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Why It Is Better To Use An Organic Hair Color Salon PowerPoint Presentation
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Why It Is Better To Use An Organic Hair Color Salon

Why It Is Better To Use An Organic Hair Color Salon

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Why It Is Better To Use An Organic Hair Color Salon

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  1. People love to change the way they look from time to time. New hair color makes a woman feel better about her appearance, and often makes them develop more self-confidence. Billions of dollars are spent each year on hair colors, dyes, peroxides, and chemicals to create new looks with. The problem with coloring your hair using chemical solutions is that the chemicals can be bad for the environment, and bad for you. Some hair dyes have chemicals that are so harsh they can actually damage the hair follicles and cause premature balding.

  2. When you visit an organic hair color salon you can be assured that the products used on your hair will be free of the harsh chemicals that could cause you to go bald. An organic hair color salon uses hair dyes that are ammonia free so when the coloring is complete your natural hair is still healthy and resilient. At an organic color beauty salon the preparations to change the hue of your hair will leave no hazardous fumes in the air. People who have breathing difficulties like asthma often have to avoid beauty shops because of these hazardous fumes. In an organic color beauty salon everyone will be able to breathe a little easier.

  3. The dyes that are used in these "greener" shops do not produce the amount of irritation that people are accustomed to experiencing when they have their hair color changed. There is no resulting cuticle damage so the natural hair is left healthy, and intact, and you do not have to fear losing your hair. Some of the natural dyes are completely free of PPD or PTD. The lighteners are ammonia free so the hair that is lightened is left softer, and more natural looking.

  4. The dyes come in a wide variety of liquids, and creams. The professional hair designers will have a wide selection in products they can use to change your color, without causing any damage. There is also a wide variety of colors available so you will not be stuck with just a few "natural" shades. In nature every color of the rainbow is represented, and in the natural hair dyes almost every color in nature has been duplicated. You can let your hair be as wild as you would like, or you can maintain a sedate color. The choice is completely yours

  5. Some people believe that because the natural dyes are the latest creations that they are far more expensive than the old chemical dyes were. The truth is that the newer dyes are not that much more expensive than the old fashioned chemical versions were. The only real monetary difference you will notice using the new dyes is that there will be less supporting products you will need to purchase. If you are thinking about coloring your hair then you should consider trying one of the new safer color systems. Trying the new methods, and the new products available may open doors to new possibilities that you never knew existed.

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