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Session 19

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Session 19. A Day in the Life of the COD School Relations Center Barbara Davis Thomas Wrinn. Objectives. Customer Service staffing and assistance Tools used to assist schools/borrowers Top call reasons Troubleshooting edit code rejects. Customer Service Staffing and Assistance.

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Presentation Transcript
session 19

Session 19

A Day in the Life of the COD School Relations Center

Barbara Davis

Thomas Wrinn

  • Customer Service staffing and assistance
  • Tools used to assist schools/borrowers
  • Top call reasons
  • Troubleshooting edit code rejects
customer service staffing and assistance
Customer Service Staffing and Assistance
  • Typical day of a Customer Service Representative
  • Specialty teams
typical day of a customer service representative csr
Typical Day of a Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • CSR assignment
  • Incoming calls/e-mail
  • Outreach
  • Issue follow-up
specialty teams
Specialty teams
  • Reconciliation
  • Issue Resolution
  • Workflow
  • Communication
  • Quality Assurance
primary duties
Primary Duties
  • Pell and Direct Loan Closeout
  • Cash monitoring and reconciliation
  • Emergency funding and increase in authorization
  • Unprocessed de-obligations
  • Work with schools and CSRs on funding questions/issues
  • Recon team has over 15 years combined experience in COD reconciliation
  • Integrated database developed to streamline closeout and school cash monitoring
  • Working with schools to gain monthly reconciliation mentality
issue resolution11
Issue Resolution
  • Research possible system issues
  • Monitor high edit code rejects to locate possible system/school problems
  • Coordinate school/vendor software testing
  • Assist software developers with code changes
workflow communication and quality assurance teams
Workflow, Communication, and Quality Assurance teams
  • Workflow-helps CSRs maintain the balance between answering calls and e-mails quickly and performing follow up
  • Communication-creates announcements keeping everyone on the same page
  • Quality Assurance-monitors calls/e-mails for accuracy
  • IFAP Web site
  • Common Origination and Disbursement Web site
  • School monitoring weekly e-mail
what s new
What’s New

Get it the easy way!

common origination and disbursement web site
Common Origination and Disbursement Web site
  • Funding
  • Batch Level
  • Person Level
  • Help Text
school monitoring e mail
School Monitoring E-mail
  • Unsubstantiated cash
  • Potential Overaward Process (POP)
  • Unbooked loans
  • Who gets them
the top call reasons
The Top Call Reasons
  • Password reset
  • Online changes
  • POP
  • Student calls
  • Rejected records
password reset
Password Reset
  • Security Administrators
    • Unlock
    • Reactivate
    • Create
  • Deactivations and Resets
    • Only Security Administrators need to call COD
online changes
Online Changes
  • Access
    • School Users 3, 4 and 5(admin)
  • Responses
    • Does your software accept Web responses?
  • Help Available
    • COD Customer Service can walk you through the change
potential overaward process pop
Potential Overaward Process (POP)
  • How it happens
    • Two schools pay one student over the yearly limit
  • When does money get taken away?
    • 30 days from overaward
  • What do I do to fix this?
student calls
Student Calls
  • Why they call
  • What we tell them
edit code rejects
Edit Code Rejects
  • 039 (Incorrect Award Amount)
  • 056 (Sequence Number Not In Sequential Order)
  • 058 (Duplicate Disbursement Information On File)
  • 067 (Incorrect Disbursement Amount)
  • 074 (Incorrect Adjustment to Disbursement Release Indicator)
troubleshooting edit code rejects
Troubleshooting Edit Code Rejects

039 Incorrect Award Amount

  • Common reason
    • Submitting incorrect data
  • How to fix the reject
    • Review

Grade Level

Academic Dates

Annual Award Limits

troubleshooting edit code rejects44
Troubleshooting Edit Code Rejects

056 Sequence Number Not In Sequential Order

  • Common reason
    • Trying to change the disbursement amount or date of a previously accepted disbursement
  • How to fix the reject
    • You must increase sequence number
troubleshooting edit code rejects45
Troubleshooting Edit Code Rejects

058 Duplicate Disbursement Information On File

  • Common reason
    • Sending disbursement records that were previously accepted
  • How to fix the reject
    • You may need to import recent responses from SAIG
troubleshooting edit code rejects46
Troubleshooting Edit Code Rejects

067Incorrect Disbursement Amount (sum of the disbursements exceeds award amount)

  • Common reason
    • Reducing number of disbursements without adjusting award amount or only sending partial disbursements
    • POP
  • How to fix the reject
    • Review the disbursement amount for each disbursement number and compare to the total award approved
    • Work with other school(s) to resolve
troubleshooting edit code rejects47
Troubleshooting Edit Code Rejects

074 Incorrect Adjustment to Disbursement Release Indicator

  • Common reason
    • Disbursement Release Indicator changed to “False” after disbursement is funded (actual disbursement)
  • How to fix the reject
    • If you are attempting to cancel a disbursement then you must send in an adjustment by reducing the amount to zero
questions or comments
Questions or Comments?

We appreciate your feedback and comments.

We can be reached at:

  • 202.821.3953
  • Tom Wrinn @ 1.800.848.0978 or 1.800.474.7268