Turn to Page 39 On your poster paper, do number 2 by using the list from number 1. Tape your poster to the cabinets on the side of the room for everyone to see Do number 4

  22. Do number 6 Read NEED TO KNOW on pg. 40 In your notebook answer: What does mya mean? bya?

  23. Which is older: 5 mya 5bya When filling in the timeline- remember that bya goes to the LEFT and mya will be AFTER the billions 5 bya 2 bya What is just less than 1 bya?

  24. 999,999,999 (mya) 899,999,999 799,999,999

  25. How old is Earth? 4.6 billion years old

  26. Instructions * I need 2 volunteers to spread the timeline out on the sidewalk Before going outside, decide or estimate where each of your group’s events go- bya (LEFT) or mya (RIGHT). 2. When we are outside, we will spread out the timeline. Remember which end is the oldest vs the present. Place your cards on the timeline Stand in front of the timeline and observe the order of events

  27. What’s the Difference Between Geologic Events and Biological Events?

  28. Directions 1. Answer ANALYSIS questions 1 & 2 in your notebook. Title this part ANALYSIS.

  29. HazloAhora: bocetorapidoDo Now: Quick Sketch 9/3 Observe the geologic timeline events and draw a quick sketch of major geologic AND biological events in your notebook. You can turn your notebook sideways and make it long if you want. Observar los eventos de línea de tiempo geológicas y dibujar un boceto rápido de los principales acontecimientos geológicos y biológicos en su cuaderno. Usted puede convertir su portátil de lado y hacer que sea mucho , si quieres.

  30. Learning Target/Objetivode Aprendizaje I can look at the timeline of earth’s history and understand when major biological and geological events occurred. Puedo mirar a la línea de tiempo de la historia de la tierra y entender cuando se produjeron grandes eventos biológicos y geológicos .

  31. ANNOUNCEMENT 1. Did you turn in your HW (Horse and Donkey article?) Fri pd 4/5 still needs this (no more late work will ever be accepted after this week) -Write your grades on your grade tracker -finish any unfinished work and make sure it gets into INBOX LET’S START THIS YEAR OFF RIGHT- NO MISSING ASSIGNMENTS!!!! WOOT WOOT

  32. Think Pair Share Looking at the events sheet, do you notice any patterns? Does anything occur together, or separate? Write your response in your notebook after you share with a partner. En cuanto a la hoja de eventos , Qué observas algún patrón ? ¿Ocurre algo juntos o separados ? Escriba su respuesta en su cuaderno después de compartir con un compañero.

  33. Copy into notes: There are certain relationships and patterns that we can see by looking at the events on the timeline. For example, multicellular organisms developed AFTER oxygen levels began to build up. Also, many plant events happened BEFORE animal events. For example, animals didn’t appear on land until after plants. How do we know this? The fossil record is evidence of all of these events in history.

  34. Hay ciertas relaciones y patrones que podemos ver al observar los eventos en la línea de tiempo . Por ejemplo , los organismos multicelulares se desarrollaron después de los niveles de oxígeno comenzó a acumularse. Además, muchos eventos en la planta ocurrieron antes de los eventos de origen animal . Por ejemplo, animales no aparecen en la tierra hasta después de las plantas. ¿Cómo sabemos esto? El registro fósil es evidencia de todos estos acontecimientos de la historia .

  35. The Fossil Record

  36. Spanish

  37. Careers Biology!!!

  38. Paleontologist

  39. Evolutionary Biologist

  40. Developmental biologist

  41. Anthropology/Anthropologist Anthropology is the study of humans, their origins, physical characteristics, institutions, religious beliefs, social relationships. An anthropologist sometimes lives and works side by side people and families to learn their way of life.

  42. ¿por qué estamos tan habladores ? Explain why we talk so much? What do we have that earlier hominids did not have?

  43. Exit Ticket Sum up what a paleontologist does? Puedo resumir lo que hace un paleontólogo

  44. San Bushmen Tribe Click Language

  45. REMINDER Make sure mule/donkey HW is turned in and any other assignments that you forgot to turn in. This is the last day any late work will EVER be accepted Pd 4/5 yesterday’s computer activity is due- turn into INBOX

  46. Do Now 9/5 Open to page 41 in your book and read “Evidence for Change across Time” When finished reading, turn to page 42 and create a data table like 2.3 on 1 full page in your notebook

  47. Learning Target After investigating, I can look at different types of evidence for change and construct an explanation for biological change across time on a poster.