how big data marketing can help businesses
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How Big Data Marketing Can Help Businesses

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How Big Data Marketing Can Help Businesses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Big Data Marketing Can Help Businesses

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What is big data marketing and what it can help for every business?

The term big data refers to all the challenges, capabilities, and competencies correlated with storing and analyzing massive data sets to support the level of decision making to make it more accurate and timely compare to before big data-driven decision making.

Big data has been the biggest altering opportunity for marketing and sales since the internet went conventional. For every business, big data is a fundamental consequence of marketing landscape from the technology world we live in.

Customer, operational, and financial are the types of big data which are the key to marketing.

Customers –the most familiar to marketing which includes the behavior, attitude, and transactional metrics.

Operational –this type includes objective metrics that measures the quality of marketing process relating to business operations.

Financial –this includes sales revenue, profits and other objective data types that measure organization financial health.

However, big data doesn’t always automatically lead to a better marketing. It’s not the data itself that is so important but the insights derived from it. Below are the benefits that big data brings.

Big data marketing benefits:

Identify new customers

Big data stores information by social networks of customer’s behavior and interests. These enable marketers to add variables to their target audience. And with the increased number of parameters, marketers are able to identify more customers who would be interested in buying their product and services and target their audience much more accurately than ever before. The best example of big data is Facebook Insights tool.

Marketing opportunities

Big data can provide marketers with a pattern that can be very useful for improving their existing segments and finding new marketing opportunity.

Great offers for loyal customers

Customers respect businesses that make an effort to present them a new product that they might be interested in. It’s mainly because marketers use their website’s big data to give their customers offer that they can’t refuse.

Profitable advertising

Information gain from social networks can be used for creating more appealing and effective advertising campaigns. The business that knows what their customers are looking for can create more suitable and profitable ads

Accurate campaign results

Big data can be used for measuring campaign performance and effectiveness of individual media channels. Accurate campaign results from directing media channels and ads can save plenty of companies funds proposed for future campaigns.

Using big data is not the only prerequisite for success. A skillful marketer can only implement it in the way that enables them to create appealing marketing campaigns and outwit their competition.

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