Why More People Are Opting To Stream Their
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Why More People Are Opting To Stream Their Favorite Television Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Viewing your favorite TV programs on the internet has numerous advantages. You can save the money spent on cable service. The videos available on the internet can be viewed at any time. Apart from TV, now a days mobile phones, ipads and laptops can also be used for viewing online videos.

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Why more people are opting to stream their favorite television programs

Why More People Are Opting To Stream Their

Favorite Television Programs

If you've been paying the high costs of a digital cable subscription or have satellite TV

services, you should know that there is a far more affordable alternative. Best of all, this

alternative is just as convenient and can even provide you with access to a significantly more

expansive array of viewing options. Online streaming services abound and the people who

use them have proudly termed themselves cord-cutters, given that they are cutting the

proverbial cable cord and using web-based services instead.

There are countless benefits that can be gained from this popular transition in viewing

practices. Surprisingly, the benefits go far beyond being able to save a bit of extra money.

For instance, small children tend to watch far less television when they have access to

streaming services in place of conventional cable packages.

Cable programming is designed to make viewers feel like they are missing out whenever

they are constantly, passively watching. This is done in an effort to make the most of the

available advertising opportunities. Unfortunately, it is comprised of a series of

knowledgeable efforts to garner and maintain the attention of the most vulnerable

consumer demographic. They know that capturing the interests of teens and children is

often the best way to incite positive purchasing decisions, even though these youngsters do

not directly control household budgets.

When kids can stream their favorite programs at any time of the day or week, their sense of

urgency dissipates. This allows them to enjoy regular, manageable and acceptable blocks of

viewing time. It also significantly limits the amount of advertising they are exposed to. This,

in turn, ensures that they are not developing the chronically short attention spans that are

becoming all too common among young consumers.

Cable advertising is pervasive and for most viewers, one hour spent watching television

often means a half hour spent watching ads. Streaming services have an entirely different

structure when it comes to generating ad revenue. They may play a single commercial

before and after a program or no commercials at all. No matter how these companies are

designed to function, they invariably play far fewer ads overall.

Why more people are opting to stream their favorite television programs

Another major advantage gained by using these services is the ability to put subscriptions on

hold. This way, consumers aren't paying exorbitant sums of money during the times that

they aren't watching TV. This is a great way to save cash while going on vacation or working

extra hours away from the home.

Each service has its own fee model. What many consumers have found is that nearly all feel

models for online streaming services are considerably less costly than even the most basic

cable package. Thus, making this simple switch is likely the easiest way to dramatically

reduce your overhead costs.

When you choose to watch TV show online, you also have countless options in terms of how

you want to structure your viewing experience. You can certainly stream your favorite

programs right to your television set. You also have the ability to watch your shows on your

tablet, laptop or mobile phone. This makes it possible for people to enjoy content in waiting

rooms and at airports or while commuting by train or bus.

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